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Scootin' Along

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How could she . . .

September 22nd 2008 10:19 pm
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. . . and how could I let her?

Mom kisses my head probably 20 times a day. I like it! Dad can kiss me, too, but I don't let just anyone go around kissing me!

Dana, the vet tech who gives me fluids, came tonight. While she was giving me the fluids, I was trying to swim away. My front legs were going and going, only I couldn't get away because she was holding on to me.

Then it happened! I looked behind me and up at Dana. "What are you doing to me?"   She looked down at me. "You're okay, sweetie."   Then she bent down and kissed me on my head!

She was holding me in place so I really couldn't get away, but I didn't even try to duck . . . and I didn't hiss!

What's come over me?

gotta scoot . . .


Cat of the Day!

September 21st 2008 8:09 am
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Meeeeooow! Mom almost didn't turn the computer on this morning. Good thing she did! The first message in her email was from Catster saying, "Scooter is Cat of the Day!" Whaaaaaat? It was followed by several messages saying I received rosettes, gifts, pawmails, friend requests -- and they're still coming in! Thank you, Catster HQ, and thank you, Catster friends!

Do you think it was me diary entry about me Litter Locker full of treasures that got me Cat of the Day? MOL!

Maybe it's because this is the last full day of summer, which means the official end of another Summer of Scooter. Fall begins here at 9:44 a.m. tomorrow. The sun has already moved so far south that it now barely peeks into our north-facing patio in the late afternoon, so I haven't been spending much time out there recently. It's not hot enough on the patio for my Olde bones at this time of year. So, what a great way to spend the last day of summer -- on the home page!

What fun to share the home page with Morgan the PirateGato (Cat of the Week) and Artie (Diary of the Day), too. Both families are some of my best friends on Catster.

Morgan must be the sweetest pirate ever to sail the seas, and his mom makes those great Morgan's Beds. I recently got my first Morgan's Bed.

Artie's mom is coming to my 20th birthday party next month -- the real party at my house, not the virtual one. Yep, Artie's letting me borrow his mom for a while and so is my friend RayPod. Both of them are coming to see me!

Oh my! Messages and gifts are still coming in -- THANK YOU! I'll try to keep up. Ooooooh, I hope that's not a nap I feel coming on. ;)

gotta scoot . . .


Stink Like a Pirate Day

September 19th 2008 9:13 am
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"Arrrrrrrrrrrgh," said me mom this mornin'! "Yer Litter Locker stinks, Scootie! The thing be closed and still she stinks! We might be needin' to bury it."

I know me poopies be a treasure. Me Mom and Dad praise me for them and write every one on me daily production chart. Just think, if Mom buries me Litter Locker, some pirate could dig it up some day. Imagine a treasure chest of Scootie's poopies! Arrrrrrrrrgh!

gotta scoot . . .

p.s. from Mom: Scootie's Litter Locker is a few years old. It worked great for a long time, but the smell has now permeated the plastic and I haven't yet found a way to overcome it.


Oh happy day!

August 31st 2008 10:28 pm
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The icky orange medicine is gone! Last night's dose was the last one, so I didn't have to take any of it today. What a relief! Mom said she'll try to make sure I never have to take that stuff again.

The Summer of Scooter is almost gone, too, and I want to enjoy every remaining second of it. So, if you don't see me around Catster, I'm probably on my back porch.

gotta scoot . . .


Long time!

August 27th 2008 9:28 am
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What a surprise to be a Daily Diary Pick today! It's been a long time since I've been in that column in Diary Central. Thanks, Catster!

Since joining Catster over 3 years ago, Mom kept every email from Catster HQ saying:

"Catster wanted you to know that Scooter is one of today's featured diaries and it will be displayed all day on our Diary Central page..."

There weren't that many emails like that, maybe 3 or 4. Unfortunately, the computer Mom kept them on died a few days ago. Almost everything was backed up, but Mom's not sure if the email can be restored. No disaster, though, just a big inconvenience.

My reward this morning was a breakfast of (Weruva) Paw Lickin' Chicken. Yum! I normally eat Royal Canin Modified because of my kidneys -- and I like it! -- but I get other food occasionally, just in case the Royal Canin is lacking in something. Usually it's Wellness Turkey, and Paw Lickin' Chicken is reserved for "emergencies" when I don't want to eat at all. It was a treat to get a big spoonful of Paw Lickin' Chicken this morning.

I suppose I shouldn't write about having the squirts when I'm a Diary Pick. If I were going to write about "them," I'd tell you that I didn't get them until past noon on Saturday, so Mom couldn't talk to the vet. It was the nasty medicine I started taking last week. It made me feel really awful the first couple days, so the vet told Mom to give it to me just once a day instead of twice, but it still gave me the squirts.

If I were telling you about my squirts, I'd also tell you I ate pumpkin and actually liked it. I don't know why I hated it 2 or 3 years ago. I wouldn't even try it then. A‪ girl is entitled to change her mind, though. The pumpkin worked! By Monday morning, the squirts were gone and my poopie scored an 8 out of 10 with Mom (Dad rates with stars, not numbers, but he didn't see it). I'm eating pumpkin regularly now, to stay regular. :)

The medicine is no longer making me feel bad, but I still hate taking it. It's orange-pineapple flavored -- GROSS! Isn't that a stupid flavor for cats and dogs?? Mom's letting the company know what she and I think of their flavor choice.

Since the vet originally prescribed the medicine for twice a day, Mom's trying to give it to me twice daily again, so we can get it over with!! I say "trying" because she's still not very successful with it. She's had the sticky orange stuff on her face and clothes. Yesterday, she made the mistake of getting her finger in the way and got bit. Fingers do not taste like chicken. This morning, I even went into full battle mode when she gave me my thyroid medicine, which I normally take with little resistance. We'll both be happy when that orange medicine bottle is empty!

But, there's an up side, as always. I'm doing better! A couple days ago, I walked the "line" in front of the flower garden. I haven't done that for a while, so Mom and Dad were pleased. There's video, of course, so I'll see if Mom can add that to my video book soon.

Thanks for the messages, gifts and rosettes. I'll try to send personal thanks, too.

It also happens to be the birthday of a friend. Happy 11th Birthday, Coco.

gotta scoot . . .

p.s. Mom's trying to get this morning's sticky orange stuff off her face right now! :) She still can't get a full dose of that medicine in me.



August 21st 2008 7:42 pm
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Icky poo! Mom just gave me the 2nd dose of anti-biotic. When the first drop touched my mouth, I started fighting against taking it. Cefa-Drops is nasty!

I couldn't spit it out, but I got it out anyway. I started foaming and drooling -- big ole strings of drool were hanging out of my mouth, as I ran away from Mom. Then I threw up. I'm pretty sure I got every bit of that medicine OUT!

Honestly, I'm not that bad about taking my other medicines. They don't taste bad, but this stuff is awful. I'm still groaning and licking my lips, trying to get rid of that nasty taste.

This is going to be a long week. :(

gotta scoot . . .


Testing... testing

August 21st 2008 2:43 pm
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Mom talked to the vet yesterday about my blood and urine tests. My kidney numbers were mostly good! The BUN was a little higher than it should be, but the creatinine was way down to 2.3, in the normal range. The vet thinks that must be because of those icky sub-q's. I think if I’m "normal," I shouldn’t need those sub-q’s. They make me squirm!

Mom's a little bummed that somebody goofed and the Free T4 thyroid test wasn't done. The T4 test was done, though, and the vet said my number was good, so my medicine for hyperthyroidism stays the same.

Everything else on my blood tests was “normal.”

The not-so-good results were on my urinalysis. There were a lot of white cells, indicating an infection, so I have to take an anti-biotic for that. More medicine! Mom's perplexed because there were very few white cells when I was having a lot of problems peeing, but now that I'm having very few problems peeing -- *knock on wood* -- there are a lot of white cells. The vet couldn’t really ‘splain that.

This morning I gagged down the first dose of anti-biotic. Mom’s usually good about slowly releasing liquid medicine into my “cheek pouch” so it doesn’t gag me, but this morning, the plunger on the syringe stuck. When she pushed harder, it released the entire dose. It was too much at once and made me gag. I spit some of it out but most of it went down. It took me at least 10 seconds to forgive Mom!!

I think that medicine did something weird to me, too. All I want to do is sleep! :)

gotta scoot . . .


Alley Cat

August 20th 2008 8:55 pm
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Yep, that's me -- an alley cat! Guess what I did?

*taps paw, waiting for guesses*

Give up? Okay... I peed... OUTSIDE!! I've only done that a couple times before in my life. I usually ask to go back IN the house to use the litter box.

Earlier tonight, right after having my sub-q fluids, I went to the back door and asked to go out. I got in my chair on the back porch as usual, but instead of staying there and taking a nap, I got down to go for a walk. I walked down one side of the house, then headed back to the porch.

But I still wasn't ready for a nap! I continued on to the other side of the house, the narrow, icky side that's like a back alley. I went almost all the way down that alley, but I stopped at the tarp thingy that's covering a pile of gravel for Mom's flower beds. I sniffed around on the tarp for a little bit -- I think something has been there before me -- and I peed on it!

Then I was ready for my nap on the back porch. Mom even stayed out with me until after dark.

gotta scoot . . .


Doin' better!

August 15th 2008 11:02 pm
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Today was a much better day than yesterday.

After my bad afternoon at the vet yesterday, I spent a sleepy morning on "my" sofa. Dad had to read his newspapers elsewhere. The sofa is not big enough for both of us, and "Scootie" trumps "Dad" every time!

By late afternoon I was rested enough to go outside . . . to continue my nap on the back porch.

Thanks to several friends for messages and gifts because of my vet visit or my bulging sub-Q leg: Arnold P., Daisy, Atlas, Isaac, Gentleman Jack, Taz and Bear for gifts; Emily Felicity, Flower, Alex (angel), Ani Siamese, Arnold P., Maximillian Klingon, Beloved Angel Amelia, and Alex for messages and comments. I appreciate the sympathy after the bad day at the vet.

We may not get the results of my tests until the middle of next week because the vet is out of town. I probably scared her away, don't you think? Grrrrrrrrrr

gotta scoot . . .


'round and 'round

August 14th 2008 8:51 pm
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Another trip to the vet today! They wanted my blood, but I didn't want to part with it. The vet tried to get it, but she missed my vein. April, the vet tech, found my vein and bled me dry!! I'm not kidding! They sucked my blood until it quit coming, but it was less than a vial. The vet said there's enough for the blood chemistry panel and she hopes there's enough for the free T4 thyroid test, but there wasn't enough for the CBC (complete blood count). All that pain and hassle and there's not enough blood?!!

I was pretty darn mad by the time they were done poking my neck. Growling mad. Grrrrrrr...

When she started feeling my bladder, I growled again. Grrrrrrr! She claimed I didn't have enough in my bladder for a sample, so she didn't even try to get one, but I think she was just scared of me by then.

Finally, they weighed me, at 6 pounds, 1.5 ounces. That's down a few ounces from a couple months ago, but remember, they just sucked all my blood out! I might have weighed 7 pounds if they'd weighed me first. Still, Mom is officially changing the weight on my page to 6 pounds instead of 7, since I haven't been close to 7 pounds for a few months.

At least I was spared the dreaded thermometer today. Mom and Dad talked to the vet for a while, as I growled every so often from inside my carrier. Grrrrrrr.

FINALLY, Mom got out the credit card so they'd let us out of there, and we were on our way home.

About half way home, 20 minutes later, I peed! Don't worry, there was a clean litter box in my RV, so I used that. I almost always travel with a litter box. Mom told the vet I would probably pee on the way home, and the vet said she could use the sample if I did. Dad made a quick U-turn and back we went to the vet's office. Oh no! I was getting my growl ready, but I didn't even have to go in. Whew! A few minutes later, more charges to the credit card, and we were on our way home again.

At home, I tried to forget about the whole experience with some baby food and a nice long nap.

I hope the results of my tests are better than the run-around getting the samples!

gotta scoot . . .

p.s. from Mom (again!): This was a different experience for us. It was Scooter's first time for blood tests at this vet. They didn't take her to the "back room" but took the sample in the examining room, so we saw what Scooter went through. We know she was very scared, as usual, and also very unhappy, but we also know they kept good control of her without hurting her.

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