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The Kitty Cat Diaries

The Easter "Kitty" ...Not "Bunny"!

March 31st 2013 4:44 pm
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Meow-llo Everyone!
Well I don't see what all this fuss about a "bunny" going to everyone's house, and "hopping" around, dropping off colored eggs & giving out candy to my peoples'? You must realize that somebunny just goofed up, because we all know it's really an Easter "Kitty"! Kitty's like us are much smarter and have much more energy than a silly bunny has! They've just got it all wrong! I just know it's an Easter Kitty!
Just for instance, there was this one kitty, my mommy was reading about, in that paper with the black and white words on it (I think she calls it a "snooze-paper", cuz daddy always snoozes while reading it)! She was saying that this one kitty lost his peoples'; and it was when they were all on a "playcation" together! But that kitty found his way 190 miles back within 10 miles of his home!! He did it all by himself without a map even! They were all reunited because he had "a chip on his shoulder"! (hmmm...I suppose I can imagine why would he have a "chip" on his shoulder? That's a very long way to walk!) Or maybe they said he had a "chip IN his shoulder, like the chip I have in my shoulder now so I can never be cold & hungry again!! Well either way, it just goes to show you that one of us felines, could really be the purrr-fect "Easter Kitty"! Someone should really lick into this!
Well, the Easter "Kitty" came to my house last night and for some reason, this morning, my peoples' got all dressed up ....they went away for awhile, really early...I might add! I mean we didn't even get to play my morning "weeeeeeee" game, where they throw my "washcloth baby" down the stairs...and then I pounce on it, Zoom Zoom Zoom around the house & then do my morning calisthenics !
They were dressed oddly, because my mommy had her legs covered in this shiny, silky stuff with funny shoes on that "clicked" when she walked! Daddy had his "dress up for work" pants on & shiny shoes too! When they got back to my"our" house, they were jibber jabbering about a "King"..."a Savior"...but the strangest thing was that they said they were happy because this King who had "risen"! from the dead. That's even better than a kitty traveling 190 miles! Anyway,they were all dressed up and I could just smell a celebration in the kitchen. Then that younger, pretty girl (who I lived with for awhile after I left my foster mom, but before I came "home" to live with "Mommy & Daddy")and her "young man" came over; but I was kinda getting jealous because she kept on calling "MY MOMMY"..."Momma or Mommy"!!!
Also.... what did they mean? Why were they all excited about a "King"? How did that "people" they were talking about, rise up into the sky? I can jump pretty high into the sky, and in fact "Skye" is my new middle name!....what does this all mean?
I guess I'll just enjoy all of the attention I've been getting and let them celebrate their people "joy"! Maybe by next year I'll be able to figure out a way to tell them about the "Easter Kitty" ? Maybe by then, I'll understand more about the King who rose into the sky to sit next to his father?
Thank you for visiting me and my've been purrrrfect guests!
Love.... Luna, the Lady of the house


Luna Skye


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