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Diary of Meiko:Cat Days

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Our first vacation

July 29th 2013 8:22 am
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Dear Diary,

Mom has been so busy and not getting us on Catster as much as we like. We love all our pals and hope things will settle down some for mom.

We had the most interesting adventure. We flew on a real plane and stayed in a hooman hotel.

There was a lot of Mountains, the room had a BIG kitty window, Kinzy and I slept there and laid in the warm sun. So many birds, squirrels and we seen a deer. I seen it and started to meow, I thought it had to be a big dog. Then Kinzy started going crazy like she would have chased it. Please. Mom seen it and said that is a deer. We pawed at the window, then it just ignored us and started eating grass. Then it left. We looked every day for the deer, he never came back.
Me and Kinzy got to jump on everything. Mom never said no no, NOT once.Table, dresser, nightstand, sink, and couch our litterbox was in the shower. Mom didn’t dry it after she got out and I got my paws all wet trying to use my box. So then we had to leave the room so these strange hoomans could clean up our kitty litter art. I guess they don’t appreciate it either.

Mom took us to a BIG patio mom gave Kinzy some catalope while she eat breakfast. Then we had to take a nap. Mom left us, but it was fine. We had a lot to do, and naptime was wonderful in the sun.
All I know it was much better than prison.


Sorry, its been awhile

July 15th 2013 2:45 pm
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It’s been a long time since I wrote in my dairy.

First, we survived the bathroom remodel. Mom is happy with it, doesn’t really matter to me. It was fine before. Prison was no fun. I got a good grade again, Kinzy is just an A student, I got a A+. Kinzy is shy there but not at home. She greets anyone who comes it. I have to wait to make sure they are safe people.

Second, we have a houseguest, a hooman terror teen. I still want nothing to do with her, Kinzy seems to like her now. She never lets us in her room when she is home, BUT we go in when she isn’t home and check out all her stuff. We hate closed doors. We like to sit in front of her door then run when she opens it. She calls us brat spies.

She kicked Kinzy out yesterday and mom was a little upset. She told her it’s our house and we can go anywhere we want. (GO MOM)!!!

The teen just slammed the door. I ran, Kinzy just stood next to mom. Mom wasn’t happy. Then let dad handle it. OOOOOOOO hahahahah!

Can you all tell when your mom is upset? We can. I been loving on mom more. I think this teen needs to leave our house.

Oh, my Aunt has been making catdana’s they are pawsome. I even think so.

Well off to pee in the terror teens bags… MOL



June 27th 2013 8:51 am
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I try to escape from mom, but she picks me up and places me in places or situations I would NEVER put myself.

I wonder how she would like it if she was at work, and a giant picked her up and placed her in the break room.

If she was driving to the mall and a giant picked her up and started kissing her on her face saying aaaawww you’re so cute in your little car.

While she is cat napping, a giant comes along and starts to kiss on her belly and tell her she needs to wakie wakie… WHAT IS WAKIE WAKIE???

During her bath a giant picks her up and kicks her out of her own room. Closed the door and wouldn't let her back in, until s the giant was done "resting".

Yet, us cats are just supposed to deal with it.
So, I am coming up with a machine to shrink hoomans. I will let you all know once it has been patented. Then we can all test it on our hoomans.

This message will self destruct 10,9,8,7.....


Window Jacked

June 14th 2013 12:12 pm
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I have been in my furever home about 6 months (can you believe it). I had everything smelling like me, I headbonked and rubbed my scent on everything in the house. INCUDLING, MY WINDOW.

This monring you will never guess who was just chiling in my window seat like she didn’t know it was mine.

I Smacked at her, then I yelled for her to move. She pounced on my head and I wrestled her to the ground. I got in my window seat, and she jumped on there with me trying to SHARE????

She has gone to far, I don’t care if she takes all my toys, or took my spot on the floor or even my sunpuddle. NOT the Window seat.

Mom told me to share and be nice. Really?!?!?! Since those two words will never be a part of my Cataublary.

I had to go through all that JUST to take my morning nap!




June 6th 2013 10:54 am
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So, mom and dad are going away for the weekend. They are sending us to prison.

I am not on speaking terms with mom right now. She knows I know, this is a trick.

The warden told mom, they will treat us like Kings and Queens.
What kind of pawents would abandon us at a prison? Didn’t I just come from a prison before she adopted me? She said FUREVER, this doesn’t sound like FUREVER to me.

Who am i going to follow around the house?
Who am I going to wait for outside the shower every morning?
Who is going to feed me?
What about Kinzy, she is just a baby, what kind of pawent leaves her baby with total strangers.

My mom’s friend said -- they’re just cats. Mom said “I like to know my furkids are safe if only so I can enjoy my vacation, OK!!!”

Enjoy her vacation… the horror of it all.

If I don’t return, call Phantoms mom.


Did you know hoomans wish they were cats?

May 21st 2013 11:19 am
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This morning, mom was being LAZY. She didn’t want to get up and play with us. She knows that at 4 pm she has to be up and ready to go to the gym. DID she NO… she laid there. I kept telling her get up mom, get up.

Kinzy purred and walked on her face still nothing. Kinzy started to panic, I tried to calm Kinzy down, but she was biting mom, and digging her up. I told her it doesn’t work.

FINALLY mom, said, “HEY, I want to sleep.”

WHAT!!!! We want food, we want to play, what about our needs.
She got up feed us and laid back down. After we eat we tried to get her up again.

Then she finally said what we all love to hear, “Guys, I am not a cat, I am human, I need sleep, If I could live like Kings and Queens and have servants I would be up with you, but I can’t, I have to work.”
Kinzy and I looked at each other, then I smackey pawed mom in the face. I think she was delirious.

Well, we went back to sleep while she was in the shower. It was a rough morning.


Cat Idol

May 14th 2013 10:08 am
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I love singing the meow meow song in the morning. Mom has no idea how hard it is to get on Cat Idol. I have to practice, practice, and practice. During practice this morning I got side tracked. Kinzy, smacked me in my face, wanting to play, and I had to body slam her, then we ran down the stairs and jumped on the coffee table. She made it off without knocking anything off; I am bigger and knocked over the pictures.

Mom, heard the nose and blamed me she didn't even think it was Kinzy.

Man, you all said I could blame my sisfur. I can’t if mom won’t even listen.

So, I started singing my song again. Mom, shut her door, so I sat outside her door and sang louder. She told me I was going to be put in my room, if I didn't stop. So, I was quiet until she shut her door. I knew she could hear me. It was a great song.



May 9th 2013 10:19 am
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Kinzy is pretty okay. She explored the house. I followed her to make sure she knew my rules.

We haven’t played, she wants to, I am still trying to figure her out. She is really attached to mom. I don’t really care for that. I don’t want mom to cuddle me, yet I don’t want Kinzy cuddling mom.

We are home together alone. Mom has me down stairs and Kinzy upstairs. I think I will jump over the gate and bug her.

Well… I am off….


MacKinzy An

May 7th 2013 10:40 am
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So, mom finally got me a sib.. a healthy little girl. Here catster id is 1294384.

I don’t know much about her.,yet, she is still at the rescue until Saturday. Mom is going to try to leave work early on Friday… but she has to see what the boss says.

Mom is putting a lot of pressure on me to be a good big brofur… please purr for me.



Letter to Mom

April 23rd 2013 11:00 am
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Good Morning Dairy,

Still working on getting a catphone. As my very wise furend Monster mentioned it might not be a good idea to call mom too much at work.

So, I wrote mom a letter:

Dear feeder/maid lady,

I want to start off by saying thank you for the birdbath and feeder. I also am very sorry we lost Sachi, I know you thought you were doing the right thing. This is why I need to train you to be the best mommy you can be. Here are some pointers.

1.I should be able to bite the plants, I know which ones are poisonous how do you think we served in the wild.
2.If you don’t want me howling at the stray cats, then let me go show them this is my house. SIDE NOTE, DON’T FEED THEM!
3.In the morning after we sleep about 3 hours I want you to get up and play with me. If not, I can’t be held responsible for anything that happens after that.
4.I do feel you under appreciate my singing skill, as you know I am going to be on Cat Idol.
I almost forgot, thank you for letting me have a few licks off the butter dish while you were buttering your biscuit this morning! I know, you told me I was a bad boy, but when you tell me in that halfhearted voice, you know I won’t give it a second thought. Not that I can guarantee that I would have stopped if you had actually yelled at me. You know, I’m a cat, and I’m in charge around here! Besides, I know you’ll snuggle me when I curl up and purr next to you on the couch later. Speaking of which, it’s the perfect rainy day for snuggling on the couch, so why don’t you get off the computer and come over here.
Love you,
_______________________________________________ _____________________________________

Dear Meiko,
You know I love you and thank you for being a good boy when you went to the vet to make sure you didn’t get what Sachi had.
As you know I love all animals and I will feed the strays. I suggest you get used to it.
I love you very much despite you waking me up at ridiculous hours in the morning, not to mention hitting me in face with your paw. And Yes, the meow song is great just not at 3 am.

I love you very much despite the fact you make a mess when you go to the litter box and I come home to litter all over my floor. I know, I know, you do it for me as you know I like cleaning.

Told you not to eat that plant. Did you listen? No. You decided you were much smarter than your mommy and ate the plant anyway. Now you've thrown it up all through the hallway. Next time, listen to mommy.

I am training you to be a good boy and then you can teach your fursib how to be good.

Love you with all my heart,

P.S. love you see me as the feeder and maid, thanks what I always wanted.

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