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Dodger's adoption and rescue thoughts

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New Year

January 4th 2006 10:32 am
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It is 2006. I think a good goal would be to have 1000 purrs for adoption on the Power of Purr chain. I purr that all of the foster animals in care with Yolo County SPCA are adopted into forever homes. I purr that everycat, everydog & everyperson who needs help & a forever homes finds both the help & the forever home. I purr that I get lots of yummy treats & lots of pets. I just wish my person would let me groom her. She keeps saying Dodger no lick.


What a year this has been!!!

December 30th 2005 7:53 am
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My family gained one cat Giselle & lost one Sauterne. We continued to work with rescue and fostering kittens. With the help of all of everycat and the Power of Purr we are continuing to adopt cats/kittens, dogs/puppies and rabbits to forever homes. Yolo County SPCA working with another county is moving towards an operating feral cat clinic to control the population and to help the feral cat community. It is wonderful what a group of committed caring people can do working together to improve the fate of animals in the community.
Please continue to have those good thoughts for any animal or person who needs a forever home. Please join us all on the Power of Purr chain to purr for rescue and forever homes.
My family wishes everycat and everyperson a Happy 2006!!! May all find forever homes as I did.


Holiday wishes

December 19th 2005 12:58 pm
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I won't be able to make diary entries as my person who enters for me will be out of town. I just want to wish everycat, everydog & everyperson the best that there can be. My family & I are so grateful for all of the purrs and good wishes we received when we lost Sauterne. We are also grateful for the Power of Purr and the help it has given to our adoptions. Please keep purring and thinking about adoptions & rescue. Happiest to all!!!!


adoption rant

December 16th 2005 10:15 am
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I haven't updated my diary much this month. It has been a hard time for my family. Adoptions are continuing for our foster animals, but they are a little slow. We have had a long warm fall here in California which means that the shelter is being inundated with kittens. We try to help the shelter by taking underaged kittens to foster, but we are also getting calls every day from members of the community and people who have worked with us before wanting us to take in animals. Please have good thoughts for our adoption sites tomorrow for the Yolo County SPCA. We need to be able to adopt out animals to forever homes so that we can continue to take in foster animals. We are a foster home based group and we need more good foster homes. Please have good thoughts for every rescue group that is trying to find homes for animals this holiday season. Please join the Power of Purr chain to continue to purr for rescue, forever homes, foster homes and all that we need to keep up the effort.



December 6th 2005 8:19 am
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We are very sad at my house. Sunday evening our Sauterne went into heart failure and we lost him at 2:00 am. Sauterne was a very smart deaf cat with lots of love for my person. We will miss him


Power of the purr

December 2nd 2005 11:32 am
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I have been talking so much on the Power of Purr that I haven't been updating my diary. It has started to turn cold & rain here in Northern California. We at the Yolo County SPCA will be having placement to try to find forever homes for our foster animals. Please join us in the Power of Purr to think good thoughts for rescue, for adoption and for forever homes for everycat, everydog, everyrabbit & everyperson who needs them.


Power of the purr

November 22nd 2005 10:53 am
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I know it works. Last Saturday, at our adoption site things started off a little slow. Someone commented that there would probably be no adoptions that day. My person told them that since we have the Power of the Purr she was sure that there would be adoptions. As the day went along at that site there were 5 adoptions. Two of them were our foster kittens!!! And at our other site there were at least two other cats adopted. Then there were at least 6 dogs!!! I know the Power of the purr works.
I have made a special request from all of you purring as well. We know someone who is very involved in Persian rescue. She has some very very sick cats who need to be purred for. Please purr to help the persians get better.
Please if you have not join Selket & all of us in the Power of the purr chain.


adoptions adoptions adoptions

November 18th 2005 3:35 pm
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Well, tomorrow our five foster girls are going to placement. They are beautiful little kittens and we will miss them. My person is really attached to them, but knows it is time for them to find forever homes. Please join us in the Power of the Purr to purr for adoptions and to purr for forever homes for all of the animals out there.


Power of the purr and adoption results

November 7th 2005 11:31 am
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The power of the purr works!! I promised last week that I would let everyone know how Yolo County SPCA does with the help of the Power of the purr. Well, Saturday & Sunday we had 5 kittens 2 cats & 7 dog/puppies adopted.
We thank everyone who helped by purring for us. Please keep purring and let us know how it has helped your rescue group.


adoptions and numbers

November 4th 2005 9:43 am
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To show everyone how the Power of the purr works I will be starting every week to let all know the number of adoptions that Yolo County SPCA had over the weekend. My person will only have numbers for cats/kittens, but we will try to get numbers for dogs/puppies too. All I can say is since all of you have been thinking good thougths for us and purring for us with the Power of the Purr chain that we have had adoptions every week. Looking back on my diarys the most we had one week was 10 and the least was 2. My person is one of our foster home coordinators and they are being contacted daily to take in kittens/cats, dogs/puppys & rabbits. We need to find forever homes for all of these animals. PURR please on the Power of the Purr for adoptions, rescue and forver homes.

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