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Just Say'in

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Silly Mom, the turkey soup goes HERE.

October 16th 2013 6:13 pm
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so you know what my silly mom went and did... she spilled grandma's homemade turkey noodle soup all over her keyboard. Just dumped it right in there. Might as well have poured it in all the little cracks with a ladle... but enough with the visuals. Now she's mad at herself 'cause one of the shift keys, the arrows, the numbers and the delete key won't work. I for one, do not have much pity for her--what a waste of perfectly good soup! Here Czar is getting the Tuna popsicle for his birthday and I get nothing. Then, she goes and wastes the turkey soup. why couldn't she have split it on me? I would have GLADLY cleaned up.

Just say'in,


Thanks for the purrs for Gramps

October 13th 2013 11:55 am
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Gramps is out of the ICU and much improved so mom has returned! But what we didn't get a chance to update was that things took a turn for the worse after my last update. Gramps wasn't doing good at all and mom had to cancel her flight home. They ended up having to keep gramps in ICU for 6 more days! Mom was gone for 2 weeks! Mom was scared it might not turn out so well, but so many prayers and purrs poured in and after all those days in the ICU gramp's condition turned for the best and he's going to be ok! I'm so glad to have mom back! I sang extra, extra loud with my fuzzy ball the night she returned, I was just so happy! MOL! Also while mom was gone, she talked to my dermatologist because dad let her know I wasn't eating. They stopped giving me the yucky medicine and my appetite picked back up. I'm starting to itch now again though, so she needs to figure something else out with the doc to treat me. Unfortunately, now that mom's back she's 2 weeks behind so she can't let me play here on catster too much yet... can't win them all I guess...

Just say'in


Purrs for Gramps and Updates

September 27th 2013 7:01 pm
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Hi guys. I'm going to start with the best news: My pretty fur is growing back! The only annoying part is that mom keeps touching it. She picks me up, kisses my belly and declares "Peach Fuzz!" -really mom.

In other news, can you send some purrs for my human gramps? Mom has to fly to see him at the human vet... Things have already been crazy here too, we even missed talk like a pirate day because mom had two huge projects and things have been getting intense with her Thesis, Theses, Feces---oh I don't know, something that sounds like it belongs in the litter. Anyway, we're sorry we're flakey these days, but we will check in as often as possible.

BTW, thanks for the pirate ship flags. It helped me feel better about missing the day. Before that, I just wanted to walk the plank...

-Just Say'in


Splish Splash

September 5th 2013 7:35 pm
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Not sure what happened but it went like this... Mom wasn't home, and I heard some strange sounds. Lots of them actually. Then mom got home, and I knew she was heading straight for the porcelain human-litter (we felines just know these things). So I was following with her to assume my rightful duties. Well, mom stopped on a dime and I continued on for a couple of steps. I should have gotten the hint from the "splash" sound her feet made, but no--I blundered on forward and got my pretty paws all wet. I started trying to shake the water off my paws, and Mom starting hissing in the way humans do. She apparently was not very happy to find water on her way to the porcelain-human-litter. Then we had to have strangers over, but the whole time we were waiting for them to get here, mom was a little hissy... Then the stranger got here and made tons of noise which I didn't appreciate very much. (Maybe that's why mom was hissy, she knew it would be noisy?) Anyway, the stranger kept going in and out of the door, so mom had to keep checking to make sure he was the only one going in and out... but he was, perfect angel here. Then he got smelly water in my kitty-litter--don't ask me how that happened, but mom said something about not knowing how to carry a wet-dry vac, whatever that means. I said, "Hey buddy--I don't come to your house and spill smelly water into your porcelain human-litter!" but, I digress... He finally stopped making the noise and left. Mom is not as hissy now, but she's a little sad because her "Cat World Encyclopedia of Cats" that was on the book rack got wet. I tried to console her by telling her the title of that book was all wrong anyway: Should have been, "CATS RULE THE WORD Encyclopedia of Cats"

-Just say'in


Mom is Back!

August 24th 2013 2:34 pm
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Mom is back and we’re back to Catster! I’ve missed you all. I missed mom! Can you believe she thought it was acceptable to leave me for so long? Did it ever occur to her that I might be upset that I wasn’t consulted in her decision to leave? Did it occur to her that I too might have wanted to meet foreign cats and learn to meow in a different language? NO! She never thought of this AT ALL. Instead I was left with dad and my annoying brofurs, and I was basically in solitary confinement because I cannot have any access to food other than what they call “Calísta’s” food. AND dad and grandma jammed pills down my throat every day before they would even give me any food! At least I got to sleep with dad, and when he went to see mom (and didn’t take me) I got to sleep with Grandma. The brofurs dared say they were jealous. Well they got full run of the house and all the food and attention they could ever want--hisses! And do you know how much I missed here on catster with my pals? I could just die with embarrassment that I am completely out of the know now.
I must admit I punished mom a little when she came back. I didn’t sleep with her for the first few days. AND the day after she came back I slipped out of the bedroom and caught her feeding the boys dinner before me so I bit her on the leg when she wasn’t even looking. You should have seen the surprise on her face--she didn’t even know I had gotten out of the bedroom and suddenly she felt me bite her. She looked at me in shock and I let out a huge HOW DARE YOU! meow. Served her right. I have only bitten her a couple times in my entire life--so it got her attention. Now I’m back to being momma’s girl right by her side, but she needed to understand that she was not behaving in an acceptable manner.
Anymeow, I’m back! Can’t wait to catch up with my furiends!

A note from mom:

We are sorry we missed so much, we hope everyone is doing well.
An update on the furbabies:

Calísta: It was the longest I’ve ever been away from her in her entire life. Very difficult for both of us... She’s still on an exclusive diet (hypoallergenic food) And she’s on a combination of prednisone, atopica and cerena (nausea prevention-for the atopica) But, tonight will be her last pred dose thankfully--as I really don’t like her being on it. She took the atopica today without cerena and without nausea, so hopefully this means she’ll be down to just the atopica for pills. Of course she still gets inhaler for asthma. She’s still pretty bare on large portions of her tummy and legs, but no more "hotspots." I might just go broke on her alone though! $$$!

Czar: Doing ok. We’re trying to push food as often as possible. It takes a lot of attention as he only eats a little at a time, then Stash will swoop in and devour if we don’t moderate. We may move to separating him whenever no-one is at home so that he can free-feed. That, and sometimes Crouton picks on him. I got a fun video of him chasing his tale, I’ll try to post it.

Crouton: Now he likes the renal formula food and he and Czar both beg for it and are happy at feeding times. He still hasn’t had the long awaited dental procedure, he’ll be getting a new round of blood work in a couple of weeks, so hopefully then.

Pistachio: Always hungry, not getting much to eat but not loosing any weight yet either... Oh- and LOVES the new furminator.

Grace: Got her check up, all is well but has thickening of the corneas starting... and I missed her dogster designated birthday:(

Jack: Just his normal cute self, but I was told that he and Calísta had a tiff while I was gone so now he gives her a little more space.
That’s us in a nutshell. We’re glad to be back!


Update From Afar

June 9th 2013 2:44 pm
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Update from Mom:

When I checked email, I was so surprised to see Calísta as a DDP! Thanks Catster! And thanks to all who commented, gifted and paw-mailed. We appreciate you.

Got to Skype hubby, and of course got an update on everyone. Most importantly, Crouton is eating again. He felt bad for well over a week, poor guy. I'm thinking that given his age, that's the last time I'll let him be vaccinated. I can think of nothing else that would have brought on such an episode. They never go outside anyway. It makes me nervous to think of his dental when I get back (that was supposed to happen before but not with feeling bad). Apparently both he and Czar dislike the new Renal diet...and Czar likes Pistachio's diet which promotes weight loss vs gain -figures. Something else to drive separation during meals. Calísta has been successfully kept away from all food other than her hypoallergenic diet and is feeling much better! Her fur is growing back on her tummy and I got to see her on the computer to prove it! Dad missed calling the dermatologist back when he was supposed to, but with a good report like this I'll let it slide. (MOL!)

Thanks to all for comments and gifts, we miss you!


Saaaaay Whaaaaaat!?!?!?

June 1st 2013 3:00 pm
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Mom is LEAVING ME FOR TWO MONTHS! Saaaaaaaaay Whaaaaaat?!?!?

Just Say'in

Vet Reports from Mom Dawn:

So the vet circuit made for a tiring run! The dogs are fine, with the vet complementing Jack on his weight-loss and seeming “young” for almost 9. YEAH! The kitties, on the other hand are a mixed bag, and now we have every cat needing to be fed separately from anyone else. That will be easy-NOT!

Calísta did pretty good. She’s fairly used to the vet and knows how to behave. She was good until the Dermatologist took about the fourth skin scrape, then she vocalized her protest. On the fifth she made it very clear that she did not approve, and he decided to stop. She is on a complete “exclusion diet” now; nothing but RC hypoallergenic food, and lots of prednisone (temporarily). We got mostly canned food, but the formula comes in dry too, so I can give it to her as a treat (shhh-don’t tell her that it’s just her food!) It makes her feel like she’s getting something special since she can’t have any treats anymore (including her freeze dried turkey/chicken) She likes it and seems happy, but she has a sore that still hasn’t healed up that I’m worried about.

Next was Crouton and Czar. Czar didn’t want to go in the taxi AT ALL, nor did he want to come out when we got there. He was unusually apprehensive. Maybe he had a foreboding. He even hissed at Crouton while we where in the exam room. But, ultimately, he did really well and let our vet look at his teeth and take blood and urine without really any resistance. Unfortunately, we got bad news back from the tests (sadly somewhat expected). He is in Renal Failure. Since that appointment though he has been switching over to his new food surprisingly well. Other than the weight loose, you’d never know; he’s not showing any outward signs at this point.

Crouton gave us a big unfortunate surprise. He has the beginning of kidney disease also, which I did not expect at all. Then, on Sunday he stopped eating. I thought this was odd since his shots were on Thursday and he had never done this before. We took him back and he got an anti-nausea shot. Although he was the perfect gentleman at the first appointment, on the second trip they also tried to pill him. He will not let anyone in his mouth, (3 techs and the vet to pill him?!?!) As of right now his appetite isn’t the best, and I’m concerned.

Then Pistachio was taken in for “failure to use the appropriate fecal disposal system.” He was nervous going in, but then did really well. Turns out he had an issue I always associated with dogs, not cats. He needed to be ‘expressed,’ which made him grumpy and tender for a bit, but fixed the issue immediately.

Now, I have to leave my babies with their dad and grandma for the next 2 cannot be avoided and I hate it...(honestly the opportunity of a lifetime but HORRIBLE timing) Hubby and mom will do the best they possibly can. This is actually the longest I will EVER have been away from Lísta. So we will be off of catster for awhile. I apologize in advance for special dates and important events we miss. :( So, purrs until we meet again!


I'm An Artist Too!

May 21st 2013 9:20 am
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I'm an artist too, but now I have to clean, clean, CLEAN!

So a few months back, momma was working on a project...a large charcoal drawing about 36"x 46" She had it frog-tapped to the wall for working, but then set it down on the table trusting that I wouldn't get into it because I usually wouldn't have...but it was very tempting, and when she came back there were my lovely paw prints all over it... black on the white, grey in the black... **he, he, he* (Yes, she knows it was me--I was the only fur with access, otherwise, I would have blamed my brofurs) She kind of thought it was cute, but she had a dead-line to finish it by so it wasn't ENTIRELY cute (sorry momma!) But it gave her an idea, and she let me make my own art today! She signed it for me, 'cause my printing isn't the greatest. And she's posting my masterpiece, so check it out! I'm very proud, but now I have to clean, clean, CLEAN my paws 'cause I've got black smudgies on them. (yes-it's safe-no worries)

So what'cha think? Am I the next "Picatso" or what?

Just say'in


Drumroll for Who's Going to the Vet........

May 18th 2013 10:08 am
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And the Vet-attending fur will be? ......... ....... Well Czar, you're right. I'm going to the vet... BUT SO ARE YOU!!!!! Mom says you're getting too skinny! Na, na-nana-na,-na! In fact we are ALL going to the vet! (mom's gonna go broke!) Jack is going now for his annual/heart worm check-up, Me to the dermatologist for itches on Wednesday, Czar and Crouton are going together on Thursday- both for senior blood work and Crouton's pre-dental, and Pistachio and Grace on Friday, Stash 'cause you've been doing your stinky IN FRONT of the litter INSTEAD OF IN IT, and Grace for her annual. least this time I'm not suffering alone!

Just Say'in


My Furamily from My Purrspective

May 16th 2013 11:56 am
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So now that most of you have met them all, mom said I can write in my diary about the whole furamily, or, "Aminal Faminy" as she puts it...but that's a tongue twister.

You see, I had a perfectly good black and white. That is to say, I had a tuxie brofur named Figaro, and I loved him very much. I remember when I came home with momma for the first time, he was already 5 yrs old. He hissed at me at first, but I won him over pretty fast. I was a pretty little girlie after all! We became best pals. (For those of you that don't believe me, you can look at his photos, or mine, momma has lots of pics of the two of us together.)

We were a two kitty household and we had SO MUCH FUN! One of our favorite things was playing in paper sacks. We'd crawl in and out and all over each other and attack the sides while the other one was in there. It was a blast! We had rumbles, but always for fun; we never hurt each other. When he'd get tired and roll over and paw at me I knew just what to do, I'd skirt out around him and nip his back paws! He hated his paws touched *tee, hee, hee!* Then we'd take a nap together and purr, purr, purr. We groomed each other too, that was also nice.

Then one day our whole world changed...we moved so far away from home that it took days and days to get there in the car, and we didn't see our friends & family anymore. But at least we were together and with momma!

But less than a year later Fig wasn't feeling so well most of the time... He didn't want to play anymore, and didn't really groom himself or me, so I helped and groomed us both extra! It was about that time that we met Grace and Jack. They were definitely a little wierd--being smelly and silly, but I thought they were ok for the most part. Grace hit me in the head a few times with her gigantic tale and that really made me hiss, but then I realized she didn't even realize she'd done it. What a strange concept, to be that unaware of one's own tail!!! So, I realized she was just a little daffy and not mean, so I just dodged her tale from then on. Things were still ok.

But finally my black and white wouldn't eat anymore, and I got grumpy and protective of him. When mom would try to do things to him I'd tell her off. One time I bit her because I thought she was hurting him. Then the day came that the vet came to our house and helped my black and white to the bridge was a very sad day, and I hissed and ran away and hid.

When I came out I realized I had inherited all the special spots, like the pillow by mom's head. I took my new position with honor.

Then it seemed like only a couple of weeks later that the unimaginable happened. Mom took me out of my home and put me in a house OF BOYS. She said she was very sorry for this to have happened this way (right after Fig passing) but Daddy wasn't going to visit us anymore, we were going to live with him instead -AND HIS BOYS. So, now it was me and 4 brofurs I did NOT want. THEY COULD NOT REPLACE MY BLACK AND WHITE!

Mom tried all the standard approaches for introducing us, but I knew what they were, they were a pack of established horrible males! The first chance I got, I got the drop on one of 'em-- the fat orange one. I knew it was a matter of time before he got me first, so I took my opportunity when I could and he never even saw me coming! Mom got bloodied trying to break that one up. Daddy says the orangie (Stash) didn't even know how to hiss until that day....well Hrrumpf- I don't care! I knew his plan!

So, time went by...with me captive in this house of horrors. But then I realized that the flame point, Loudon, kind of reminded me of Fig! Mom thought so, apparently I did too, because I actually started hanging out with him. By this point Pistachio did not like me at all, Czar would stalk me, and Crouton just kind of watched everything. Things were looking up a little because I had a new friend. How was I supposed to know he...was sick too... Then, two years and two days after Figaro had crossed the bridge, he welcomed Loudon.

I said THAT'S IT, I DON'T NEED ANY MORE BROFURS! And THAT's pretty much where I'm at these days. Crouton is ok, he's by far my favorite because he never messes with me and doesn't let anyone else mess with me either. He protects me. But I will not let him touch me (mom hopes someday...). And Czar, don't even get me started on Czar. Mom says I can't use the 4-letter H-word so I won't. No, I LOATHE Czar. (See mom, starts with a "L!") He stalks me when I eat, sneaks up behind my nap spots, watches me in the litter...ugh! I can't stand him! If you don't believe me--read his diary--he doesn't lie! So, since I just turned 14 and he's pushing 17, mom has decided to just let us live separate lives. We are never together at night or when no human is home...she worries that he will hurt me, or that I'll hurt myself just freaking out, and she worries even more that Crouton will hurt him defending me (Nonners has about 10lbs on him). She knows it's not ideal, but it seems to be the best for now. I still get the pillow by mom's head...since I've always been such a momma's girl and I rightfully inherited it. They all have each other, and all three of them sleep together.

So, that's the fam in all it's dysfunctional glory. And now you know why sometimes I say I don't like my brofurs. Oh well--time will tell.

Hey--at least I like the dogs!

Just say'in

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