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Diary of a Madcat, the N'bikay chronicles

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Dreamboat #38b?

February 26th 2011 1:24 pm
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I just want to say that I am so honored to be one of Samoa's dreamboats! I know Andre is going to say that he is the top dreamboat of the family just because he is dreamboat 38a, but I know that the a stand for average and the b stands for better!


I like my Auntie Histamine

July 9th 2009 5:51 pm
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Well my Auntie Histamine seems to be helping! I haven't had a single sneezing fit and my congestion is clearing up too! My pawrents are going on vacation Saturday morning. Dr. Steve said they can cut me down to one dose a day while they are gone. My Auntie Margo will have to make sure that Auntie Histamine keeps working for me.

Thanks to Gleek and RA for your well wishes after my last entry. I do think Autie Histamine is single. But Auntie Margo is married to my daddy's brother. His name is George.




July 6th 2009 6:41 pm
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I have been sneezing a lot lately and sounding a little congested. Mom and dad are hoping that it is just some kitty allergies. I have new medicine that is an auntie histamine. I don't really mind my auntie histamine and have no problem taking it because I really want to feel better soon; Mom and dad put it in my food and I just gobbled it up! Keep your paws crossed that it works.


I'm a bad boy

February 13th 2009 6:50 am
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I did a very bad thing two days before New Year's.

My cousin Lena was visiting us like she always does. Lena is a chihuahua. My auntie Joan had given me some catnip treats. And well Lena just looked like a big mouse to me becasue I was high. So I attacked her and then Gnomey jumped in cause he was trying to protect me and I guess he thought I was getting hurt- but I wasn't. We were hurting Lena. Mommy had to grab Lena away from us. Lena had to go to the emergency vet and she needed a couple staples. Once I realized what happened I felt so bad.

I wish I could play with my cousin again but our pawrents don't want to take the chance that I will hurt her again. I didn't mean it. I wish they could see more nip for me.



September 26th 2008 5:14 pm
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Yes cats, our pawrents planted catnip in the garden. I love to go outside and eat it fresh off the plant. Ahh nothing is sweeter, except maybe my beautiful fiancee Annabelle.



October 12th 2007 4:04 am
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Woo Hoo! Last night when mommy gto home she brought in from the mail a little pawkage from Hondo Boogers and Fido! What could it be???

Well it was two trial size packs of GREENIES!!!! I love Greenies! AND they were just in time since mom was a way for a couple days and dad tried to put us on a D-I-E-T. Ha ha, mom was having none of that and gave us treats right away! Thanks mom we're glad you're home!

Oooooh I had to edit this entry cause I forgot to say that there was also a super cute Halloween picture of Hondo Boogie and Fido!! Sorry guys I was just too excited about the FOOD!!


Boogie eye

September 14th 2007 3:30 pm
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I have a little mucous problem with one of my eyes. It is not so bad and mom and dad are keeping an eye on it. Hopefully it will be better soon. If it gets worse or doesn't improve by Monday they are going to take me to the V-E-T. I hate the V-E-T! I hope it gets better. I am not having any other symptoms so that is why they didn't take me yet, thankfully. I will keep you all posted.


I have been tagged--TWICE!!

May 24th 2007 1:46 pm
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Ok so I was tagged by Dante and Woozle.

Here is how it works: If you are tagged you must list seven random facts about yourself in your diary and then tag seven cats to do the same. You have to let the other cats know that they have been tagged.

Here are my seven facts

1. My name is short for Natural Born Killer

2. I am ALWAYS hungry

3. I love furry mice and will destroy them completely in less than 10 minutes (hence my name)

4. I like to jump on the back of my mom's chair and head butt her cheek from behind

5. I enjoy pulling magnets down off of the refrigerator.

6. I love my brother a lot

7. My favorite time to be picked up and snuggled is when the humans just step out of the shower.

The cats that I am tagging are




April 4th 2007 6:51 am
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Thanks Anonymous--I have had one of those days!!


Anonymous? And FRESH LITTER

March 24th 2007 8:10 am
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Thanks anonymous whoever you are!! I love my rainbow rosette!

Today our mom emptied the litter boxes and scrubbed them out really good--then she put fresh litter in them. I love when this happens and it was a long time coming! I mean the humans scoop everyday but it was time for a total overhaul! I got right in the box and started meowing a little happy meow to myself and rolled all around in that fresh litter! Now maybe Andre will keep out of that box---probably not but I definitely wanted to be first to put my scent on it!!

If you read Andre's diary then you know that dad is going to work on our tree today--that is great and I can't wait till it is finished so we can play on it!

On a serious note: we have been very concerned about the pet food recall and are praying for anycat or dog (yes dog) that may have been personally affected. We eat wet food as a treat once in a while and the brand we eat was on the recall list. Thankfully we didn't have any lately since the pawrents hadn't been to the store to get it for a while. We are so grateful to be healthy given that it is very possible that we could have gotten sick. Hopefully no other animals have to suffer and hopefully nothing like this ever happens again.


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