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December 15th 2012 5:23 am
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The tragedy yesterday hit close to home for dad and me. Newtown is about 15 miles away from where we live. The events that occurred yesterday shook us to the core. Dad's eyes still leak whenever he thinks of those baby hoomans that are gone forever. How their lives were senselessly ended before they began. And the parents. What is Christmas going to be like? This year and every year going forward? The presents wrapped and under the tree that will never be opened. The sounds of joy and happiness have been replaced by sounds of sorrow and heartbreak.

If there is any good that comes out of this tragedy - and we owe it to those who lost their lives to find something worthwhile in their passing - it is that we must not take our loved ones for granted. So take time to tell the people you love how much they mean to you. Jump into their laps and give them a few headbonks. Purr like a motorboat, groom them, or whatever you do to display affection towards your hoomans. You never know if the next time they walk out the door, it will be the last time you ever see them.

P.S. I love all of you, my Catster brothers and sisters.


Dad wrote this parody for me. Funny or insulting?

April 24th 2012 2:39 pm
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(To the tune of "My Love" by Paul McCartney)

And when I go away
I know he'll sleep all day
He's my cat, it's understood
In his chair - it's my cat
And my cat saws some wood!
My cat snores real good

And when I'm in my chair
Climbs in my lap with care
It's my cat, it's understood
Hangs off everywhere - it's my cat
And my cat saws some wood!
My cat snores real good

I love oh woah my cat
Even his loud zzzzzz's can make me happy
Oh I love oh woah my cat
Only my cat's snores sound good to me

Don't ever ask him why
He just won't reply
He's my cat, it's understood
Cat hair everywhere - he's my cat
And my cat saws some wood!
My cat snores real good

I love oh woah my cat
Even his loud zzzzzz's can make me happy
Oh I love oh woah my cat
Only my cat's snores sound good to me

Meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow...


Gotcha Day +8

February 7th 2012 4:44 am
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Eight years ago today I met my dad for the first time. I walked into my forever home for the first time. I felt loved for the first time. Dad says I'm the best thing that ever happened to him in his life and he loves me more than the whole world put together. I feel the same way about you dad. Happy Gotcha Day #8!


Twas The Night Before Catsmas

December 18th 2011 2:44 am
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by: Aedan Murphy Mitchell

Twas the night before Catsmas
And I'm looking 'round
For a big bearded human
To come into town

I heard he brings presents
Treats, toys and 'nip
For all the good kitties
He makes his grand trip

As I lay my head down
Upon the warm rug
I dream of live mousies
Or a big flying bug

But I am a lucky kitty
I have more than most
Warmth, food and comfort
Is what I can boast

So please my dear Santa
If only one gift you give
Grant each homeless cat a home
And a chance to love and live


I'm 8 Today!

December 5th 2011 3:58 am
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Wow I can't believe I'm 8 years old! Dad says I'm still a little baby but I'm pretty sure that 8 is big boy territory! I asked dad if I could have a special dinner tonight and he said yes! Now to decide what I want... hmmm... I think maybe a turkey dinner. Dinner is such a long way off. I know I'll be dreaming about eating turkey all day today.

A Schoolhouse Rock video about the number 8... dad said this was around when he was 8 (I think 100 years ago):


I'm Much Better and I'm a DDP!!!

November 16th 2011 3:53 am
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Thank you everycat for your kind words and rosies. I am certain it was your purrs that helped me get better so quickly! Cats are the most awesome creatures in the universe!

Dad says he knows I'm all better now because I'm back to my fresh ways. Fresh??!! Fresh??!! It's called "playful" dad. Geesh, consult a dictionary once in a while...

Also, thank you Catster for naming me a Daily Diary Pick today! I feel very honored!

Off to wake up dad an hour before his alarm goes off. Playfully, of course!


I'm Sick :(

November 12th 2011 3:30 am
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Ever since I got back from being boarded at the v*t I have had the runs and have been throwing up. I am always grooming my butt which explains the throw up part (I yacked a ginormous hairball this morning). But dad is so worried. He brought me back to the v*t on Thursday and they said it was stress related colitis. But dad is getting sick himself watching me suffer. If I get any worse he's going to bring me into the emergency room. I purray that doesn't happen. I've been there once and did not like it. I will keep you all updated. Keep me in your thoughts.


Dad's Back From Vacation

November 8th 2011 1:57 pm
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Well it hasn't been a good week and a half for Aedan. First, we had a snowstorm that knocked out power. Second, dad went on vacation for a week. While normally it isn't so bad when dad goes away - I have Miss Danielle come in to watch after me - because of the power outage, I had to go to my v*t to stay for a week! I HATE this!!! They put me in a small cage and I felt like a lion in a zoo. Pacing, pacing, pacing. Then every once in a while a dumb human would come along and say, "Oh look at the cute kitty cat!" HISSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!

But I'm back safe and sound in my home. Dad told me some about his vacation. He said that he went to this house in Key West that ONLY CATS LIVE IN! He called it the, um... Hemingway House. He says that there are 44 cats and they have a huge yard and lots of places to nap in the shade. Or they can go inside and snooze. I think this is where I want to go on my vacation!


Her-a-cane Irene

August 26th 2011 6:45 am
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My dad was talking about this lady named Irene today. He called her a "her-a-cane" which I think is a bad word. He says wherever this lady goes, a lot of wind, rain and destruction follow and she is very dangerous.

So be safe this weekend my East Coast furriends. Stay indoors and make sure your pawrents stock up on enough food and treats. I'm really scared because dad says Irene's eye is going to pass right over us. I don't want this bad lady looking in on me while I nap!!!


Friday was bad...

July 11th 2011 5:01 am
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We had really bad flash flooding on Friday. Our driveway was like a raging river. Debris was everywhere - trees, wood, huge boulders... and the mud! There were mudslides and rock-slides. Almost all the roads were closed around here. It took dad over 3 hours to get home from work when it normally only takes him 20 minutes.

The worst part was that it knocked out our internet. I can't read my Catster mail! Luckily dad is a tech guy and he connected his cell phone to my laptop so I can type this update.

What a crazy storm!

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