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Dodger's adoption and rescue thoughts

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September 13th 2005 7:50 am
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The Power of the purr worked again. We had a very good Saturday with lots of adoptions. Many of them were the smallest kittens, but any adoption is good. Join the Power of the Purr chain to purr for rescue, purr for adoptions, purr for all of the people and animals displaced by Katrina.


fund raising, rescue and the Power of the Purr

September 9th 2005 10:40 am
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My person will be volunteering a the Sacramento Aids walk so our fosters probably won't be going to placment this weekend. Yolo County SPCA and many many other groups will be looking for forever homes for animals. Please keep up the good thoughts and the Power of the Puurrr. I am so proud of all of the rescue efforts made by Catster members on behalf of those people and animals affected by the Katrina disaster. Keep up the good work. It has been brought home to me that those people with good hearts are the ones who pitch in and help in any way they can. My person was told by the forever home of one of the fosters that there is a special place in heaven for people like her. I think there is a special place for those people who truly care about animals, people and rescue of all types.


Last week success story

September 7th 2005 12:53 pm
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Last week I asked for purrs for adoptions and good thoughts. Thank you for those thoughts. Although it was a holiday weeked some of of foster homes went to our usual location for an adoption event. They had six adoptions including an adult that has been with us for over a year. Thank you for the good thoughts and purrs. Keep purring for rescue groups & adoptions.



September 1st 2005 12:40 pm
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The holiday weekend is coming up and everyone is thinking about barbeques and back to school. Except all of the people and animals affected by Katrina. I know I have talked a lot about adoptions and caring. Reaching out to those in need is another aspect of the Power of the Purr. Please puurrr for everyone who has lost property, animals or people in this national disaster. Please donate to help. There is a forum where lots of cats have listed links to donate. Purr for rescue of people and animals from the ravages of Katrina.


slow adoptions

August 29th 2005 10:26 am
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Well, my person is sad again. They only adopted one kitten Saturday. The second adoption site had 3 kittens adopted so they did some better. I really need everyone to join the power of the purr chain and help us with good thoughts for adoptions. My person knows that it could have been the hot weather here in California or vacations before going back to school, but it is still disappointing. Yolo County SPCA has so many wonderful animals in foster homes needing forever homes. Please please think good thoughts for us. Please please join Selket and the Power of the Purr chain.


adoptions and power of the purrr

August 26th 2005 7:58 am
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Ok tomorrow is adoption Saturday for the Yolo SPCA and for many other rescue groups. All of you cats out there please join the power of the purr chain and purr for adoptions.
Please help us with good thoughts to get kittens/cats/dogs/puppies/rabbits and any animal needing a forever home adopted.
In my house there will be two going for adoptions tomorrow. A lovely young adult and a beautiful calico kitten... I know once they leave my person will bring more home to save. Please puuurrr for adoptions. Please tell you person to help rescue groups and shelters in your area. If you now have a forever home because of a rescue please tell us on the Power of the Purr chain.



August 19th 2005 12:09 pm
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The weekend and adoption events is coming up. My person will be at the Yolo County Fair tonight in the SPCA booth so she won't be working placement this weekend. Please keep the purrs coming for all rescue groups and adoptions this weekend. If you are in Woodland CA stop by the Yolo County SPCA booth tonight and tell my person hi.
Thanks for the purrs.


My thoughts

August 17th 2005 3:25 pm
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You know I am getting all the credit for the adoption and rescue thoughts. In my house Petipaw is the one who helps take care of the foster kittens. You can see him snuggling with them on his page. Petipaw also has a rotating column in the Yolo County SPCA newsletter. It is called Ask Petipaw. You can read the newsletter on line at This time he is going to talk about early spay neutering. Pokey had had a question why some vets won't/don't do it.
Thank you for all of you purring out there. Please remember to tell your person to donate that extra time, money or good thoughts for all of the rescue organizations that are working so hard to find forever homes for those cats/kittens, dog/puppys, rabbits, rats,gerbils hamsters,reptiles . . . .. .


adoptions update

August 15th 2005 11:56 am
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We had 4 adoptions Saturday. 3 kittens & one adult. Keep those purrs coming. I know that it is the purrs and your good thoughts that have helped us continue to have adoptions.
Thank you


this weekend

August 12th 2005 3:07 pm
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Okay everyone rev up your purrers and purr for adoptions.

I have a special request this weekend, too. A wonderful group is putting on a fundraiser to benefit the Yolo County SPCA called Govener's Ball. Purr for the success of the endeavor. If you are in our area come and have a good time. You can still get tickets online or tomorrow at the door. will link you for online sales

Remember the foster kittens who were saved by the Power of Puurrrr. They are very cute and growing. Just over 1 pound and dashing all over the house.

I will let you all know Monday how many cats/kittens we adopt on Saturday. PPPUUURRR for rescue!!! PPPUUUUURRRR for adoptions!!!!!

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