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Dodger's adoption and rescue thoughts

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Donate local

March 17th 2012 9:18 am
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So many times when we are out and about with the Yolo County SPCA people come up to us and say ,'You are the ones with those commercials that make me cry' When we try to explain that the commercials come from a national organization with lots of money and we are small and local it doesn't make any sense to them. They also tell us how proud they are to join us online and support our efforts. We thank them for supporting the efforts of the national organization. It is hard because people want to help and think they are helping. . .and they are . . .but just not directly in their own community. Donating locally helps spay the community cats, get food to the people who need animal food, support local rescue organizations who take in stray and abandoned animals. Please support your local shelters and rescue organizations first and then if you can help the national organizations, too.


Waiting for the onslaught

March 10th 2012 9:34 am
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Kitten season is on the horizon and we know what is out there. Every year my person and I hope that the spay/neuter events have made a difference and that there will be fewer appeals. Every year we are wrong. Kitten season is not a happy time for rescue groups and shelters. It breaks our hearts day after day. Please support your local shelters and rescue groups. This time of the year more that ever they need supplies, funds and people. Please help those who cannot afford the costs to spay and neuter their pets. When my person volunteers for Spay Day so many people are so grateful for the help. They want to take good care of their animals, too. Please purr for rescues and forever homes on the Power of Purr in the rescue forum on Catster. Remember Rescues Rock!!


Now I have heard it all

March 3rd 2012 9:03 am
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We got a call from someone wanting to return cat that had been adopted a number of years ago. When our staff called they found out that the people had adopted two cats as kittens from another rescue group. About a year later they got a dog and one of the cats has been living in the bathroom ever since then. Our staff asked if there were any problems or behavior issues that we could give them some advice on. They were told no issues the people wanted to remodel the bathroom & thought they should also return the cat. . .Later in the week we got a call from a very nice man who had been walking his dog in a wildlife refuge. A truck pulled up & left a box. . .full of 6 kittens. The man brought the kittens home because they would not have survived the night. We will be helping him to find homes for the ones that he isn't going to keep. This kind of call helps us live through the first one. Now for my usual plea spay & neuter your pets, adopt don't shop, purr long and loud and always remember that rescues ROCK!!


Variation of the same song

February 25th 2012 8:50 am
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I am always talking about rescues and forever homes for all. Now I want to sing a different version of the song. Spay and neuter so all kittens/puppies/bunnies born are wanted and have homes waiting for them. Please adopt from rescue groups and shelters. Kitten season is coming soon and for those of us in rescue that means the ominous spooky music is playing because there will be overwhelming demands to take in kittens that someone has allowed to be born but that they don't want. Please purr with me and my family for rescues and forever homes on the Power of purr in the Rescues forum.


is there any other choice?

February 11th 2012 8:46 am
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I often write about how important I think it is to rescue and adopt from a shelter or rescue group. I do think that is the best way to get a new furry family member. I have read and hear stories from people who felt that they weren't able to rescue or adopt from a shelter or group because the requirements were too strict. As a member of the rescue community I can see both sides of this. We want our rescued animals to go into the best possible homes and sometimes this means that we can be very strict with multiple page applications, interviews, fees and in some groups home visits. People come in and want to pick one out & 'buy' it now. We wonder if once they are tired of cleaning the litter box or if the cat scratches furniture and they are tired of walking the dog and cleaning up after what then? Rescue groups have not only time and money but lots of emotion invested in these animals. Many of them have been nursed back to health and taught to love people by us. We want them to be happy for the rest of their lives. Please be patient with us. I do understand and will promise to be patient with you and to explain why we do these things. I promise to listen to you and to try to find a good match for your situation. I hope that if I can't that you will understand, too. I do think the best place to adopt is from a rescue or shelter but if your animal finds you in another way that can be good, too. Please remember to spay & neuter so that all animals are wanted and have homes of their own.


Diary pick

February 4th 2012 9:08 am
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Last week my diary was picked as diary of the day!! I was so honored but more than that I was thrilled because it made me hope that my thoughts reached more Catsters. My family volunteers for a foster home based rescue group and we also support our local municipal shelter. We are hoping to work together with all rescue groups, animal advocates and shelters to increase the live release rate of animals in our area. One way to do this is to have an active and efficient community cat program. Community cats are the most euthanized animal in local shelters because there are no options for them. Please help shelters and community cat find options.
Please join with me & my family to purr for rescues and forever homes for all!! We purr on the Power of Purr in the rescue forum. All who purr get gifts from me & my family as long as the Zealies hold out. Purring gets positive energy moving through the area. Please help us!


Same song more kittens more cats more homes needed

January 28th 2012 9:31 am
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I wish I had a different song to sing. I wish that I could post that with so few cats/kittens in our area that we are having to import them from other areas to satisfy the adoption demand. I can't but we are working as hard as we can to help the cats/kittens dog/puppies in our area to be healthy, altered and vaccinated. Spay Day USA is an opportunity for income qualified people in our area to have their animals altered, vaccinated, flea treated and microchipped for a very small sum of money. I hope that all Catsters support Spay Day activities in their communities. Please support your local shelters and rescue groups. Please adopt don't shop. Join with my family in the Rescue forum to purr for rescues and forever homes!! Help me sing a new song


spay & neuter adopt & rescue---volunteer and make a- difference

January 21st 2012 8:43 am
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Today the Spay Day line opens in our area of California. Spay Day is a national event to assist income qualified people to alter their animals. We have the largest one one day Spay & Neuter event in the nation. This will be the 12th year. Sounds good doesn't it? Sounds like maybe we are helping to control the number of unwanted and unaltered animals in our community? I so wish that were true. Things have changed a bit over the years. Twelve years ago the emphasis was large dogs. Now it is on small dogs--especially chihuahuas and cats. Do you have Spay Day in your area? If you do can you help?

Today is also placement for our animal rescue organization. With the purrs and good thoughts & support from the Catster community we have had some good adoptions in January. Please keep purring for rescues and forever homes because kitten season is coming and that means that we will all be overwhelmed with appeals for help. Please join with me and my family to purr on the Power of purr in the rescue forum. Please support your local shelters and rescue organizations. We all do so much with what we have if we have more support we can to more. Always remember that Rescues Rock and our purrs can move human souls.


AdoptRescueSpayNeuterAdoptRescueSpayNeuterAdoptRescueSpayNeu- terAdoptRescueSpayNeuter

January 14th 2012 8:27 am
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I started this diary because the rescue group that we foster for and work with (Yolo County SPCA) needed good thoughts for adoptions and rescue. When I posted and asked the Catster community for good thoughts and purrs it helps us have adoptions. I would like to thank all of you who are continuing to give good thoughts and purrs for all of us in the rescue community. I know that you support us not only on adoption days but every day of the week. In these hard times we need to all work together. We may have some different ideas and use different words but all of us want the same thing. More homes and fewer unwanted, abandoned or abused animals. Please support your local rescue groups and shelters. Community shelters and open admission facilities do the very best that they can with extremely limited resources. In tough times communities have to cut budgets and often animal programs are some of the first to go. Help your local shelter and rescue groups. There are many ways and the best thing is the feeling that you can get. Adopt don't shop. Spay and neuter your pets and help others spay and neuter theirs as well. Think good thoughts for the rescue groups today and placement events and all
through the week. Power of purr and Rescues Rock!!


Starting the year off with many adoptions (hopefully)

January 7th 2012 9:16 am
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Today is the first adoption event of 2012 for the Yolo County SPCA. It is windy and cold but we are hoping for many adoptions today. Please all of you think good thoughts for us and for all of the shelters and rescue groups in your communities who are helping animals and people, too. Support your local shelters by donating and by adopting. You can find wonderful furry family members there. Please adopt don't shop and if you must shop check Petfinder to see the animals and rescue groups in your area who are in need. Purr with me on the Power of purr!!

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