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Diary Pick!

July 6th 2010 12:23 am
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Thank you to my friends for sending me gifties and p-mail honoring my diary pick yesterday! Mom and I were so excited and honored!



Genny Needs Your Prayers!

June 29th 2010 10:53 pm
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My very young friend Genny needs your prayers. She has mega-colon. Please stop by her page and lend your purrs and support!

Thank you!

Love from Tigger


My Check Up

June 11th 2010 8:14 pm
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Dear Catster Friends,

I had my check up on Thursday. My high blood pressure problem is starting to resolve with the medication, but it's still a tad high, so my Norvasc has been increased. The main problem is my weight. I lost 5.5 ounces this past month. The vet believes it is due to my CRF and my age.

Mom told my vet that she wanted to let me eat the food I want to eat, instead of the renal diet which I only tolerate, and to let me enjoy whatever time I have left. My vet agreed this would probably be for the best and that she would help keep me comfortable.

Mom is devastated with the thought of losing me. We've been inseparable for almost 18 years. And with my sister Taylor going to the Bridge just a few short months ago, this is doubly hard.

Much Love,



June 5th 2010 10:55 pm
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Update on my health

May 8th 2010 8:24 pm
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Hi Friends,

I have good news! I had my checkup last week and my renal numbers are stable. :) My blood pressure is on the high side again, so the vet upped my Norvasc. She also recommended a renal supplement called Azodyl to put into my food. Mom brought home a few capsules and tried it. I accepted it in my food! She is thrilled, as the supplement is supposed to help with the toxins created by the CRF.

My next checkup is in a month. I'll let you know how everything is going then.



Fluids not going well -- need purrs!

March 30th 2010 11:04 pm
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Hi Friends,

I had my second fluids treatment tonight. Mom and Dad tried using a larger needle so that it would go faster for me. I fought it even more tonight. They're not sure why I struggle so, if it hurts or not while I"m getting the fluids, or if the feeling of the liquid going under my skin is uncomfortable?

Mom had to wedge me between a pillow and her thigh so the needle would stay in. :( Are there any others of you out there who have had this problem? Please let us know; we would appreciate your insights.

On a pawsitive note...I am taking my high blood pressure medicine well. I don't mind the liquid.

Thank you to my friends who have sent rosettes, gifties, stars and p-mail. It really means a lot to me and my mom!




March 26th 2010 8:45 pm
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Well Friends, I had my first fluid treatment tonight and I did not like it one little bit! Oh, I was calm at first because I didn't know what was happening, but once I realized I had a needle stuck in my back, I started squirming and squirming! Mom tried to calm me by talking gently and quietly to me, explaining what was going on, but I wasn't having no splaining!

Mom almost started crying, poor thing. But that didn't phase me at all. In the end, Mom gave up holding me down. She thinks she might have gotten all the 50 ml in me that the vet wanted, but she isn't sure because it was a new bag.

Mom is asking that you purr for us that I will come to accept the fluids. In the mean time, if you have any suggestions, please let us know.



My Check Up

March 25th 2010 8:13 pm
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Hi Friends,

I had my check up this afternoon. My vet took my blood pressure and it's high, so I'm going to be taking medicine for it. Apparently, kitties with CRF can get high blood pressure. I have a re-check in a week to see how I am doing on the medication dosage.

My blood work was good and bad. On one hand, my Bun went down from 53 to 39...that's good. But, my Creatinine went up from 2.2 to 2.6; that's not so good. I'm going to go on a 100% renal food diet and hopefully that will help. Also, my vet recommended my parents give me sub-q fluids. Mom is worried about how I am going to react. Hopefully I'll do okay.

I wanted to thank all the kitties who are purring for me and who sent gifties and p-mails. Please keep me in your purrs.



I'm an Uncle!

March 19th 2010 10:53 pm
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Tonight I asked Zack and Zoey if I could be their uncle and they said yes! I am so honored and happy! :)


New Photos

March 7th 2010 12:31 am
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We added a new (old) picture of Taylor and me when we were about eight weeks old and another picture of me. Mom ordered this cool little machine that scans photos into files that the computer can use. It's so fast! (way faster than our regular scanner is.) Mom is really excited about scanning our old family photos-- it's so much easier now!



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