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Dodger's adoption and rescue thoughts

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rescue rant

March 2nd 2006 2:26 pm
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My person won't be around the computor tomorrow so I am doing my rescue rant a day early. The best day we have had for adoptions in a long time was my person's birthday. I am thinking that we need to have an unbirthday celebration to see if that will help us have more adoptions. Please everycat join us on the Power of purr to purr for rescue and for adoptions. Please help all of the rescue organizations in your area. If you cannot give money give time or your old towels or just good thoughts. Help all of us involved in rescue.


Diary of the day

February 27th 2006 10:21 am
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My adoption rant was diary of the day on Saturday. I am so honored. I wish that being diary of the day had given us the good thoughts for double digit adoptions. We adopted two and finalized one adoption of cats & I think there were 4 dogs adopted. Two dogs were brought to our event & left with us and one of our dog foster homes brought in a stray cat from her neighborhood.

My person worked Spay Day USA on Sunday. The national day is 2/28, which is a Tuesday, but here in our area we do it on Sunday because we can get the staff then. Ours was a cat location & there were about 40 cats done. What we couldn't understand was the people who had scheduled appointments & just didn't show up.


adoptions and Spay Day

February 24th 2006 11:29 am
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This weekend we will have placement here. Please think good thoughts for our group. Kitten season is coming and we still have kittens from last year who haven't found their forever homes, yet.
Also on Sunday it is Spay Day USA. My person will be volunteering at a clinic to s/n as many animals as they can. Please support Spay Day USA if they have it in your area.
My home still has two fosters. We are hoping that they will find forever homes soon. Please think good thoughts for them and for all people and animals who need forever homes.


Adoption rant

February 17th 2006 9:15 am
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Well tomorrow is our adoption day. The weather forcast is for cold & rain here in California. We are hoping that we will have lots of folks looking for loving cuddly companions. Please keep good thoughts for our foster Sparkles. She is so shy at this point that she doesn't show real well at Petco. My person is also very careful because she doesn't want Sparkles to be adopted into the wrong kind of home. Join all of us on the Power of purr to purr for rescue and forever homes. Drop your spare change into the jar for rescue groups when you go to the pet store. If you can drop your dollars in the jar. Drop off your old towels and blankets for rescue groups and shelters. Help all of us that are working to rescue and adopt.


adoption adoption adoption adoption adoption adoption - adoption

February 10th 2006 7:51 am
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Here I am again with my weekly rant. It is going to be beautiful here in California this weekend. Last Saturday we adopted 3 & 2 came back for various reasons. We are hoping for more adoptions this weekend. Please join us on the Power of purr to purr for rescue & for forver homes. Please think good thoughts for all of the rescue groups struggling to help and to make ends meet. Drop your change in their collection jar. Or if you can drop your extra dollar bills. Support spay neuter programs in your area. Help us all help those who need the help the most.


more and more adoptions and more and more purrs on the Power- of Purr

February 3rd 2006 12:01 pm
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My wish for today is that every cat that we take to placement tomorrow finds a forever home. We have an application on one of our fosters and it is looking good for her. So everyone join us on the power of purr with good thoughts for adoptions this weekend.


rescue rant

January 26th 2006 1:55 pm
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Well even though my person may not be there, placemens will take place in many places. We all need to have good thougts and support all the rescue efforts that are going on. There was a post from LandonDakota about a group that is in need of funds to keep operating. So many groups are struggling to keep going on a shoe string and the good hearts of people. Please help those groups. If you can't give money give time volunteer think good thoughts talk to other people maybe someone you know can give money or supplies
Keep purring, keep rescuing, keep fostering,keep good thoughts in your hearts


Rescue Rant

January 20th 2006 10:39 am
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I am asking everycat to join us in the Power of purr to purr for all groups who are out there trying to find homes for animals who need them. My person takes in foster kittens and keeps them until we are able to find forever homes. She has had the two cutest girls for over a month now. They are wonderful and will make wonderful pets. I know that good thoughts and purrs affect what happens in the world around us. Please give us good thoughts. Please support the rescue groups in your area with your time, money and things. Most groups are working on a very slim margin and need the help.


Rescue ramble

January 12th 2006 8:07 am
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My person is going to be off tomorrow and since she doesn't have a computor at home I have to do my rescue rambling thoughts today. I wish that every dog/cat/kitten/puppy/bunny/person who needs shelter and a forever home finds one. I wish that there was no need for officers to police animal cruelty. I wish that there were no unwanted animals or people. I wish many things, but most of all I wish that our foster kittens would find a home.

Join us on the Power of purr to purr for rescue. Join us on the Power of purr to report rescue efforts.


placement in 2006

January 6th 2006 12:51 pm
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Tomorrow is the first placement for 2006. Keep good thoughts so we can adopt lots of animals. We are still getting calls on abandoned kittens & puppies, cats, dogs & rabbits. So hopefully tomorrow will be a very good day for adoptions.

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