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Monday February 10th 2014

February 10th 2014 8:42 am
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Well, once again I am behind putting in entries to my diary. But I spent the weekend with my daughter. Another darn ice and snow storm is expected to hit us tomorrow and Wednesday. Seems like it is every week or every other week now and so do want this crap to just go away!! This has been the worst winter I have seen in many years. I can tell even Keester is getting weary about it too. But she sure enjoys watching all of the birds gathered up out in the yard or at the feeders. She got so excited the other day she rammed her head in to the couch trying to jump up on the back of it to gaze at the red birds feeding on one of the feeders. She tried to jump too soon and just didnt quite make it. At least she is good on her food supply and litter in case the worst gets to worst on the storm. I have checked and double checked our "human" supplies and so far so good. Praying for all of the ones who have been through this since the first of the year. We are SO looking for Spring and Summer now.
Take care all.


Thursday February 6th 2014

February 6th 2014 11:20 am
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Well I am beginning to wonder if the sun is ever going to shine again here. It tries so hard to do so, but then hides behind the clouds again. And it is so cold too. Colder than it has been in many years. Keester really enjoys laying in front of the heater or laying on top of my heated throw up on the couch. Sometimes she even crawls up and under neath it. I cant say as I dont blame her because I would do the same things myself to keep warm. I had my hair cut yesterday in a new style and poor Keester did not know me for awhile. She had been use to longer hair and straight and down over my ears. But now it is short and layered and bobbed and sloped down the ears. She sniffed around on it last night and then gave her approval by kneading and then falling asleep in my lap. I am leaving this evening to go to my daughters to stay the weekend. She has to take my oldest Grandson to Chattanooga tomorrow to the childrens hospital to have an MRI to see if they can determine what is causing him to have seizures. Say a prayer for him that all turns out well. Will catch up on things when I come back home Sunday. Congratulations to all Cats of the Day and Diary of the Day kitties!!!


Tuesday February 4th 2014

February 4th 2014 6:16 am
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Sorry I have not added entries in the past few days. So little time, so much to do. I am so looking forward as Keester is too, for sunshine and warmer days. She keeps going around meowing and jumping up on the kitchen table looking out the window, jumping on the back of the couch looking out the window, sitting in front of the bay window in the den meowing and looking out. I do so know she wants the sun to shine and warmer temps. Looks like she is going to have to be like myself and be patient and wait. But it has been SO LONG since we have seen the sunshine much less felt warmth. She looked at me yesterday like..."Mommie, are we living underground? Is this Logans Run? Is this Eterna?" I told her not to fret or worry that the sun would return soon in more ways than one. She doesnt even seem interested in her toys much or her chasing ball thing. When she does though it is ON as the old saying goes. The only thing keeping her mind off of the weather right now though are the birds and bird feeders. Although she never goes outside, unless she is sneaky and runs out the doors when they are open without us noticing, then we go crazy! But we never chase or run her, we just walk around and about with her watching her ever so closely and carefully to not spook or run her in to the woods. Sometimes it takes only a few seconds to catch her but sometimes it is like hours. I just cant trust her to come in and go out like all of my otehr cats were. I could leave the doors open in the summer time and they would come and go as they please freely. But she is just the type I just dont think she would know her boundaries or limits and wonder off and never return. So I try to keep her inside as much as I can.
Have a great day!!


Saturday February 1st 2014

February 1st 2014 3:04 pm
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HELLO FEBRUARY!! What an incredible and gorgeous day it was today for a change. Great temps and melted almost all of the crazy snow and ice we recently had this past week. It was horrible!!! Hoping this month will be better. Today me and Keester laid on the couch with the heating throw and it was so warm today we had the heat turned out too. And we sat and watched the Rocky movies on the ION network. Nothing like Rocky Balboa. But our favorite one of all is Rocky IV where he and the Russian Drago tangles. Looking forward tomorrow to watch the KITTEN BOWL on the Hallmark Channel. We sat and watched the Puppy Bowl last year but this year we will watch the Kitten Bowl for sure. I have the DVR set to record it too. Nice to have something for us animal lovers to watch for a change like that instead of always something else. I know Keester will enjoy watching it as well.


Thursday January 30th 2014

January 30th 2014 6:27 am
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I couldnt remember if I wrote yesterday or not but what an awful day it was here in Georgia. SO GLAD that my daughter did NOT take her little boy to Atlanta to the ENT. had she had gone she would have surely been stuck in that horrible traffic jam up there and probably had a wreck and all in the process due to the weather. They said this was worse than the blizzard of '93 that came through. Well, in a way it was because back then, that happened on the weekend. Kids were all home from school and many people were home from work for the weekend too so it was not all that bad. But yesterday corked it!! It was a complete and total mess and kids were stranded at schools and had to stay over night and some even on school busses with their driver. People stranded in their cars along the interstate and many just got out and walked on and left them behind. Oh well, live and learn.
Any way, for Keester well, just staying in and keeping herself warm and toasty in front of the heater as she usually lays or on top of my heated throw I have on the couch. Sometimes she crawls under it. She slept with me all last night and must say we both kept each other very warm indeed too. She likes to either get under my butt or likes to lay right at my belly and make biscuits for awhile until cuddling down and going to sleep. Sometimes her claws hurt but I take it and go on because she is my baby, and she gets by with any thing and every thing!!


Tuesday January 28th 2014

January 28th 2014 3:08 pm
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Wow what a MESS of things it is here in Georgia today. They said we wouldnt get any snow here in our area today that it would strangely be more to the south. HA!! YEAH RIGHT!! We have at least 2 inches or better here. It is a total mess on down south of us though as this is an unusual situation for people on farther south. Some school kids cant even get home so they are going to have to stay over night at their schools. What takes a few minutes for some people to get home from work or school and etc. has taken up to hours!! They are abandoning their vehicles and just getting out and walking. Jam up after Jam up. And to boot---Price gauging on PROPANE here too!! Aside from all of that, Keester is having a great time snoozing under the blankets and comforters or just sitting on the back of the couch watching the birds nad neighbors sled and ride their four wheelers and etc. around and about. I brought a snowball in from the back porch and laid in front of her. She sniffed and inspected it for awhile and batted it around but soon realized it was not filled with catnip, or no fur mouse so she walked off and decided to leave it to melt.


Monday January 27th 2014

January 27th 2014 2:46 pm
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HOLY HEAT STROKES BAT MAN!!!! Has it ever been COLD COLD COLD!!! It has been so cold, even the snowmen are cold!!! DUH!!! If that makes any sense. Poor Keester has either been snuggling under my heated throw I keep on the couch or laying on top of the monitor heater one. And we have ran out of oil and cant get any until next week so we have had to go out in town and buy some from the gas stations on jugs and pour in to keep heat. Oh we have a gas fireplace too and use it as a back up. I will be looking forward to seeing Spring and Summer come so I can open the windows and let fresh air circulate and all. At least Keester enjoys sitting and watching the birds all come to the feeders. And they have sure been coming as of lately, that is what are not frozen to death yet. I am so glad she is inside and warm and snuggly and toasty. But we are sad by the ones that have to be left out in it. That is bad and sad. We are feeling really bad for even the humans that are out in it, and all of those affected by the storms and all.
Hope you all are staying nice and warm.


Saturday January 25th 2014

January 25th 2014 3:02 pm
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Well,,,what a week I have certainly had...cold temps, I MEAN COLD, but thankfully not as cold as it was the previous times before but golly sure enough cold. Have been away at my daughters helping her and my oldest Grandson had to go to Chattanooga Tennessee to TC Thompson Childrens Hospital for an EEG and blood work to find out why he is having seizures. Poor fellow, guess it runs in his Dad's side of the family because I dont ever recall any of my side or husbands side having any. MAD FITS plenty but not seizures. My daughter also has a new Yorkie puppy no bigger than a whisper named Jake. He is sure a playful little thing and so loveable. I am not much of a dog person but I would put him in my pocket and bring him home if I could. I dont think Keester would like that very much though. She is the queen and general ruler of this house hold. And she knows she is too. I mean any thing she wants she practically gets. She even gets the comforter on the little bed in the den raised up when she wants to go underneath the covers. All she knows she has to do is sit and meow until I come to hold it up for her. SO is she spoiled or what??


Wednesday January 22nd 2014

January 22nd 2014 7:41 am
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Well once again I have gotten behind on my diary writing. But I had to go yesterday and help my daughter get groceries and having to turn around and go back again today to stay until Saturday because they have to take my oldest Grandson to Chattanooga Tennessee to a neurologist to see what is causing him to have seizures. I will have to baby sit the little Grandson tomorrow while they go. I also get to play with their new puppy Yorkie. Keester did not like the doggie smell too much when I came home yesterday. She sure did sniff my clothes all over and hissed even. I told her not to worry that she was and always will be my baby. Of course I will miss her being at my daughters, but she will at least be here with her Poppie and where it is good and warm and toasty too.


Sunday January 19th 2014

January 19th 2014 2:13 pm
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Well it has been a few days since I have added any thing but I have either been busy, or not feeling very well one or the other. Yesterday I did something with my hubby I havent done since the blizzard of 1993, and that was we sat down at the kitchen table and played MONOPOLY!! We still have the old original game with the original game pieces. I usually play with either the boot or the iron but yesterday decided to play with the wheel barrow. Hubbys favorite piece of course is the horse with the cowboy. Now Keester had to join in too as she lay up on the table keeping watch over the "bank" and land deeds and helped me choose what to buy and not buy. But I think next time I had better listen to my self instead because after two hours of playing, and me with Board walk and Park Place which I usually try to buy right off the bat, I still ended up bankrupt!! :( Hubby I think has the right idea of the game to buy the CHEAPER places up first and then buy houses and hotels. I wait until I land on the higher ones. That doesnt always work so I have figured out.
Well, this morning about 6:00 a.m. Keester started meowing around and about and got up in bed with me and got down under the covers. Something unusual for her to do. So hubby raised up and peered around down the hallway to the living room and said..."Yeap, now I know why she did what she did." Sure enough we had ran out of oil in our monitor heater. So I had to get up and turn on the gas fireplace for awhile. Keester knew something was wrong because she loves laying in front of the oil heater as it blows out warm heat. When it went out, there was no heat of course and she got cold. She will have to get use to the gas fireplace for awhile until we can get the truck to run this week to bring us more oil.
Well, have a great day.

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