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Bluebell's Secret Diary

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a cat fight and an opposum (or however you spell that....)

April 16th 2013 4:16 pm
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ok, so last night there was an opposum on the deck! uggghhhh! i hate those things! they are ugly with little rat tails and pointy faces. they're also quite scary if you think about it! all of the cats try to stay away from it as much as possible, and we watch helplessly as it steals our food. this one was extra big (and scary) so we had to be careful to stay away from it even more! and to add on to it today, i got in a CAT FIGHT!

so i was walking in the forest, hunting and doing normal stuff, and as i was about to catch a bird, i heard a rustle in the bushes. the bird flew away and i hissed in anger. (i love those types of birds, they're my favorite!) and i guess the cat thought i was hissing at HIM, so he lunged at me and we got in a hissing, scratching cat fight! we rolled around for a while, growling at eachother fiercely, and then he got my soft spot so i let out a loud yowl. that startled him and he let go of me, with just enough time for me to escape.

i ran as fast as i could out of the forest and i sprinted up the hill towards the door. the black pavement started to hurt my paws and i skidded to a halt. My mommy's mommy kept on calling and calling and calling so much that i decided to go see what was wrong after a while, but when i got to the front door, she opened it and i saw that she was worried about me, so as soon as i got in the door i collapsed and fell asleep.

my mommy got home from school a few hours later. i was outside on the deck, resting, so she let me in and scooped me into her arms. she started to make kissy noises and i complained "ewwwww, mo-om stop with the mushy stuff!" but, of course, she couldn't understnad me since i'm a cat and she's a human, so she just kept doing it. i don't understand them sometimes! MOL!!!!


no more spring break!!!! why???????????????????!!!!

April 14th 2013 4:50 pm
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Uh, ok, spring break is alomst OVER! It's NOT FAIR! during this week my mommy has been staying home from that awful place called school, but she's about to go to school tomorrow! i know because i heard her complaining about it a lot today. my question is, why do you go if you don't want to? i mean, that's what cats do, you don't see cats going to some place called "school" every day, wasting time scratching on paper with some stick the whole time!

what school means to me is getting up at 7:00 every morning and being put out in the cold, sometimes rainy, deck! Then i have to sit and wait for 6 whole hours to be let back in when my mommy comes home, and sometimes i even have to wait longer than that! talk about TORTURE! i mean WHY would anyone ever do something like this to a cat? it's animal cruelty! even DOGS hate it when their owners go to school! (and don't ask me how i know that either!)

but anyways, it started to rain today, and everyone got all wet, so mommy let all of the cats in for a glass of milk.i wasn't out there when she first gave it to them, and i was VERY upset to see that there was only a little milk in the bowl left for me! uh, i mean hello? i'm beautiful! i should get first picks! but pearl was all like "you snooze, you loose!" now i understand sapphire getting to have the milk first because, well, the rain TOTALLY made her fur extra dirty and she smelled SUPER bad! it was absolutely a horrible smell! but then cupcake got to have some, then pearl (my kitty mommy), then me! i was totally offended! well, atleast i GOT some! my kitty mommy is an awful food hog! MOL!!!!


bed sweet bed, and a little bit of bad breath!

April 11th 2013 8:20 am
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ok, so my mommy finally went back to her own bed tonight! i was so excited! my bed is way more comfortable then cupcake's. My mommy set up my pink bed and made the covers all purrfect for me to sleep on. it was beautiful! Except for this one tiny problem.... i had a kitty party to go to tonight. I had to stay with my mommy some, to show my gratitude that she finally moved, but i also didn't want to miss the fun games and food outside! My mommy thought it was very unusual of me to leave like that so i decided to miss most of the party, which was an all-nighter, and make my mommy happy.

Anyways, i overheard my mommy saying that i had bad breath like sapphire's. That really offended me! i mean COME ON, were talking about sapphire's breath here! My breath does NOT smell ANYTHING like sapphire's. I should know because whenever we go hunting i can smell this icky fish smell, and i'm like, "ew sapphire WHAT is that SMELL?" and she always gets this embarrased look on her face and says "it's me.... sorry...." Her fur kinda smells bad too, but that's because she washes herself with that breath of hers. i really don't mean to be mean about it, but my mommy really shouldn't say i have sappjire-breath! MOL!!!!


wrong bed!

April 10th 2013 7:44 am
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uhhhhhhh, ok, so for the past few nights my mommy and i have been sleeping in the wrong bed. in fact it is so wrong that it just so happens to be CUPCAKE'S bed! like my mommy was putting me and my special pink bed on there so i'd be more comfortable, and then a few seconds later, cupcake comes out of the blue and jumps on the bed. "bluebell! this is my bed remember?" he said. i knew that he was super jealous of me and i'm ALWAYS jealous of him so i had a little fun with him. "well smartypants, it looks like it's OUR bed now!" i purred. and then i made myself comfortable on the pink bed again. then he got really upset and jumped off the bed, i was like "yes!"

later that night, i jumped on the chair next to the bed for the rest of the night, because sometimes i prefer chairs, and so cupcake jumped on the edge of the bed and sleeps there. awwww and i was going to enjoy watching cupcake sleep on the floor, especially since now i had the view from the top of the chair! MOL!!!!

The next night was the same again, except that my mommy didn't bring the pink bed this time. she thought it would make cupcake too jealoous and then he wouldn't want to come up on the bed. i was like "uh, mommy, that was kinda the WHOLE POINT in bringing the pink bed! it was also really comfy too!" i complained, but all she heard was a meow, because humans can't really understand cats. i don't think my cat mommy gets that. i means she meows nonstop ALL THE TIME! She talks about her day, what animals she caught at the time, how she hasn't beat sapphire's record of the best prey catcher but intends to, and sometimes she goes on about how much she hates that cat who works at the cat market in the woods (you know, where all of us cats hang out!). But anyways, back to the subject. Hmmm... where was i? Oh yeah, so even though my pink bed was up there, i made myself comfortable between my mommy's legs and got a good, 5 second nap before cupcake entered the room!

i went to the edge of the bed to have more fun with him, but then he jumped on the bed and tried to swat me! Then i tried to jump off the bed, but he tried to swat me again! How rude! Then my mommy moved him to the other side of the bed and jumped of as quick as i could to the chair. Cupcake got on and off the bed a couple of times, but he mostly stayed on the bed and me on the chair. I ;deffinitely prefer my pink bed in MY room, to no pink bed in HIS room! MOL!!!!


yay!!!!!!!!!! spring!!!!

April 5th 2013 10:14 am
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ok, these are five things that i like about spring.....

1. it's nice and warm outside, purrfect for laying in the sun!
2. it's peaceful!
3. there are tons of new flowers to smell.
4.the leaves magically turn green!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
5. best of all, the birds come back and boy do they make a TASTY snack!!!! MOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


what's with sapphire today????!!!!

March 29th 2013 11:22 am
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ok, so sapphire has turned into a total nuthead today! it started this morning when i was sleeping with my mommy. Then sapphire jumped on the bed too. "Sapphire, don't you remember, this is MY BED." i growled. she just glared at me with her ears back. She started to walk even closer.

now sapphire, or atleast i used to think so, was the sweetest cat i've ever known, well, you know, besides myself of course! but anyways she is the greatest hunter too and she taught me the best way to catch birds and squirrels and she also taught me which ones were the tastiest and which ones not to bother with. but today that all changed.

as she came closer i growled again, "sapphire go away, i'm trying to get some beauty sleep, go somewhere else!" but all she did was give me another icy stare. she stepped even closer. i growled some not-so-nice kitty words and my mommy got on to me and said i should be nicer to her. and then she started to pet both me and sapphire. i only growled again though. sapphire walked slowly up to where i was laying and hissed one sentence before she went totally nutso, "I'VE HAD ENOUGH!!!!" and then she jumped on me and we went screaming down the hall. it was terrifying.

i ran as fast as i could down the hall, sapphire still hot on my trail. i turned into the kitchen and was stuck in a corner. i scrunched up because i knew it was going to hurt, and then my mommy came running into the kitchen and picked me up. "SAPPHIRE!!!" she yelled and then she let us both outside.

hopefully sapphire will forgive me soon though. because she really is a good friend. i guess she was jealous because mommy kind of spends more time with me, and i was in her spot. one secret though, sapphire has to stay outside because she uses the bathroom in the house, and i don't so i get to stay in more!


birthday time!!

March 23rd 2013 8:48 am
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hello efurybody!today, as you all know, is my birthday! i am two whole years old! (in cat years i'm twelve) but anyways, there will be lots of hugs and pets and lots and lots of TREATS from mommy!!!!! yay!!!!!!

I want to thank efuryone who gave me a treat and a rossette too! this is an awesome birthday!


it's my mommy's birthday!!!!!!

February 15th 2013 4:37 pm
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ok, so today is my mommy's birthday!!!! and it was awesome because she got to get out of SCHOOL early today!!!! me and the kitties gave her lots of hugs kisses (well licks, but you know what i mean!) and all of the cats (except sapphire she already ate a bird) got a tasty treat for valentines day!!! it was so yummy!!!! and i can't wait till my mommy opens her presents so i can play in the wrapping paper, unless, of course, if cupcake gets there first! MOL!!!!


too cute! too boring!

February 11th 2013 2:23 pm
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ok, so my mommy is now watching this show called "too cute". i don't get it! it's a show about kittens growing up. what's cute about that? i say that they got it all wrong. if something is really "too cute", it's gonna be me, not some random kitten who thinks he's just SO adorable, until one day it grows up into this big cat that's not even cute at all! only a few of them turn out to be really cute at adulthood. my mommy thinks different though, and she says that every cat is cute. i will never understand humans! MOL!!!!


a punishment and a snuggle

February 7th 2013 2:32 pm
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ok, so a couple of nights ago i went went out to a pawty with my awesome cat groups...... and i got totally busted for it. not that it is really that bad, you know, since my mommy is a total softy and right after any punishment she gives me lots of snuggles afterwards! MOL!!!! and so i was extra purry to her so she would forget the punishment and pet me. but then, of course, my little brother, cupcake, ruins it by jumping on the bed!

"cupcake! what are you doing on MY bed?" i growled. then he was all like "who said it was YOURS???" ooooooooh i hate it when he challenges me like that! so i just muttered in a low growl, "i did." and then went to the side of the bed that was farthest away from him. even though my mommy made a rule about no fighting on the bed, i still don't trust cupcake! MOL!!!

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