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Dodger's adoption and rescue thoughts

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Wishful thinking

September 24th 2011 9:24 am
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So far this year kitten admission into our local shelter has been down. I was hoping that it could have been because we were making an impact with Spay Day, spay/neuter transport and TNR. Looks like I was wrong. We had a long wet spring here in California so it just looks like kitten season has been delayed a bit. This week alone we have had multiple appeals from our employees at the shelter, from other rescue groups and from members of the community and members of surrounding communities. So please all of you catsters and facebook friends please think good thoughts for us so that we can take in as many as we can to find homes for them. Please support your local rescue groups and shelters. Please support the community cat caretakers and TNR. Join with the animal rescuerers in your community and make our communities a better place for animals and people, too.


Thoughts for changing our world

September 10th 2011 8:50 am
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In the news this week there is so many stories remembering 911. . where we were and how we all reacted. I would like to ask everyone on this weeked to think about what was done and now what can we all do to make our city,county,state and country a better place. I would start with civility. If more people were nicer to everyone I think the world would be a better place. I also would require that everyone spend at least 30 minutes a day doing good. Helping those who need it. You could help the homeless. You could support your schools. You could pick up trash along the highway or in your city park. Of course my favoite activity would be for everyone to help the animals in our communities. Volunteer at your local shelter or help local rescue groups. Don't demand change help change by working where change is needed. Spend time with your family be it furry or human. If your are looking for a furry family member adopt. If you must shop--shop your local rescue groups. Support Spay and Neuter efforts in your community. Suport TNR & the community cat caretakers. Change begins with doing not with talking and demanding.


thinking about rescue and what it means

August 27th 2011 8:42 am
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I am thinking this mornging about rescue and hoping for adoptions. My person coordinates the intake of cats & kittens for our group. It is so hard to tell people that we are not an open admission group who can take any cat or kitten that they find. Horror stories about community shelters have made people afraid to work with them. However, most community shelters are doing the best that they can with limited resources.

But just because you have found a kitten and don't want to keep it, why does it mean someone else has to get the kitten healthy and altered and vaccinated and adopted? The finder gets the 'feel good' that they have 'rescued an animal'. All of the work is done by and the expenses are born by the rescue group.

Please take the responsibility of your actions. If you find a wallet do you hand it off to someone else to find the owner? I am just thinking that if you want a rescue group to help you it would be nice if you helped them too. Please adopt and support your local shelters and rescue organizations.


adopt rescue support your local shelter and animal rescue- organizations

August 13th 2011 9:26 am
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Recently my person read an article about compassion fatigue it said that people respond to one animal or one situation but that when there are many that need help it is overwhelming. When there are so many that need help this made her sad. Our group knows that we cannot save every animal in need but we try to save the ones we can.

Please send purrs to all rescue groups so that each animal will be adopted and loved. Please spay and neuter so that every animal will be wanted and well treated. Help those of us in the rescue community. Don't become a victim of compassion fatigue and cause those in need of help to suffer. Adopt don't shop or if you shop choose a rescue you won't regret it.


Kitten season is here help and adoptions are needed

August 6th 2011 9:34 am
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Where are all of those people who came into our placement and turned their noses up at our teenaged cats because they had to have a kitten? We still have some of the wonderful teenaged cats and now we have kittens too. This year our adoption rate has been slow. We have had some cats in our foster homes for a long time. We need the help of all of the purrs and positive thoughts of all Catsters to change this. Please purr for adoptions and rescues. Please think good thoughts for all of us in rescue groups who are doing our best to find homes for all who need them. Please support your local shelters and rescue groups. Think locally national groups are good but many local groups are struggling. Adopt your next furry family member. Help all of us help the animals in our community. And one last important thing. . .spay & neuter your pets so that you do not contribute to the problem of over population.


what more can I say about adoption, altering, rescue and- fostering

July 30th 2011 9:51 am
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Sometimes I think that it has been all said but not done. Every week I try to talk about the joys of adopting, fostering and rescue. Sometimes I wonder if it is helping at all. And then we get a wonderful happy ending from someone who has adopted a furry family member from the Yolo County SPCA and I know it was worth it. We may not be able to make every situation better or to rescue every animal in need or to tnr every community cat--yet--but we did make a difference for that animal and that family and that person. Small but important steps. I wouldn't be here if a kind person hadn't stopped and rescued me from abuse and neglect so I know that one person can save a live. Please support your local rescue organizations and your local shelters!! They do so much with so little. Adopt don't shop!! and always always remember that rescues ROCK!!


adoption rant and rave and rock and roll and pounce and purr- and jump and leap

July 23rd 2011 9:24 am
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I hate kitten season . . .there I said it. . I love kittens but I hate being overwhelmed by the appeals for help and the need that is there. The only answer is to spay and neuter. All of us in rescue want adoptions but we are not going to adopt our way out of this.

Please if you are looking to add a furry family member consider adoption first. There are so many wonderful friendly sweet cats, kittens, dogs, puppies & bunnies in shelter and rescue waiting for a home.

If you can't adopt right now support your local shelter and rescue organizations. The national organizations do lots of good and have the money and famous folks for their ads but your $19 a month could go a long way to help animals in your own community.

Join with me and my family to purr for rescue and forever homes on the Power of purr!! Remember purrs are healing and will move human souls


AdoptrescueAdoptrescueAdoptrescueAdoptrescueAdoptrescueAdopt- rescueAdoptrescue

July 16th 2011 9:08 am
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Last week with the good thoughts from all we adopted 7!! 2 were adults,too!! I hope that we can keep the adoptions going because there are so many that need rescue and so many appeals coming in every day. If you are considering adding a furry family member please adopt!! Remember every one adopted from a rescue group or shelter frees up space for one more to be rescued. Many of of foster homes are so full and overwhelmed and it seems that every time an appeal for help is sent that we get people saying they can help. Our foster homes are the backbone of our rescue group. They do the day to day work with the animals. Please adopt don't shop!! Support your local shelter and rescue groups. They need money, supplies and often your time. Help them help the animals in YOUR community as we help the animals in ours!! Rescues rock!!


foundakittenfound2kittensfound3kittensfoundmomcatandkittesnw- illyoutakewanttorehomemycat

July 9th 2011 9:07 am
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Kitten season is a trial and sad time for rescue groups. So many appeals for help so many kittens and cats and too few resources and adoptive homes. How can this problem be prevented? There is one answer that can take care of this. . .spay and neuter. . .with community cats the additional answer is TNR trap neuter and release) If more people valued cats and altered them it would help the over crowded shelters and rescue groups. One of our volunteers is very good at telling people the realities of the overpopulation issue with cats. Although we know we cannot help them all, it still breaks our hearts to tell people. We all got into rescue by accident or design because we care and we want to help. Recognizing our limitations is hard but is necessary. If we don't then there is the tragic possiblity of becoming a rescue horder. At least though they would be altered. . .nhmmmm no not an answer. Spay and neuter that is the answer!! Adopt don't shop!! Purr for rescues and forever homes!!


adopt adopt adopt adopt adopt adopt rescue rescue- rescuerescuerescuerescuerescuerescue

June 24th 2011 10:46 pm
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Get the idea??My person was very sad last week. We had no adoptions on Saturday. Many people came and looked and petted and talked to our adoptable cats but no one adopted. Some people took applications home. Maybe they will be back tomorrow with completed applications and plans to adopt. Please purr with us and think good thoughts for all rescue groups who are trying to find homes for those who need them Join with my family on the power of purr to purr for rescues and forever homes. Support your local shelter and rescue group. Help us help the animals in our communities!!

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