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Dodger's adoption and rescue thoughts

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Adoptathon May 20 & 21sts Sacramento CA

May 17th 2006 4:07 pm
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Yolo County SPCA will be participating in an Adoptathon this weekend at Country Club Center Saturday & Sunday. There will be lots of groups there & lots of animals seeking forever homes. Please think lots of good thoughts for all of the groups in the Sacramento area. If anyone lives in the area stop by the Yolo County SPCA booth and say hi to my person. Just ask for Dodger's person at our booth.


adoption days

May 12th 2006 11:30 am
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Kitten season is coming and we need good thoughts for all of those cats that we have in our system that are still waiting for their forever homes. Please think good thoughts for all of those people who are out this weekend supporting rescue groups. Please join us on the adoption & rescue forum on the Power of purr chain. All of us purring together can help to move the human hearts.


OH my the days have flown by. . . .

May 5th 2006 11:05 am
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We have been so busy at my house with Picnic Day & fundraisers & newsletters & planning a new feral cat clinic that I havn't written much in my diary. Our 3 foster kittens could be considered celebrities. They were on a tv show to publicise the Yolo County SPCA's Doggone Walk-a-Thon and then Tuesday they went to a senior citizen event and had their pictures taken for the newspaper. Hopefully that will mean lots of people will be coming to our placment events tomorrow. We need all of you to keep good thoughts for adoptions. Most groups like ours are being contacted many times a day with requests for help with kittens and we still have foster cats that were kittens last year. Keep on purring for rescues and forever homes on the Power of purr. If there is any way that you can help groups in your area --DO IT!!! Even if you are just dropping your loose change in the collection jar it helps and we need all the help & support we can get.


Dogone Walk-a-Thon April 29th Davis CA come one come all dog- not necessary

April 26th 2006 10:38 am
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Yolo County SPCA is having our second fundraising walk. If you are in our area please come and help us raise money to support our programs. You can check us out on our website
My person won't be going to placement this weekend because she will have too much to do with the event. However, adoption placement is ongoing. All of the groups out there need your support through good thoughts and money and goods. Please think good thoughts so that all of those teenager & young adult cats can find fovever homes. With kitten season coming, most of them won't be noticed for the wonderful pets that they can be!!!


bad people

April 14th 2006 12:15 pm
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Why are there bad people in the world? My family had a bad person break down our back door and steal things from my person. Luckily none of the furry family was harmed and the house wasn't trashed. We all together furrys and person have cursed the bad people who broke our door and took our stuff. Evil things will come to them and they will not profit from our things.
We do not wish them any good things ever!!
usually I am talking about rescue and positive things and adoptions. We are taking this weekend off because the last two weeks in April is so busy for the Yolo County SPCA. On Saturday April 22 we will be at Picnic Day at UC Davis. If you are in the area drop by Surge III to see the kitty showcase and my person will be there. Come by & say hi I saw Dodger's invitation on Catster. Then Saturday April 29th is the Doggone Walk-a-Thon. Our big fundraiser. If you are in the area we would love to see you there as well. You can register for the event on our websit


happy endings

April 7th 2006 11:44 am
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I have been thinking about happy endings. Last week we adopted 5 cats at one location & one at our other spot. We had one really good application on another one. These have had happy endings. Please help those of us who are working on the front lines of rescue to find happy endings and forever homes for all who need them. Please join us and purr for rescue and adoptions on the Power of Purr. Please drop you extra change in the jar when you go by a rescue group location. Last weekend a wonderful woman gave us a check for $500!!!! Please donate any extra food, old towels, blankets or extra supplies to shelters & rescue groups. Please think good thoughts for all of us out there working to adopt and find forever homes for all


ideas for adoptions??

March 30th 2006 11:14 am
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Please anyone who has any ideas to increase our cat adoptions, would you let me know? We are having some adoptions, but kitten season is coming soon. We are trying a mid week placement & so far had two adoptions the first time. Keep up the good thoughts for all of the rescue groups trying to find forever homes for all who need them. Please help the groups with time, money or supplies. Please join with us on the Power of purr chain to purr for rescue for rescue and forever homes for all.


day off

March 24th 2006 3:20 pm
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Tomorrow our group is taking a much needed day off from placement. We have gone straight through from Feburary with no breaks so we need to regroup. Last week was very slow. Only one application completed and no adoptions at all. Just because we are taking the weekend off doesn't mean that there is any reason to stop working for forever homes for all. If you go by a rescue group drop some spare change in the collection jar. If you can drop in some dollars. Support your local rescue groups. Join with us in the Power of purr


adoptions and forever homes

March 17th 2006 3:10 pm
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I have been thinking about how lucky I was to find my forever home in my foster home. I know that can't happen for all of our fosters or we wouldn't have any more space, but I hope that this weekend every one will help us by thinking good thoughts for my person and all people and animals that are working to find forever homes.


adoption rant

March 10th 2006 11:00 am
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today I am asking for good thoughts for all of us who are involved with adoption & rescue. Most of us have events over the weekend & need all of the good thoughts and support that we can get. Please everycat join with Selket & the fiends and my family in the Power of Purr to purr for rescue & forever homes. We are trying to have 1000 purrs supporting rescue and our adoption sites. Some of us that are involved are letting everycat know our results so that you all know that the Power of Purr works to move the human heart.

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