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Dodger's adoption and rescue thoughts

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Rescue rant and rock and roll!!

June 10th 2011 10:20 pm
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So many times I have asked all of you Catsters to purr and pounce and sing and dance and rock and roll for rescues and forever homes. And here I am again. I wish that I didn't have to do this but there are so many cats & kittens and dogs & puppies and rabbits & bunnies that are looking for homes of their own. 2011 is half over and we have 1/4 as many adoptions as we had last year at this time. Please join with my family on the Power of purr to purr for rescues and forever homes. Please support your local shelter and rescue groups by adopting, volunteering, or donating. Above all else adopt don't shop and purr and pounce and rock and roll for rescues and for all to have homes of their own!!


Adopt/Rescue Adopt/Rescue Adopt/Rescue Adopt/Rescue- Adopt/Rescue

June 4th 2011 9:13 am
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June is adopt a shelter cat month!! If you have space in your catster family for a new furry family member please consider adopting from a shelter or rescue group. My family all came from rescue and we also have our foster cats and kittens that are rescues waiting for homes of their own Please join with us on the POWER OF PURR to purr for rescues and forever homes!!


Rescue and Adopt

May 27th 2011 1:10 pm
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My person has been very sad because our adoption rate has been so low. It is almost half way through the year and we are not close to our goal. We had hoped to adopt 250 cat/kittens this year which would mean by June we should have adopted at least 100. We aren't even close to 100. Please all of you Catsters out there can you help us with positive thoughts and good words about adoptions and rescue. We are a small foster home based group and our foster homes still have last years kittens who are becoming this years adults. And we are getting multiple daily appeals to help people with cats and kittens. Join with my family on the Power of purr and purr long and loud for rescues and forever homes!! Please remind all of your friends to adopt and not shop!! Support your local shelters and rescue groups!! Help us all help the animals in our communities!!


rescue rock and roll and rant

April 9th 2011 7:59 am
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Kitten season is coming!! What does tbat mean? Many wonderful fluffy cute cuddly kittens will soon be overflowing the shelters and rescue groups. It also means that the younger adults and teenaged cats will be ignored and passed over in favor of the kittens. Many people won't give these guys a chance when they are fabulous pets and will fit quickly into your home. Many people ask 'how big will they get?' with these cats you know because they are pretty much as big as they will be. What is their personality? You never know with a baby kitten but with the older ones you have a pretty good idea. Our adoption area is inside a Petco store and some of the adults hate to come and be in a cage with all the commotion & people and dogs. They may not display their true personality.
Please people give them a chance and a forever home. We have never had an adult be returned because it was too active. We have had kittens returned because they acted like kittens. Remember adopt don't shop!! Purr long and loud for rescues and forever homes!!!


adoptdon'tshopadoptdon'tshopadoptdon'tshopadoptdon'tshopadop- tdon'tshopadoptdon'tshop

March 19th 2011 8:26 am
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We have so many wonderful cats & older kittens waiting for homes of their own. I just can't understand people who won't even take a look or meet these guys. They for some reason only want little kittens. Don't they understand that kittens will soon turn into these guys? Often they ask how big will the kitten get? Well with these guys you pretty much know how big they will get. Other personality questions are also more easily definable. Oh well we do the best we can so as we go out to placement please join with me on the Power of purr to purr for rescues and forever homes!


getting the word out

March 12th 2011 8:49 am
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Last week I was chosen as diary of the day and many people posted their support for my rant about adopting young adults and teenager cats. Thank you for your support. I am back again asking folks to purr for all who need rescue. . those affected by natural disasters and those affected by economic problems and those animals who are searching for homes. My person volunteers with Yolo County SPCA in Davis CA. Please volunteer for a local agency to help the animals in need in your community. Please join with my family & purr long and loud for rescues and forever homes. If you are on facebook check out our adoptable animals on their facebook pages. Yolo County SPCA Adoptable Cats & Yolo County SPCA Adoptable Dogs.


Why won't people give the teenaged cats a chance

March 5th 2011 8:08 am
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We have many wonderful kittens that have grown up in foster homes and are now teenagers. They are beautiful and well behaved (at home) they have been to placment so much that they hate hate hate it and people come in and won't give them a chance because they want the fluffy tiny kitten I want to say Hi folks remember these guys were tiny too once they have been loved and prepared for a new home why won't you give them a chance? They probably won't climb the curtins or find a tiny place to hide where you can't find them. They will adjust to your schedule and fit into our schedule and home...Give them a chance.Adopt don't shop!!


AdoptadoptAdoptadoptAdoptadoptAdoptadoptAdoptadoptAdoptadopt- AdoptadoptAdoptadopt

February 26th 2011 8:32 am
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Guess I have one thing on my mind this week. My person is so worried that kitten season is around the corner and our rescue group still has some kittens that are from last year and coming up on a year old. They are in foster homes so they are not in a shelter situation but they need permanent and forever homes. Many groups have reduced adoption fee days so far we haven't done that but in order to be able to rescue those babies when they come we need many adoptions. So all of you Catsters out there sing and dance the rescue rag and purr long and loud for rescues and forever homes!! We need the help and positive purrs!!


Activists -rescuers do they differ?

February 12th 2011 9:00 am
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I have been thinking lately a lot about the difference between animal activists and animal rescuers. Most folks would say that they are the same thing. When my person was blocked from a facebook page for questioning some of the negative postings by activitists I was really surprised. Mainly my person was trying to educate and give them all of the facts because it was clear from the postings that only part of the truth was known. My person was blocked for having a difffernt opinion. I wonder if they took the time to listen and hear if maybe some enlightenment would have happened? We will never know. So I do think they differ I think many activists have closed minds and will not listen and never hear what they don't want to. Recently we read a post on the ASPCA pro site about targeting adoptions and live release rather than targeting no kill. When adoptions and live release is the goal the rates of euthansia decrease dramatically and people are more positive. Wow I am serious today! Now get out there and target adoptions and sing and dance and pounce and purr for rescues and forever homes!!!


adopt a new furry family friend

January 28th 2011 10:30 pm
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we are getting ready for our placment event tomorrow at the Davis Petco. We have so many wonderful cats & kittens who need a forever home. We are purring for people to come and meet our foster cats & kittens. We need all of the Power that purrs can give to make this the best adoption day of 2011. So purr long and loud and strong for rescues and forever homes!!

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