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Dear Cat

January 22nd 2010 1:29 pm
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Dear Cat I purr to you today
My paws are wet with tears
Please watch over my dear auntie
And take away my fears

She is very special to me
I love her very much
Could you find it in your heart
To heal her with your touch?


My human auntie has cancer

January 19th 2010 8:02 am
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This is very sad for me. I asked my dad what cancer is and he said it's an evil disease that makes people (and cats too) very sick. I don't want my auntie to have cancer. I love her very much. When I was a kitten she would play with me and buy me toys and treats. She is one of only a handful of people that I allow to pet me.

She is going in for surgery this week. Please find it in your hearts to purr for her. I can't think about this anymore, my eyes are starting to leak...



January 6th 2010 12:44 am
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Wow! I can't believe it! Me - Cat of the Week! This is truly an honor I will never forget. Thank you Catster for bestowing it on me!

I want to thank everycat for their kind words and generous gifts. I am so overwhelmed by the outpouring of kindness. The best part about being COTW is meeting new friends and sharing in the happiness with old friends.



6 Years Old Today!

December 5th 2009 7:35 am
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Wow, I can't believe I'm six! That is an age when you are truly considered a big boy. Dad still insists I'm his baby and his "Little Aedan" but he needs to face the fact that I am a grown cat! He never will though...

I got some cool presents for my birthday: a new scratcher, a catnip chipmunk and some catnip wands. Dad hinted at a special meal today... I hope he means the shrimp he just bought!!!

I better run around the house and work up a BIG appetite!!!



November 30th 2009 4:42 pm
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Umm... D-dad wrote this poem for m-me *SNIFF* for my upcoming 6th birthday. I think *SNIFF* that I might be allergic to some of the words because my eyes are leaking and I have the *SNIFF* sniffles:

Soul Mate
(by my dad)

Little Orange Kitten I saw your photo,
And fell in love at first sight.
I traveled long and far in my auto,
To bring you home on a cold winter's night.

Little Orange Kitten I first held you,
And you purred so loud and long.
Adventurous and brave, my little Boo,
You surely knew this is where you belonged.

Little Orange Kitty you grew so fast,
Handsome rather than cute; playful as ever.
Your kitten stature did not long last.
Sometimes I think you're too smart and clever!

Orange Cat - leonine and in full bloom,
Still growing bigger and stronger.
I wonder if our home has enough room,
Or if your fuzzy tail will get any longer!

Sweet Orange Cat you are about to turn six,
Where have the years gone my dear friend?
As I scratch your chin and you give me licks,
I know we will be together till the end.

My Orange Boy you mean the world to me
You came into my life when I needed to love.
I now know that you and I were meant to be,
And that you were surely sent from above.


This is the "2009 Get to Know your Pals" Tag game.

November 24th 2009 10:17 am
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We are playing a tag game. We need to answer 10 questions that tell a little bit about ourselves and then tag 6 of our friends to play too. So, here we go.

This is the "2009 Get to Know your Pals" Tag game.

1. What is the color of your collar?
I don't wear one. Would you if you had a mane like mine? ;-)

2. What kind of food do you eat?
Fancy Feast Canned and Blue Buffalo Wilderness

3. What are your favorite treats?
Whisker Lickin's Chicken soft

4. Do you have a Valentine or a significant other.
No I do not.

5. Do you get table scraps?
Of course! All I have to do is put on my cute kitten face and dad gives it up.

6. What is your favorite toy?
It's a toss up. My yellow monkey is like a baby to me. I carry him around and sleep with him. My favorite play toy is my catnip banana!

7. When is your birthday?
December 5th, 2009 (11 days!)

8. How many times a day do you eat?
Canned 3 times a day. I have dry all the time.

9. Do you have a favorite color?
Orange, of course!

10. Do you hope all your pals put this in their diary?
That would be awesome!

Now, I need to tag six other friends to play this game also. Let's see.
I will tag:

Xena Princess


Back From Incarceration

November 3rd 2009 11:15 am
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Two weeks ago dad was putting his clothes into the thing he uses when he goes "bye-bye" for long periods of time. I was suspicious. Usually that means I have to go to the v*t's to be boarded. My fears were realized on Friday, September 23rd when dad put me in the carrier and off we went. We pulled in to the parking lot and dad brought my carrier into the v*t's office. The place smelled like dread. Old memories of past horrors flashed before my eyes. I was walking among the enemy. In case you can't figure it out... I DON'T LIKE TO BE BOARDED!!!

Dad told me he loved me like a million times (I think he felt really guilty) and then I watched him leave. My eyes got leaky for some reason - probably allergies.

It seemed like I was at the v*t's for years and years. Sure the techs love me and take care of me. And I have made friends with the feline guards (they euphemistically call them "lab cats" but I know the truth). But I need to be free. I can't be penned up in a cell. Oh the injustice of it all!

I missed dad so much. I hoped he was coming back for me, but how could I be sure? Then, yesterday, I heard a familiar voice. Could it be? Was it? Then I saw dad through the glass. I meowed for joy! I even let the v*t tech pick me up without squirming because I knew she was taking me to dad! I was so happy I talked to dad the whole way home.

Dad took an extra day off to spend with me yesterday and I stayed close to him the whole day. Life is great again! I'm home and I have my dad back!


New Toy!!!

August 13th 2009 10:11 am
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You all know how much I love to play... more than eating and sleeping combined! So dad came home the other day with a bag from Petsmart. I was pretty psyched. I could smell something in the bag... what was it? I needed to get a closer sniff. Then dad took a yellow banana shaped thing out of the bag and opened up the packaging. Euphoria!!! A catnip toy!!! I ripped it out of his hands (barely leaving his fingers attached) and started licking and bunny kicking the banana. Oh, yeah, "thanks dad".

This toy rules! I have hardly put it down. I like to hide behind the recliner and then run and pounce on it and start the licking and kicking all over again!

I can't wait to see what dad will get me next week. Er, you are going back to Petsmart again to get me another toy, aren't you dad? WHAT!! I am NOT spoiled and I do NOT have too many toys! GRRRRR!!!


Five Years In My Home

February 10th 2009 4:48 pm
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Well Saturday marked the 5th anniversary of me adopting dad. We spent the whole day together and dad looked at my kitten pictures. He kept telling me how little I was and how he can't believe what a giant I became.

"But dad," I told him, "didn't you know how big Maine Coons got?"

"Yes, Aedan," he replied, "but you were TINY. It was hard to imagine you being this big. When you first came to live here you were too little to climb on the couch or up the stairs. Oh, you tried. You were a very brave little kitten. I had to keep a close eye on you to make sure you didn't get hurt."

"Daaaaad! I might have been small but I was far from helpless. Remember the first time I climbed the couch and jumped on your lap? You were shocked!"

"Yes. You were quite an adventurer in your kitten days. Climbing to the top of the entertainment center, or on top of the kitchen cabinets. You scared me a couple of times when I couldn't find you. Now you are too big to fit up in those places."

"I know. Sometimes I wish I could fit. But now that I'm older it's not as important for me to be up so high. Now I like to find sneaky hiding spots so I can jump out at you - hehe!"

"One of these days you're going to trip me and break my leg!"

"Oh dad, quit being so dramatic!"

We had a nice long conversation that day about everything. We may not agree on much but there is one thing that we most assuredly agree upon: we were destined to be together. Dad and I are soul mates - I understand him and he understands me. And I know dad would do anything for me. I would do anything for him too.

When I think about my home I don't think of walls or floors or stairs or furniture. Not tables, chairs, doors or the like. My home is wherever my dad is. And I love my home.


I'm 5 Today!

December 5th 2008 5:42 am
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Where did the time go? Seems like only yesterday I was an 8 week old kitten moving into a new home. It's been a great life so far. My dad and I are best friends and we look out for each other. I'm so glad he adopted me. OK, I better change the subject before my eyes start leaking...

Wow - 5. Not a youngster anymore. I am in the prime of my adult life. As I reflect back on the first 5 years are there things I regret? Sure. Not venturing out further when I got out of the house the one time. Letting that mouse get away. All the times I couldn't resist being naughty and letting dad down. But the good most definitely outweighs the bad as far as I'm concerned. I'm happy where Aedan is at on Dec. 5th 2008. Very happy.

What will the next 5 years bring? Hopefully more of the same. Dad keeps talking about moving to this Florida place so I guess that will be happening sometime in the near future. But as long as Team Dad/Aedan is together, there is nothing that I fear and nothing we can't accomplish.

Yes it's been a great first 5 years. Happy Birthday, me.

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