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Dodger's adoption and rescue thoughts

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Kitten season is continuing

September 22nd 2012 10:12 am
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Kitten season continues. The influx does seem to be slowing down a bit but that doesn't mean that the need is not there. All rescue groups and shelters are overwhelmed and could use your support. Please if you are looking for a cat or kitten check out your local rescue groups and shelters. Wonderful animals are waiting there for homes. Adopt don't shop or if you must shop please check Petfinder for adoptable animals in your area. Support your local shelters and rescue groups with your money and time if you can. Remember they are helping animals in your community. Purr long and loud for rescues and forever homes!!


AdoptRescueSpayNeuterAdoptRescueSpayNeuterAdoptRescueSpayNeu- terAdoptRescueSpayNeuter

September 15th 2012 9:22 am
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I know I often talk about rescue and adoptions and the importance of spay and neuter. You must all think that I don't think of anything else. Of course I love my naps, catnip, food, cuddling with my person, and toys but we do spend a lot of time coordinating foster homes, taking in foster kittens, fundraising, taking care of foster kittens, volunteering at events and attending meetings. Wow that sounds like a lot and so you say what do you get out of it? We get to make foster kittens healthy and see the joys they bring to their adopters. We get to cry when the foster kittens don't make it. That is hard but we know that even if they didn't make it-in their last hours they knew love and comfort. We get to hear the wonderful stories that everyone you meet wants to tell you about their cat. We get to meet supporters like the wonderful people last night at an event who gave donations over and above the price of any of our fundraising things for sale. It is hard but in so many ways we are the lucky ones. Please purr with me and my family on the power of purr for rescues and forever homes for all.


AdoptRescueSpayNeuterAdoptRescueSpayNeuterAdoptRescueSpayNeu- terAdoptRescueSpayNeuter

September 8th 2012 9:40 am
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My family loves the foster kittens. We enjoy playing and cuddling and grooming and just loving them. We wouldn't mind it, though, if there were fewer that needed fostering and homes of their own. Please support low cost spay and neuter in your community. Low cost clinics do a GREAT job. They do not take the place of a regular veterinarian for routine care. They educate people that routine care is needed and encourage people to keep their animals healthy and safe.

Always remember to support your local shelters and rescue groups. Adopt don't shop. Or if you want to shop check out Petfinder if you are looking for a specific breed, color or type of animal.

Please purr with my family on the Power of purr in the rescue forums. We will gift everyone who does as long as our Zealies hold out.

Rescues rock and purring is healing and moves human souls


Diary pick

September 3rd 2012 10:35 pm
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I am proud to have had my diary picked today. I hope that it was read and that my rescue rants and wishes spread far and wide. Thank you Catster for helping me to spread the rescue story. My family are all former foster cats of the Yolo County SPCA. We are known as foster failures because we found our forever homes in our foster home. We purr for rescues and for support for local shelters and rescue organizations. Please join with us.



August 25th 2012 9:48 am
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Got a text this morning from the manager of Petco where we have our placement events. When they went in to prepare to open they found that someone had left a cat there. Why do people do that? If you are not able or willing to care for you cat do the right thing and take it to the local Animal Shelter. So we will do the best we can for this poor kitty. On my usual rant please don't forget to spay and neuter your pets. This time of year all shelters and animal rescue groups are over run with kittens!! If you are looking for a pet please check Petfinder and shop for rescues. Please join with me and my family to purr for rescues and forever homes on Power of purr in the rescue forum. Always remember that rescues ROCK! and our purrs have the power to heal and move human souls.


KittensKittensKittensKittensKittensKittensKittensKittensKitt- ensKittensKittensKittens

August 11th 2012 9:21 am
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Oh my oh my it is so hard. There are so many kittens. People are finding them every day and want us to take the kittens into our rescue organization. When my person is overwhelmed she wants to say okay if you can give us money to help feed, vaccinate, medicate and alter these kittens we can do that. Of course the people think they are doing a good thing and we should take over from them. We do the best we can to help all that we can. Please join with me and my family on the power of purr to purr for rescues and forever homes. Please support your local shelters and rescue groups because we are all trying to make a difference for animals in our community. Adopt don't shop. If you must have a specific breed shop with Petfinder. There are many pure bred animals in shelters and rescue. Help us help the animals in our communities. Power of purr!!!


KittensKittensKittensKittensKittensKittensKittensKittensKitt- ensKittensKittensKittens

August 4th 2012 9:20 am
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What to do with all the kittens? We would love to take all of them into rescue but there are challenges. Space, funds and adoptability have to be considered. It is hard but my person has to look at all of these before saying yes. Our foster homes are wonderful, but we don't want to overwhelm them and burn them out. Please everyone support local low cost spay/neuter clinics. Support your local shelters and rescue groups who are really overwhelmed this time of year with kittens, kittens, and more kittens. Help us help the animals in our communities.


Saturday is placement day for Yolo County SPCA

July 28th 2012 9:54 am
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Saturday is a busy day for my person. She takes foster kittens to and helps with placement for the cats and kittens of the Yolo County SPCA in the Davis Petco. It can be busy and hectic and exhausting and exhilarating and sad and happy and wonderful all at the same time. So many things are going on that when she gets home I just have to sit with her for a moment so she can recover. I take care of her the best that I can. There are so many kittens this time of year and so many appeals for help that sometimes I know she feels like she is trying to bail out the ocean with a teaspoon. But then she knows that for every cat or kitten that we can help it means the world and life saved for that cat or kitten. Please support your local animal shelters and rescue organizations. Support low cost spay/neuter in your community. Help community cat caretakers with TNR. Get involved if you can. If you can't and have funds donate. If you don't have funds and can't get involved support with positive solutions. Adopt don't shop but if you must shop please shop for a rescue. You will save a life and will enrich yours.


KittensKittensKittensKittensKittensKittensKittensKittensKitt- ensKittensKittensKittens

July 21st 2012 9:35 am
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Every week I post about the hard work of rescue and you may wonder why we do it. Last Saturday one of our new foster homes came to pick up her foster kittens at the end of the day. She said that she actually was happy that they weren't adopted and wondered if that made her a bad person. My person told her that placement days are happy/sad days You are happy if your foster kittens are adopted and you are a bit sad to see them go. The thing is that once fosters get adopted there are so many more needing homes that sometimes the sad passes quickly with the excitement and work of getting to know new foster kittens. Please adopt don't shop. Please post adoptable animals on your facebook pages and share them with all your friends. Support your local rescue groups and shelters. They are on the front lines helping animals in your community. They need your money (if you can) or your time or your old towels or the food that someone snubbed or toys that aren't fun anymore. Support your local community cat caretakers. They work very hard to help these kitties that live on the fringes of our societies and help keep our cities free of vermin. Help all of us help the animals in our communities.


KittensKittensKittensKittensKittensKittensKittensKittensKitt- ensKittensKittensKittens

July 7th 2012 9:58 am
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I had to work hard last night because my person kept having nightmares and wasn't sleeping well. It was because she was trying to find a way in her dreams to have more kittens and cats adopted so that she could rescue more from the local shelter and community. She didn't appreciate it that I kept purring very loud in her ear and grooming her. I just don't understand it makes me feel better to purr and to groom and be groomed. She kept saying Dodger settle down and yuck you are making me all wet. So I guess I will have to continue to ask for support for all the local shelters and rescue groups out there--especially if you are in Yolo County and Sacramento County California. Please help us help the animals in our community and support your local shelters and rescue groups to help the animals in your community.

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