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A Furry Girl's Life

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No orange tale to tell

September 17th 2008 8:17 pm
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Do you ever wonder where a fur goes or what a fur is doing when they go missing from Catster? I was wondering about Alfie, but please don't tell him, if that orange furrball comes near I will have to hiss, because you know those orangies like to bop girls. So anyways, I thought he was on some mission, or pawing a book because he went 'missing' after being Cat Of The Week. Then today he has a mew diary entry, and it's a joke. It was funny, but doesn't he have a tale to tell? He's been missing since last month... I guess he took a really long catnap instead, I know that is what my orange brofur would do, so maybe it's what most orangies do after a week of excitement. Well I guess Alfie will be happy that I pawed about him in my diary this time, but don't tell, I'd rather take a nap right now then hiss.


Forced lovings

September 14th 2008 8:55 pm
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The past year or two mommy has been holding me a lot more, snuggling and cuddling me almost on a daily basis. I get lots more pets and a lot more kisses which is nice, but all this forced cuddling is too much for an Olde Furt like me who is set in her ways. I think she is trying to turn me into a lap cat snuggle bug or something. She has also been trying to make me sit on her lap or lie on her chest and enjoy it. I do not know why she choses to forget that I'm the kitty who is terrified to walk on a human let alone sit on one... I have to admit I have been getting better, I don't completely freeze or get stressed as much. I also don't wiggle as much in her arms or leap off her chest as often and scratch her. I have even stayed on her lap a few times letting her pet and kiss me and tell me mushy things for a few minutes before I trot off, which is better than that my old reaction of running away. I cannot meow that I will ever really enjoy snuggling, but at least I am more used to it and less stressed by being I guess mommy is doing something right, even if I think she should torture my siblings with this snuggling thing...


Brave new girl and a year older

August 21st 2008 7:56 am
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Mommy has been so proud of me this past year, she says I am a new girl, a brave girl. It is true, I have become more assertive and even confident. I have been spending a lot more time outside of the bedroom (actually I almost never go in there anymore) and I spend lots of time watching my furry siblings rather than running away or hiding. I have even been seen hissing or swatting at my siblings to protect my bed (the one in front of the fireplace in the winter) and I don't let them chase me away from my food. I even go out onto the deck when other cats are out there, I've sniffed noses with them and jumped over one once. The bravest thing I have done so far is stayed on the couch while the vacuum was was making horrible noises at the rug just a few paws away from me. I like the brave me, and so does mommy who says my feistyness is adorable.

I also wanted to thank all of my furriends for their messages and rosettes for my Sweet 16th Birthday this past weekend. You have all made my day even sweeter, I feel furry special to have furriends like all of you and I cherish every one of you. Sometimes getting older isn't so bad, I've been getting lots of rubs & pets, and treats too - those Whisker Smackers are yummy!


An Orange Cat's Day

July 19th 2008 7:41 am
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I wanted to wish Calvin a Happy Birthday by writing him a diary entry like he wrote for me on my birthday when I was his Pal of the Week.

I would like to point out that I do think Calvin is cute, but I do not have the hots for him like so many of the girls out there in Catsterland, I am just his friend girl ~ And proud to be!

So here are some things we have in common:
We are Olde Furts
We are the oldest of our furmily
We started our second lives by being sprung from a shelter
We are spoiled
We are bed testers
We hate the vacuum cleaner
We are furry vocal when it comes to food and being fed
We are super cute to our mommy's
We love napping in sunny spot

Have yourself a pawsome Birthday Calvin! I know you will be spoiled today and every day!


My secret message to secret kitties:

July 13th 2008 1:17 pm
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I want to thank the secret anonymouse kitty sending out rosettes with purrs and whisker kisses. You are good at being a mysterious undercover kitty because us Olde Furts are wondering who you are. I know I sometimes like to be undercover, it’s a great way to get warm especially during the winter. Oh wait, wrong undercover….
Thank you for the kind message and for thinking of me, I do not feel like I deserve it as I have been absent on & off, late with thank you and pmails. I think I have been napping too much too and not giving out enough rosettes to let my furriends know I do think of them and appreciate them.

And now I have received 3 anonymouse blue rosettes that say I am best in show. More mysterious undercover kitties... I am not a great detective, but I did figure out that my first blue rosette came from that orange love bug Alfie. That silly little furrball gave me a rosette and then mentioned little olde me in a diary entry. Mommy says he is such a cutie. But how can he be trusted, he is orange after all, and we all know that young orange cats can be troublesome, I know I live with Luke who pounces on me and bops me on the head when he walks by me because he thinks its fun. I do thank him tho for thinking of me, and I would like to thank the other two secret kitties who also thought of me.


Let's play...four

July 2nd 2008 8:22 pm
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My brave little furriend Morgan The PirateGato tagged me to play a little game. It is a game of four, so here are my lists:

Four things I love to do:
~ Sit on the kitchen counter (this is also where I eat)
~ Lean up against the couch to get spanks from my daddy
~ Lounge in the sun
~ Play with my yellow feather stick

Four places I love to be:
~ On the the kitchen counter
~ On the black chair
~ Under the cabinet
~ On my pillow

Four things I love to eat:
~ Frozen raw turkey
~ Wellness turkey wet food
~ Fancy Feats pate when I refuse to eat
~ Grass

I really do not know who to tag... Maybe if you read this you will play?
Hope you have fun!


Daddy Day

June 15th 2008 7:59 pm
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Today is a special day: it is Daddy's Day. So as soon as he woke up I gave him a purresent, I gave him a hairball. I know he liked it because he showed mommy and said how hairy it was. I just felt like I should thank him for always giving me wonderpurr Sissy spanks every evening.

Daddy came into my life a year after mommy adopted me, and he has loved me ever since. Mommy says real men love cats, and daddy past the test.

Happy Daddy's day to all the daddy's, and to all the mommy's who play daddy's too.


Counter time

March 16th 2008 8:38 pm
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Once again today mommy threatened me: she said she would cut off my whiskers or antennas. I don't understand why I cannot eat my frozen turkey at the same time as she cuts it into pieces for me. I just love my turkey, I even purr when I eat it and mommy is just too slow at cutting it up and putting it into my bowl that I just go straight for the pieces as soon as they are cut. She says I have to be careful and I get too close to her, but I'm a hungry girl when it comes to my raw turkey and I don't think I should have to wait for her.

The last few weeks I have been up on the counter a whole lot. Every morning I sit on the edge waiting for mommy to wake up and as soon as she is in sight I let out a meow. I also wait there for her when she comes home from work. Being on the counter is great, because every time I am there I get a bowl of frozen raw turkey. Mommy is very proud of me because I am getting more comfortable around my brothers, who of course always want my food. Mommy has even seen me on the counter with two of my brothers. Luke and I were even sitting so close a few times that we sniffed noses, and I've even stopped hissing at Copy most of the time. Well on the counter I've stopped hissing anyways, if anyfur comes too close to me when I'm getting my Sissy spanks or if I'm in my bed relaxing by the fireplace they are sure to get a hiss and maybe a swat.


Official papers

November 25th 2007 8:47 pm
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This weekend mommy helped daddy tackle cleaning his office, lately it has been referred to as the tornado zone and it took lots of organizing to help find the desk. Well with all this organizing mommy found something she has not seen in many years: my adoption papers from the SPCA. Mommy adopted me July 14th, 1993 and paid $40.00 for me. Mommy insists I am priceless and that they knew she was a student so they just had to give a price for the paperwork... Mommy also noticed that on the paperwork is says that I was 8 months old when I was adopted. Mommy swear the paper on my cage said 1 year, but that doesn't matter, because mommy knew she wanted me and that is all that matters.


Thankful tag

November 21st 2007 8:21 pm
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This furry girl feels special, I have been asked to play Thanksgiving Tag by my dear furriend Isaac!

The rules: name 5 things you are thankful for, then tag 5 furriends and let them know you have done so.

I am thankful that the first time mommy saw me in that tiny cage in the SPCA that she fell in love with me and just had to have me.
I am thankful that mommy always makes me warm hiding places to nap in and leaving the closet open so I can sneak into the laundry basket full of daddy's clothes.
I am thankful for the yummy food I receive, for mommy always makes sure I have food in my bowl and for getting extra portions.
I am thankful that mommy protects me and always tries to keep me and make me feel safe.
and last but not least
I am thankful for my Catster furriends, you are all so precious to me.

and so this next step is I randomly tag Olde Furts with a food theme:

Macaroni: because we all love Mac & cheeze.
Peaches: her name suits her fuzzy self.
Cookie: he's so cute you could just eat him up!
Sammie: because if you meow really fast you might think salami.

And I tag Taz, because he looks so adorable in his turkey outfit!

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