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A Furry Girl's Life

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Hostile Takeover

June 3rd 2007 7:20 pm
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My bedroom is being invated by other furs!

It was bad enough that Shadow likes to sleep on my bed, but the last few weeks I have had to deal with Copy & Paste on my bed as well. And now Cooter has joined them, he's been sleeping in my leopard cat cave. This is horrible, they are all over my room! They sleep on my bed, on my floor, on my window sill and take over my cave beds. At least they are not on my chair...

So what is a furry girl like me to do but find a new safe I have been hanging out in the living room with mom & dad, well that is unless I am sleeping in the laundry basket in the closet.


The meme game

May 21st 2007 6:26 pm
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I have been tagged twice! That is right, once by Scooter and then by Sammie just seconds later! They have meowed for me to participate in the meme game. I love a game all about me!

The rules:
Each player starts with seven random facts about themselves. Cats who are tagged need to write on their own diary about the seven things and the rules. You need to choose seven cats to tag and list their names. Don’t forget to leave them a comment that they have been tagged and to read your diary.

My seven random facts:
1. I have never been given a bath
2. Until this year I never slept on the bed at night with mommy & daddy (I've chosen the pillow)
3. I enjoy getting kissed on my back near my butt when I eat
4. I have caught two birdies when playing outside and brought them into the house as a present for mommy (they were still's more fun that was because you get to watch your mommy try to catch them to put them back outside)
5. When I was 5 years old I was startled off a 2nd storey window ledge and fell, I broke two toes in my back paw and had to wear a blue cast
6. I love tofu hot dogs
7. I know this is not lady like, but I drool when I am around catnip

I tag the following cats on Catster:
Fiesta Cat

Have fun with the game!

Editors note:
As I posted this I have also been tagged by Arnold P.. I have the bestest furriends around!


Miss Pawpular

April 30th 2007 8:17 pm
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I don't know what is going on the last few days, but efurry time I wake from a nap I get visited by an anonymouse rosette giving kitty... Who are you all? How come you are visiting me? I'm so touched, and confoused...yes I meowed confoused... by all this attention. I am so quiet and nap a bunch that I tend to let the younger furs in the house participate, so you understand my surprise when I am being noticed... Well all in all I must still thank you all for making this furry girl feel special.


Furry special

April 26th 2007 9:57 pm
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The day is nearly over and I almost missed it; I am one of today's chosen diary's for the day. I have to thank my fellow Olde Furts for their kind wishes and especially Scooter, Dave and brothers Sammie & Kiki for their lovely rosettes.

I had a great day today; daddy stepped in my grass vomit, I hung out on the deck a few times today and enjoyed the sun, I even got some love spanks from daddy. Hope tomorrow is another great day.


Earth Day

April 22nd 2007 9:59 pm
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Hope everyfur has a wonderful day enjoying hopefully a sunny warm spring day. I spent my day sitting by the open window with an occasional run outside onto the deck. I also enjoyed eating some fresh grown grass mommy planted especially for me. I love when mommy plants me some grass. Maybe she will plant some catnip for me...


Taking back Saturday night

April 22nd 2007 11:02 am
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Saturday nights are not just for the young furs anymore. I proved that last night. I had a play date with a catnip pillow. I rolled around with it and snuggled it a bunch. I laid on it and rubbed my cheeks all over it, I even drooled a little. I know it isn't lady-like but I was feeling good. I even got some of my famous Sissy Spanks. For those who don't know, this is when daddy spanks my butt as I lean against the couch. Oh we had a great time. I would get my love spanks, I would meow, I would turn around to get my other side spanked, and start all over again. This lasted for a long time, I even got so excited I would pretend bite him. I had a purrrfect evening.


My 1st Catster Anniversary

January 12th 2007 10:11 pm
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Wow... time does go by fast sometimes. Today is my 1st Catster Anniversary. I have come across some wonderful kitties, read some brilliant diaries and made furriends with the sweetest kitties around. I hope to have just as much fun (or more) in my second year.

Thanks to Scooter for remembering and giving me a very lovely rosette!


Sissy = 1 and mommy = 0

January 1st 2007 1:42 pm
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I know it is only the first day of the new year, but I already have a point. For what you may ask, well for getting mommy to step in my mess of course. You see she let me out onto the deck this morning and I nibbled in the last little patch of grass that was growing between the daisies. Oh how I love grass! So oh course a few minutes upon my entrance I threw up a lovely hair ball and mommy stepped in it. Tee hee.


The loss of a friend

December 29th 2006 6:17 am
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My heart is breaking, my beautiful tortie friend Malaika passed away. We may have lost a sweet soul here on earth, but heaven has gained a new precious angel.


Incoming *splat*

December 13th 2006 9:12 pm
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As many of you kitties may know, there is a snowball fight happening here on Catster started by Gordy and Dutchess. It is quite fun. I got hit with a snowball by Luna. I am the only kitty in my family to have been hit, MOL I'm more pawpular than my furbrothers for once! I then splatted another kitty... There is lots of snow to go around Catster, you might be next!

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