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New Photo

September 8th 2007 12:41 am
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It's about time I updated my diary! I have a new primary photo wearing a bandanna. It's actually the reverse side of the bandanna that my sister Mercy is currently wearing in her "groovy" picture. I don't mind bandannas, but I sure don't like hats, and I'm hoping that there won't be any for the holidays coming up, but I may lose that battle yet again. *sigh*

I also want to point out that I am the tallest one in the family. *puffs chest* But okay, even though I am the tallest, I confess that one of my favorite pastimes is sucking and kneading on fleece beds. Mom finally had to throw one of them out because I put a hole in it and now I'm working on the next one. But, I do sleep in the beds too, especially when I have company, whether there's room in it for "tall" me or not!

That's all for now....



Hot Today!

July 4th 2007 4:06 pm
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It's over 100 degrees outside today. Mom let us out in the backyard but as soon as I felt how hot it was I ran back inside and then coughed up a big hairball. That made me feel so much better though.

I wish I had something more interesting to write about, like maybe something naughty I did today, but I never do anything naughty. Is this something I should be working on?



My Dad

June 11th 2007 10:04 pm
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My background of race cars represent the NASCAR races that my Dad likes to watch on TV. Those races sure are noisy and he always has the volume turned up. I think he secretly wishes he were a race car driver. I'm not sure why he needs to watch those races since I think we can provide the same kind of entertainment when we run around!

Dad has always been a fan of the retired Richard Petty, but these days it seems he's into that Jeff Gordon guy, who is almost as handsome as I am!

Happy Father's Day, Dad, I love you!



What I think about Enzo and Melody

May 19th 2007 12:11 pm
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I think they're cute and small. As a matter of fact, they were sleeping in my favorite bed to "knead" last night and I squeezed myself in there to do my "kneading". After I finished, I washed Enzo's head since he was the closest to me, then we all fell asleep. I just added a picture (#10) to my page of the three of us together. Yes, I'm a sweet big brother!



A Surprise for Sofie from Tinker

April 15th 2007 9:47 am
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My pal Tinker sent me a pawmail the other day asking if he could have our address so that he could send my sister Sofie a present for her birthday on May 1st. It was a really cute letter so how could I turn down a pal who wants to make my sister happy? Sofie is going to be sooooo surprised!

Thanks, Tink!



Happy 3rd Birthday to my Buddy TOY

March 18th 2007 9:23 pm
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Monday, March 19th, is my buddy TOY'S 3rd birthday and he and his family look like they are ready to party!!! I always love to watch his video of the cat shelves they have that he and his brothers get to climb on. They look like so much fun and are waaayyyyy up high!

Happy Birthday, TOY!!!




Happy Birthday to Us!

February 23rd 2007 1:00 pm
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Yep, Reebok and I are officially TWO years young today!

Thank you friends, for your best wishes, stars, and rosettes in honor of our special day!!

If you're hungry or just need to let it all hang out, feel free to stop by our party HERE! There's plenty of food and even a bounce castle!

We'll be having a little party at home tonight with the family. Mom told us that some boxes arrived between yesterday and today that are addressed to us!



One-Way Schmoozing with Quincy

February 3rd 2007 4:35 pm
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Quincy is one of our dogs, the younger, more rambunctious one. I really like him but he ignores me. Whenever we go out and play in the backyard, I follow him around and around the yard, meowing at him while rubbing up against him, even while he's trying to do his business. The faster he runs, the faster I run after him. Mom says one of these days she's going to videotape me doing this. I can't explain why, but I only do this while we're outside. Quincy just looks the other way, doing whatever he wants to do. Maybe one of these days he'll learn to like me as much as I like him. *sigh*



2006 World's Coolest Dog and Cat Show

December 9th 2006 2:16 pm
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Just as Mercy wrote in her diary, I also want to thank Catster/Dogster HQs, the sponsors, judges, and everyone who took the time to place your votes for us in this year's World's Coolest Dog and Cat Show. Without you, I could not have won the Sitting Cat category in the contest.

My Mom and Dad are always laughing at me when they find me sitting in the position that I am in the photo. I just look at them puzzled as to what is so funny when I am very comfortable.

Keep taking those great photos!



About Me

November 21st 2006 11:02 pm
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I'm a quiet boy, so I don't write in my diary very often. I sit around with my head tilted to one side alot, trying to understand what's going on around me. I'm also known for sitting in odd positions that look uncomfortable to others but is very comfortable for me.

Mom's been on vacation at home with us, so I'm making sure that I'm blocking her view in front of the monitor when she's using the computer and being that I'm kinda tall, I'm very successful at making her pause alot while she's typing. That's what she gets for putting that fleece bed in front of the monitor because I'm still a suckler (shhhhhh) and am slowly turning the bed into mush! You probably don't know that we actually have three beds taking up space on the computer desk because there are usually three or four of us that hang out with Mom when she's using it.

Gotta go decide who I want to snuggle with so I'll meow again here another time.


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