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Scootin' Along

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Haiku gone bad

August 7th 2008 10:50 pm
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I feel good! *knock wood*
My "systems" are all working,
mostly as they should.

A sneeze or a wheeze
bothers me still, now and then,
but not too bad. Good!

A scratchy me-ow
still worries Mom, but not me.
I can still be heard!

It's when I believe
I need to pee, but I don't,
my troubles begin.

But that's getting rare
perhaps even gone for good.
One week down, on two!

Poopie troubles SCAT!
I hope they're gone for good, too.
They're no fun at all.

It's hard getting old.
They say it's not for sissies.
I ain't! So there... pfffft!

gotta scoot . . .

p.s. from Mom: For Scootie's friends who are interested in how she's doing, she's feeling darn good right now, but she's not doing a good job at all sending pawmails to keep in touch. She is doing a good job of enjoying The Summer of Scooter from her chair on the back porch, though. Once in a while she even leaves the chair to venture out for a stroll around the yard, but mostly she spends hours just sleeping and enjoying it. She often demands to go out, and we're so happy to see her still interested in something that we oblige (spelled S-P-O-I-L) and encourage her all we can. We spend hours sitting alongside her on the back porch, since she's still not old enough to be allowed outside without supervision. Maybe when she's 21 . . .

The back porch has been declared a computer-free zone this year, so Catster time is limited.

Scooter has a couple persistent problems plaguing her, "sterile" cystitis being the most bothersome one right now. It's almost as painful for us to watch as it is for her to experience, but it now occurs only every few days and lasts only 2 to 6 hours, then it's gone as rapidly as it came. Six hours can seem like an eternity, though. Prednisolone and the sub-Q fluids she's getting for her kidneys have helped but haven't stopped it completely. She's now gone a full week without having the painful cystitis, though -- actually almost 8 days! *knock wood* I think that's her longest cystitis-free period in the past two months. Other medications may be a possibility, so we're looking into that (with the vet, of course) and trying to find the cause of some other problems. She'll be having her regular 6-month blood tests and possibly some other tests sometime this month. One of us will let you know how she does.

She hasn't accepted the sub-Q fluids as well as we hoped and they're somewhat stressful for her. She'd rather not have them, but she hasn't yet called on her "Evil Twin" to take over for her, so she isn't completely stressed out by them.

So Scooter's doing very well right now, this week. *knock wood again* Even with some problems, the majority of the time, she's happy, lovable, alert, interested, curious and even occasionally playful. And demanding. But mostly, she's lovable and loved.


Haiku #2 and #3

July 27th 2008 9:55 am
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I should have posted this a couple of days ago:

Haiku #2 (pun intended)

Litterbox success!
Glorious relief for me
and everyone here.

Maybe the probiotics are working, although Mom says some things still need fine tuning. No one seems to want me singing around the litterbox or shooting out and running through the house afterward. It's not a happy run, let me tell you! MEOWCH! Still . . .

Haiku #3

Things are looking up
For me in my fine Olde age
I'm doing dang good!

gotta scoot . . .



July 24th 2008 5:58 pm
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Scootie Patootie
Napping fiercely, peacefully,
Toots a gentle song.

I wish! The probiotics aren't working like they should be. I'm feeling a bit sluggish. :(

gotta scoot . . .


Fab Five

July 22nd 2008 4:55 pm
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I;m outside napping, after having my sub-q a little while ago. Mom's typingh for me on the Mac, and I'm sure she's making a lot of mistakes on it. She always does, and she doesn;t ciorrect them because that thing corrects backwards!!. I hope you can understand what I WANt to tell you,.

The Mac made me think of RayPod, since he sent it to me. Ray tagged me a long time ago to write 5 fabulous things about myself, so I'm finalkly going to do that, although I;nm not sure how fabulous they are. I was tagged by some other cats, too, but I think Ray caught me first. ;)

So here are five probably-not-so-fabulous things you might not already know about me:

1. My whiskers used to be striped. Noiw they're totally white.

2. THE FUR BVETween the toes on my back feet has turned white, too,.

3. I have a lot o9f gray fur in the dark brown point on my back right leg. That's the leg wheere I tore the ligament when I wasn't even three years old, so maybe that's why it's turning gray prematurely. :) The left leg barely has any gray fur specks.

4. My ears have tufts. (Mom lovbes thenm.)

5. My middlke name is MARIE.

I'm supposed to tag 5 fabulous cats but you'rfe all fabulous, so I'm not tagging anyone in particular,. Please pay the game if you'd like to!

gotta scoot . . .


Got milk?

July 20th 2008 3:49 pm
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At least I haven't fallen off my window perch again, but I fell so far behind saying "thank you" for rosettes, stars, gifts, and other kindness from Catster friends that I felt like an old TV ad: "Help! I've fallen behind and I can't catch up!!" Not that I'm that poopular, I'm just dang slow!! I was months behind. *hangs head*

Well!! It seems I relied on Mom to keep track of which cats I still needed to thank, but she fell behind, too. Geesh! I did my best to figure it out, then I sent a saucer of milk with my apologies and thanks to everycat I think I still needed to thank. I hope I didn't miss anyone, but it's likely I did. :(

I'll try not to fall behind again. Um... my pawmail is still behind... I just need a little nap first...

gotta scoot . . .


Great day in the morning!

July 16th 2008 10:14 pm
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Today was a great day! I felt good enough to play with the pink feather this morning. My burst of playfulness only lasted about 20 seconds, but that's enough -- I'm going on 20, after all! Here's a link to a short video: "I still wanna play!"

After playing so hard, I needed a nap, so Mom took me outside and stayed with me while I took a looooong nap on the back porch. I've rediscovered how much I like sleeping to the sound of the fountain. But today my nap was interrupted by a noisy Road Runner who came in the yard for a drink. Here's the video of me trying to nap and the crazy, noisy Road Runner: "Nap Interrupted."

If you're in a video-watching mood, you can also see me with my new catnip cigar -- it's PINK! Here's "YEOWWW - A pink cigar!!"

I'm crossing my paws for another good day tomorrow!

gotta scoot . . .


Six things

July 13th 2008 7:24 pm
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A pretty new member of Catster, Contessa Carlotta De Cremona -- or Lottie -- tagged me to tell six things I don't like. I like Lottie, so she's not on the list. Take a look at her -- she's a beauty!

Lottie is the "niece" of my long-time friend and idol (and one of my secret crushes), Cooper. Cooper wrote one of the best diaries ever on Catster and he's Lottie's advisor now, if she needs help with her diary, which I don't think she does, but if she does, she couldn't get anyone better than Cooper.
*gasps for air, after that run-on sentence*   You can tell Cooper doesn't help me!

Six things I don't like:

1. Being left at home, all alone. What if I wake up and need someone to meow at? Someone to pick me up? Someone to pet me? Meow! I hate being left alone.

2. Having a nap disturbed for medicine! Being disturbed is bad enough, but also having a syringe with medicine stuck in my mouth is the worst.

3. Dad being on my sofa when I want to be there. That sofa is obviously mine. It's designed for camouflage, with busy upholstery the color of hairballs and throw-up. At least Dad knows the signal: When I glare at him, he must pick up his newspapers and leave! But I have to waste those few precious moments glaring at him, when I could have been starting my nap. Some things I'll share, but that sofa is not one of them. When I want it, I want it all to myself.

4. Doors closed when they should be open. It doesn't matter which side of a closed door I'm on, I don't like them.

5. The TV too loud! Hate that.

6. Being ignored! When I talk, it's important. I need something, so come find out what it is. It hurts my feelings when I'm ignored. It's a good thing that rarely happens.

Now I'm supposed to tag six other cats to tell six things they don't like. I tag these three young friends and the first three of you to read this diary entry:

(1) Ani Siamese, a new young friend.
(2) Scooter, Jr., my namesake. He looks just like me, doesn't he?
(3) Apollo, the God of Music and Light.
(4) You
(5) You
(6) and You!

gotta scoot . . .


Fasten your seatbelts!

July 12th 2008 10:44 pm
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I need to fasten my seat belt.

Yesterday I was sound asleep on my window perch, when I turned over in my sleep and rolled right off the edge! I landed flat on the floor, on my side, and just lay there, not moving. Mom rushed over to me, but I didn't move anything except my eyes, even when she petted me and talked to me. I was stunned and not even sure what had happened! Mom told Dad it seemed like forever before I raised my head and then hopped up, but I think she exaggerates.

I'm okay, but getting old sure has its ups and downs.

gotta scoot . . . carefully . . .

p.s. to Lottie: My list of six things is ready -- it's coming soon.


A minor miracle

July 8th 2008 10:21 pm
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A couple weeks ago, I started getting subcutaneous fluids (sub-Q's), twice a week. Mom is squeamish about it so she hired Dana, a vet tech who lives near us, to give me fluids. It really doesn't hurt -- it's just being "held" in place to receive them that I don't like, so I squirm.

The first time went okay. The second time, I hissed at Dana. Uh-oh! Mom and Dad worried about what I'd do the next time. I was good, though. I squirmed, but the third session went okay, although Mom got a bath when Dana put the needle in too far and it came out the other side, shooting fluid on Mom. The great thing, though, was about 30 minutes after the third sub-Q, I felt so good I went outside and enjoyed my back yard for the first time in a while. The Summer of Scooter has been missing the "Scooter" part this year.

That wasn't the miracle, though.

It was time for another sub-Q this past Sunday. I wasn't feeling good. As Mom and Dana approached me, I stayed where I was, in Mom's computer chair. Dana put the needle in and I didn't even move. When the fluid first started, though, I jumped a little and thought about trying to get away. Mom stopped me, so I decided to just lie down and relax. I heard them whispering about how well I was doing, then before I knew it, it was over!

That wasn't the miracle, either. Unfortunately, I still didn't feel good after that sub-Q, and Mom feared I only accepted it so well because I didn't have the energy to fight.

By Monday evening, I was feeling better, sleeping in Mom's computer chair again, when Dana came. Wait a minute, she was just here on Sunday! She doesn't come two days in a row. But there she was, coming toward me. She and Mom talked about me, but then they started looking at things on the computer -- needles and IV sets. Sub-Q stuff! I ignored them as much as I could and tried to sleep. Soon, they were talking about me again, and Dana was petting me. I didn't hiss. I enjoyed it! She petted me some more. She even picked up my skin similar to the way she picks up a spot to put the needle in, but she was checking to see how well hydrated I was. I didn't cower or try to get away. I just stayed there, calm.

That was the miracle, says Mom.

So maybe I could like Dana. Maybe I do like Dana. We'll see.

gotta scoot . . .


Pawsome Award!

June 3rd 2008 9:10 am
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*struts in*

Guess what I received?

*puffs up chest*

*cough, cough*

Maybe strutting around and puffing up at my age isn't such a good idea. I had better just concentrate on breathing and napping!

I'm very proud of this trophy and award I received from the administrators of the Pawsome Pages group, though. For trying to help a few others in the group, I received an award as a Top Advisor!

The administrators of Pawsome Pages put a huge amount of time and effort into helping others learn how to decorate their pages and into solving problems for others. I hope I can continue to do a little to help, in return.

Thank you, Icebox and Dakota, Callie Jean and PJ, and Dolly and Maggie for all you do and for my award!

*gives up thoughts of strutting . . . scoots off for a nap*

gotta scoot . . .

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