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Scootin' Along

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I'm IT?

June 1st 2008 9:15 am
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An Olde Furt friend, Missy tagged me for the "Name 4" game. I've been tagged a couple times for the "5 Fabulous Facts" game and I'll play it, too, but that will have to be later, after I've recovered from this game. I'm OLDE, you know -- I still like to play, but it makes me tired!

My 4's:

4 jobs I have:
1. Herder
2. Night watchcat
3. Nurse
4. Soulmate

4 places I've lived:
1. Albuquerque, NM
2. Salida, CO
3. Nathrop, CO
4. East Peoria, IL

4 places I'd rather be:
1. In a sunny window
2. In my comfy chair on the back porch on a hot summer afternoon . . . snoozing away
3. On Mom's shoulder, purring in her ear
4. On Mom's chest, purring in her face

4 friends I'm tagging:
I hope there are at least 4 friends out there who'll read this. If you're there and you haven't yet played the game but would like to, you're IT!

gotta scoot . . .



May 27th 2008 7:46 pm
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There were some streaks on the carpet today -- dark streaks. It wasn't me. I did NOT do it. I wasn't scooting. I wasn't! Just because Scooter's my name, that doesn't make me guilty!

Psssst . . . come closer and I'll tell you a secret.

*leans forward to whisper*

Dad did it. :)

He admitted it. He claims it was from the shoes he was wearing while he was crawling around on the carpet, sorting through some stuff. *rolls eyes* Likely story.

gotta scoot . . .


Pawsome Page

May 16th 2008 2:46 pm
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I'm currently sporting page décor furnished by the Pawsome Pages group, in celebration of their one-year anniversary. Cool page, eh?

Special thanks to Icebox for the page design and for the help she's given me, and thanks to all the administrators and helpers in Pawsome Pages for the time and effort they put into helping others. They're . . . Pawsome!

gotta scoot . . .


for good measure

May 1st 2008 5:15 pm
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Yesterday, Mom was measuring something in another room when I started meowing. She'd say I was whining, but I wasn't -- I don't whine! I was merely demanding some attention. When Mom came to see what I wanted, the tape measure was dangling from her hand, dragging along the floor. I chased it! I must have chased that thing around for a couple minutes until I'd had enough of that. It was exactly what I wanted, though -- an outlet for my energy.

Mom was happy to see that energy, too. I haven't had much energy for several days, ever since my "half" birthday when I said I was feeling good. I'm eating, though, and even turned up my nose at baby food in favor of prescription food a couple of times. Gotta keep 'em guessing! ;)

Today is my 3-year anniversary on Catster! My very first good friend on Catster, Kitty Kazoo, who soon became my best friend, remembered of course, and remarked what a change it has made in our lives. In fact, Mom feels that the health-related knowledge and the help she's received on Catster have contributed to my making it to 19 1/2, going for 20!

I'm not just partying today, though. I'm Nurse Scootie for Dad! He had a bad cataract in his right eye, just like I do. I guess he didn't want to walk into a flowerpot like I did, so he had surgery for his cataract today. A little while ago, I helped hold him down, by lying on his legs, while Mom put drops in his eye. It's almost time for more drops, so I better go report for duty!

gotta scoot . . .


You'll never guess...

April 27th 2008 7:10 pm
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...which celebrity I am. Yes, I took the Catster Celebrity Quiz, too. The results?


Amy Winehouse
Out of Control Talent

Talent, talent, talent, baby! Overflowing with talent, almost to the point of just not knowing where to put it all, Scooter is Amy Winehouse!

Mmm-hmm, you go, girlfriend! With a voice that stops hearts and moves souls, Scooter's soothing sounds and funky furstyles are taking the animal world by storm. Perhaps a little overwhelmed by all of the attention, Scooter can occasionally get herself into a little trouble, but it's nothing she can't dig her way out of with help from her loving friends and family. Her flamboyant lifestyle receives a ton of attention from the media, but her shooting star talent keeps Scooter in the flow and on the go!


Well, I do have quite a voice. It stops hearts and moves souls in this house, for sure, especially at 2 a.m. My melodious meows are even a ringtone for Olde Furt friend Simon's meowmy.

My fur is funky, too! I still have these cool little "wings" sticking out on both sides of my neck. According to Mom, I may need a belly shave this summer if the mats on my tummy get any worse. A nekked belly (again!) would be real funky! Wait for hot weather, though, please.

I don't get into trouble, though. Not me! ;)

Did I tell you about the box of 'nip I found a couple days ago?

gotta scoot . . .


Half a birthday

April 23rd 2008 7:31 pm
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19.5 or 19 years + 6 months or 20 years - 6 months or 19 1/2 = ME, today!

It's my half birthday -- I'm 19 1/2 today! It's a big deal in our house because my sister SooLing went to the Bridge just a few days before she was 19 1/2, so Mom and Dad are very happy to celebrate this "half" birthday with me. Fact is, they keep remarking that they never thought I would live longer than SooLing. I guess I showed them!

I've been feeling good, too. I haven't written in my diary for a month, though, so here's a rundown:

• I have a different vet (again!). I already went to meet her and she thought I was beautiful; she didn't actually say that, but I know she thought it! She did say I'm in very good condition, although a little thin, and my fur feels good. When she said I was alert, curious and engaged with what was going on around me, it made Mom and Dad happy that she wasn't only looking at me "clinically." She asked if she could hold me, and even sat down and put me on her lap. I was scared-scared-scared the entire time, but I was good and even kept "Evil Twin" from coming out -- until later, anyway.

The vet wanted me to try special food for kidney disease, so I tried the Royal Canin Modified -- and I loved it! I ate the first can, so Mom bought 6 more -- I still loved it. So she bought a case -- I'm still loving it. I've had fewer days of not wanting to eat, so I think those by-products agree with me. :)

• I got 3 cases of Nature's Goodness baby food! After Isaac sent some jars for me to sample, I decided I liked it even better than Gerber's, but no one around here sells it. The only place Mom could find to buy it online had a minimum order of 3 cases, and the price was way too high, but there was no choice. I'm worth it, anyway! Some of my medicine is stirred into a spoonful of baby food, so it's important I get the kind of baby food I want. :) Now I need to get Mom to take that jar of Gerber's off my Catster page and replace it with Nature's Goodness, my new favorite.

• I also got some steps. I use them to come down from the big, tall table I insist on using; my bed is there, and that's where I want it to stay! I don't like going up the steps, though, and even took a little tumble backwards one day as I was going up. Mom thinks she can make some alterations so they'll work better for me.

• On Catster, I passed 30,000 views several days ago (thanks for noticing, Kazumi!), and I'll soon be getting the third candle on my little cake for being on Catster 3 years.

• Also on Catster, I'm again so far behind with pawmail and thank you's that I'll probably never get caught up. Thank you, if you gave me a gift and I didn't already say thanks. My paws aren't able to keep up with my ambition to send personal thank you's and to answer every pawmail, but I'll keep trying. Keeping order in The Olde Furts Home takes up most of my Catster time. Okay, I spend a good deal of time sleeping, too. Sleep happens, when you're 19 1/2!

Thanks to those who already noticed it was my half birthday, from a video added earlier today. Thank you for the gifts:
The Family of Mr. Shaver (In Loving Memory) and Atlas,
Alex Finnegan "Finney" (thanks for the video comment, too),
Merlin the Cat Wizard (and Creatures),
and Baby (Dec. 1987-Dec. 2007).

If you watch the "Scootie's Got Grit" video, watch "Walking the line," too, and see how much better I walked my little wall on a different day, when it wasn't so windy! I'm not just getting older, I'm getting better! The "Summer of Scooter - 2008" is going to be a good one.

Now, where's the cheesecake for my birthday party??

gotta scoot . . .



March 23rd 2008 5:51 pm
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I had the zoomies this morning! Haven't had those for a while, except after a hurty poopie, which doesn't count. These were good zoomies! I zoomed up and down the hall a few times, then zoomed to my pile of catnip toys, grabbed the catnip rainbow and started rabbit-kicking it! Mom rolled one of my favorite balls to me and I caught it and batted it back toward her a couple of times. I was too tired by then to get up and actually chase it, but I was right there on the catch!

Of course I needed a long nap after those zoomies!

gotta scoot . . .



March 14th 2008 10:15 pm
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Yesterday, Mom woke me from my afternoon nap, saying, "Come on, Scootie. Let's go outside!" I just lay in my bed looking at her, so she lifted me out of my bed, put me on her shoulder, and out we went!

It was nice and warm, so I wanted down to investigate! The plants are barely starting to pop out of the ground, but there were some very interesting smells! Mom took photos and video of my first outing and outdoor siesta of 2008, which you can see using this link to DropShots. I wanted it on Catster, but it didn't look good after it was uploaded to Video Egg. *pout*

See if you can find where I used my "pee face." Daisy, it's dedicated to you! ;)

After the preview yesterday, I'm sure my 20th summer will be a good one!

gotta scoot . . .


Good news all around!

March 7th 2008 9:09 pm
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The vet called today with my test results. I done good again! My kidney numbers haven't improved, but they're holding steady and she thinks that's good for a 19-year-old Olde Furt. My thyroid number was okay, too, so my dose of Methimazole will stay the same.

The lab didn't get my results to the vet until she bugged them, so they're not charging her and she's not charging us!! That's a lot of zealies! Mom asked if they let my precious samples sit around and get old before they ran the tests, but the vet said the tests were good.

Then Mom told the vet I devoured the free can of K/D food she gave us, but as soon as Mom bought some, I decided the stuff was nasty and started running away from it -- as far and as fast as possible! Yep, I did! Now I've decided I like Wellness turkey, which is much lower in phosphorus than what I was eating, so it should be easier on my kidneys. It's not as low as the K/D, but I'm not going to eat that K/D! The vet still wants me to try the G/D food, so, being the good girl that I am, I'll at least sniff it. Maybe I'll even eat the free can of G/D, so Mom buys some of it, too. :)

gotta scoot . . .


Hissy fit

February 29th 2008 9:38 pm
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Whew! Another vet visit is over with! It went much better today than it did earlier this month. We didn't have to wait long at all. First was the weigh-in -- 6 pounds 11 ounces. Not bad! I'm maintaining fairly well.

The vet came in soon after and started all that groping and prodding stuff. She said my back end has atrophy. Atrophy? Yes, ma'am, it is mighty cute, so I suppose it deserves a trophy. Thank you!


  No trophy?

  It means "wasting away"?!!   That doesn't sound good.

  But it still looks good, doesn't it?

  Yeah, I knew it did!

I bet you can guess what came after the groping part. Right! The bloodsucking part in the dreaded back room. Hisssss! I hissed and hissed but they still got my blood and they got some pee, too. I must be losing my touch, though, because the vet said I "wasn't that bad." She said I hissed, "but didn't try to attack or hurt anyone." Of course not! I don't ever do that. Evil Twin was supposed to handle that part, but I think she's mellowing in her old age.

Speaking of old age, that vet had the nerve to bring out some g/d food for me to try. No, I'm not swearing, though I should be. She said it was "geriatric diet." GERIATRIC?? I'm an Olde Furt, yes, but GERIATRIC?!! Hisssss!

I haven't tasted that g/d food yet, but I have tasted the k/d (kidney diet) food she sent home with me and it's yummy! I can't believe how good it is, because I've heard so many complaints from CRF cats about the awful food for kidney disease. The chicken flavor is downright yummy! Mom couldn't believe I willingly ate it. Heehee, she's lived with me for over 19 years and still can't figure me out.

We won't know how I did on my tests until Monday or Tuesday, so I'll report on that later. I just know you'll be on the edges of your seats waiting for that!!

gotta scoot . . .

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