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Cat Bucket List: 14 Fun Things to Do With Your Kitty

Joyful male touching his pleasant cat while having a rest on grass
Image Credit: Olena Yakobchuk, Shutterstock
Last Updated on November 16, 2023 by Christian Adams

Sometimes it can be all too easy to take our cats for granted. Before we know it, our gorgeous kittens are old cats, reaching the end of their days.

So, whether your cat is getting on in years and you’d like to create a few more special memories, or you’re just looking for fun activities to do with your kitten, we’ve rounded up 14 fun things that you can do with your cat.

A few of these will depend on the personality of your cat and whether they’re used to leaving their home or walking on a leash. If they aren’t, add those to your own personal bucket list and then complete our suggestions!

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The 14 Fun Things to Do With Your Kitty

1. Take Your Cat For A Day At The Beach

Cat wearing sunglasses and sun hat relaxing on the beach
Image Credit: vvvita, Shutterstock

If your cat is the adventurous and outgoing type, then taking them for a trip to the beach could be fun. While they might not want to paddle in the waves, most cats love sunbathing, and what better place to do that than on deliciously warm sand? Of course, you’ll want to make sure your cat is leash-trained and to keep them harnessed during your trip.

2. Go On A Road Trip

cat on a road trip
Image Credit: Raindom, Pixabay

Some cats love going on road trips, and if your cat falls into that category, then we’re sure they’d love to head out on an adventure. You could call into your nearest large pet store (many of these will be happy to welcome your cat into the store) and pick up new toys, or go to the drive-thru and share a hamburger and a big milkshake.

3. Go For A Walk In Your Neighborhood

A woman with a cat on a leash walking along a path in the park
Image Credit: Nau Nau, Shutterstock

If your cat is confident and leash trained, they might just love the opportunity to hit the sidewalk and go for an adventure. Take treats with you in case you both need a little refuel, and you can even get a cat-friendly backpack to put your cat in if it looks like they’re getting tired.

4. Wear A Christmas Sweater

Cute ginger cat in red christmas sweater
Image Credit: GolubaPhoto, Shuttestock

If it’s heading into the festive season, then what better way to celebrate this special season than by treating your cat to a Christmas sweater? You might need to raid the dog section of Chewy or Amazon to find a sweater small enough for your cat, though, and make sure you do some training so they’re comfortable wearing it. If you want to join in too, National Ugly Christmas Sweater Day is celebrated on the third Friday of December. In 2020, it falls on December 18.

5. Go On An RV Adventure

Cat laying on bed in rv integra camper car
Image Credit: Anetlanda, Shutterstock

If your cat’s been on a day-long road trip and loved it, then extend the fun with an adventure in an RV. You can hire an RV for a weekend or longer if you don’t have your own. This is the perfect way to explore somewhere new but also have a comfortable and safe space for your cat to chill out in after a long day of seeing the sights.

6. Take Your Cat To Work

Young woman with cat working on computer at table
Image Credit: New Africa, Shutterstock

Some offices are totally dog-friendly, so what about one that’s cat-friendly? Ask your boss, and see if you can take your cat to work for the day. If you’re the boss, then you can make the rules! Some cats will be happy to curl up under your desk (or on your lap!) and let you get on with your to-do list while they snooze up a storm.

7. A Day Of Saying Yes

maine coon cat standing next to feeding dish with wet pet food
Image Credit: Nils Jacobi, Shutterstock

What if you said yes to whatever your cat wanted, all day long? Do they want seconds of that yummy wet food you bought as a treat? Sure thing! Do they want to play for hours before taking a nap? Check! Tune in to what your cat is asking for, and instead of saying “no” or “later,” go ahead and give them whatever they want, whenever they want it (within reason, of course!).

8. Scavenger Hunt

cat eats sausage from the floor
Image Credit: arina.golubcova, Shutterstock

If your cat has an adventurous streak, take the time to plan a scavenger hunt for them. Find super-tasty treats and hide them around the house. Besides leaving them in obvious places like their bed, put some under a cardboard box or hidden between their favorite toys, and layout a trail of treats for your cat to discover as they roam around the house.

9. Roll In Catnip

Dried green catnip for cats spilling from container
Image Credit: gvictoria, Shutterstock

Some cats just adore catnip, and if yours falls into that camp, they’re going to love this next one. Buy a large tub of catnip, and dump some out onto the floor for your cat to roll in. We’re not talking a pinch here, we’re talking a huge amount of catnip!

10. Take A Nap Together

A young teen girl naps on the couch, hugging her cat
Image Credit: Simone Hogan, Shutterstock

If you sometimes feel too busy doing all your tasks for the day and feel a little envious of your cat who’s taking a nap again, then for once, we bet that they’d love it if you joined them! Set aside a portion of time, find somewhere cozy to curl up with your cat, and snuggle down for a nap. Enjoy the feeling of being soothed by your cat as they enjoy time with their favorite person, you!

11. Enrich Your Cat’s Environment

Cute funny cats playing on tree at home
Image Credit: Africa Studio, Shutterstock

If you haven’t bought your cat a new toy for a while, now might be the time. You could make them a cat tree, create a bird watching station, or build a new shelf for them to sit on and watch everyone else from up high. You don’t need to spend a large amount of money on this one, as there are plenty of DIY projects that you can accomplish on a budget.

12. Build A Catio

Abyssinian cat close-up on hammock in the house
Image Credit: Natalia Tretiakova, Shutterstock

Some indoor cats love spending time watching the world go by and creating them a cat patio, or catio, can be the perfect compromise. Here, they can enjoy the fresh air, sights, and scents of outside, while being safe in a secure and enclosed area. There are plenty of online plans to build your own, or you can buy a ready-made kit.

13. Buy Them A New Bed

a cat sleeping on its bed
Image Credit: Pxfuel

Has your cat had the same bed for years? Splash out and buy them a new one! Whether you choose one made from the softest fleece or a heated and covered bed for the ultimate luxury, have fun choosing one that you think that your cat will love, and then get plenty of joy as you watch them snuggle down and enjoy a nap in their cozy new bed.

14. Spend The Day Playing

cat making crazy face
Image Credit: Casey Elise Christopher, Shutterstock

Sometimes just playing with your cat can get forgotten among everything else that we have on our plates. As our cats grow up, we might play with them less than when they were kittens. Set aside time to dig out those old toys or treat your cat to new ones, and discover the fun of playing with your cat again.

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We hope that you enjoyed our bucket list of things to do with your cat. If you have anything that you’d love to add, let us know in the comments below!

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Featured Image: Olena Yakobchuk, Shutterstock

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