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My life as Sammie girl.

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Dear Samantha

February 19th 2011 3:38 pm
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Hi Sammie Girl,

I want to wish you a Happy early Birthday. You would of been 8 years old this Monday. You just were to young to leave this world and I miss you so very much.

I know they will have a birthday party for you at the bridge...have fun my little Sammie Girl and I wish you were still here.

You will be in my heart forever.

Love and miss you,


Happy Valentine's Day

February 14th 2011 7:07 pm
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Hope all of you had a Happy Valentine's Day. My was special.....we had a party at the Rainbow Bridge. It was very nice we all had a good time and lots of candy...yummy.

Love, Angel Sammie


Tears of sadness

February 8th 2011 10:23 am
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Mommy just read all the comments and she cried reading each and everyone of them. Today is a sad day for mommy and I can see that she is sad and was crying when she looked at my page. She is happy that she thought she saw me a few times....but only wishes that they were me. Mommy also knows how hard it is for the mom's that lost their kitties/ is not an easy thing and she feels so sad for each and everyone of them.

Thank you for your comments.
Love, Angel Samie


Three months tomorrow

February 7th 2011 5:43 pm
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Dear Samantha,

I can't believe that tomorrow will be three months since you left us here on earth. It seems like it was just yesterday. I miss you with all my heart sweet little Sammie Girl. I still see you sitting on the dining room table at night and when I go to bed I always say hi Sammie Girl.

Weather has not been so good around here...we've had a lot of snow and it's been cold. I know you are nice and warm at the Bridge. We are keeping ourselves nice and warm. Peanut loves it in the basement. Yesterday your dad took him outside for a few minutes....he sat there and looked around at all the snow and decided this wasn't the time to be outside so he ran back inside.

I still see you and Midnight laying sleeping on top of her or you and Midnight cleaning each other. You loved her so much and she loved you also.

Sammie Girl how I wish you were still here and I wish with all my heart that you could come back to me. I know that is impossible. I have a lot of good memories of you and they will never die.

I love and miss you.

Love, Mommy


I see it's snowing

February 1st 2011 5:32 pm
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Hello to all my Catster Family and Friends,

My goodness I see it's snowing down is blowing all over the place. I saw mommy Midnight and Poppy sleeping all day today. I'm glad that that are safe with mom and dad.

I also saw that they got new Calvin Collars and a Snooze Sack. Mommy wishes that I was here to enjoy the new Calvin Collars and Snooze Sack. I remember all those silly hats. Mommy chasing me around so she could catch me and put on one of those silly hats. She always caught me and manage to get on one of those silly hats to take a picture. it was know, I didn't tell her that so I had to put up a fight. I do miss those wonderful days we had together. You know I had a very nice life and mommy spoiled me rotten.

I see mommy still cries for me and I know she misses me very much. I watch her look at my Catster page, my pictures and my videos.

I'm doing pretty good at the Rainbow Bridge....I have all my wonderful Angels taking care of mommy please don't worry about me. I know in my heart we will see each other one day.

Please be careful everyone and stay nice and warm. I'm off with my daddy Ricki to see my family to keep safe.

Take care.

Love, Angel Sammie


Thank you

January 25th 2011 12:43 pm
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Hello to all my Catster Friends and Family,

Thank you all for your comments. It warms my mommy's heart.
Yes, memories are golden and they will never die.

Love, Angel Sammie


Dear Samantha,

January 24th 2011 1:04 pm
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Dear Sammie Girl,

It's been very hard without you around here. Last night I was thinking about all the cute things you used to do. It made my heart smile...but then I got sad again because you are not here.

I did a calendar in honor of you my little Sammie Girl.

I will put the front cover on your page.

Thank you for the angel dust sweetie.

Miss and love you,



Are you ready for some football?

January 23rd 2011 9:29 am
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Hello to all my Catster Family and Friends,

I can see that everyone is getting ready for the football game today. Hmmmmm Bears vs the Packers that should be an interesting game.

Both teams are from a cold climate...they are used to the cold.
It is pretty cold in Chicago today...only 21 that's cold.

Mommy wishes I could be there to watch the game with everyone. Looks like they are going to make a nice dinner today. Wish I was there to share that delicious food with them. I do have plenty to eat at the Rainbow Bridge....mommy please don't worry about that. Your little eating machine is eating good. As a matter of fact I have gained a few pounds.

Game starts today at 3:00...good luck to the Bears.

Stay warm and have fun.

Take care everyone.

Love, Angel Sammie


Happy New Year

December 29th 2010 8:25 am
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Happy New Year.

Wow!!!! I can't believe it will be the New Year soon....2011. Time sure does go fast.

I see that mommy misses me very much....I do visit her every night and give her sandpaper kisses and hugs.

From mommy: Sammie Girl....I miss you so very much. I wish you didn't have to leave us. I just can't believe you are gone. Thanksgiving and Christmas was not the same. I can see you sitting on your chair waiting for something to eat. As soon as I would put food on your place would jump out of your chair and run to the food so fast. That made me laugh and I miss that so much.

I can't believe you have been gone a month and 21 days. It feels like it was just yesterday.

Thank you for coming to see me every night my little eating machine.

I love and miss you very much....the pain is still in my heart and I know it will be there forever.

Back to Sammie now: Thank you mommy....I miss and love all of you. Me too, I wish I didn't have to leave you so soon. I will be there every night to give you sandpaper kisses and hugs. Everyone have a Happy New Year.

Talk to you soon.

Love, Angel Sammie


Merry Christmas

December 19th 2010 5:13 pm
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Hello to all my Family and Friends,

This will be the first Christmas without my family on Earth.

I saw mommie bought a tree....oh my she bought this beautiful ornament and she put my picture in it. I can see it...thank you, mommy.

From mommy: My dear Sammie Girl I'm going to miss you very much this will be lonely without you. I know your spirit will be with me as it is on a daily basis. Be good my little eating machine.

I know Ricki, you and all the other Angels will come and visit us.

I love and miss you.

Back to Sammie: Everyone have a very Merry Christmas.
Be good and stay warm.

Love, Angel Sammie Girl

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