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WOWIE! My sisfur Saphira is Cat of the Week! Do I get some- extra treats too?

December 23rd 2013 5:03 pm
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My sisfur Saphira is Catster Cat of the Week! That is just pawsome! I just hope it means I get some extra treats too! What do you think? I think I deserve some for helping her win, I keep her in wonderful shape by helping with her exercise program, chasing her all over the house. Well, OK, she chases ME a little bit too!


OMC, how time flew... it is now one year since I came to my- furever home!

November 12th 2013 4:01 pm
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I woke up this morning to find pawmail and prezzies for my gotcha day, I had completely forgotten!

First I need to thank everyone else who DID remember me today, it was thoughtful and sweet of all of you, purring thanks to all of my Catster furiends.

I really like it here, my pawrents really love me and my older sisfur Saphira. When I first came to live here, she did not seem to like me much and hissed and growled at me whenever we got close. This was really hard to understand, since we both lived with the same breeder until I was about six months old and she went to live with meowmy and daddy. We slept together then and even she even groomed me. Anyway, in a few weeks we were getting along better, sleeping with the new pawrents, and chasing each other all around the house. In addition to providing me with a playmate, they have lots of toys for us, several nice kitty trees which I really love, and lots of fuzzy mouse toys they use to play fetch us both. They also keep some ping pong balls in their big tub, we both love to hop in there and bat them around. When it is empty of course! I really hang around with daddy a lot, so much so that he sometimes calls me his shadow. I usually nap and sleep with him, on cold nights like we are starting to have now I crawl under the covers with him. It's nice and warm under there!

I really like the grub here, we get canned kitty food three times a day, then a little snack of dry food before bedtime. And of course kitty treats too!

I almost furgot to mention one of the best things, we get all the strokes and scratchies and tummy rubs we want, and they are always telling us how good we are and how beautiful, and how much they love us both.

I love to play with everyone around here, they say I act just like a big kitten. Right now I am curled up beside daddy dictating this, but I am getting sleepy and feel the need for a catnap!

Thanks again for remembering me!


PS: On my gotcha day I want to remind everyfur to purr for all the poor kitties who are still waiting for loving furever homes, and do whatever you all can to help them find them.

PPS from daddy: Viola is too modest to mentions this, but after Saphira first joined us we were very pleasantly surprised at how well behaved she was, stayed off the kitchen counters, perfect about using her litter box, and very good about allowing the pawrents to sleep in the morning. When we adopted Viola, we knew that we would have to train her about the staying off the counters thing, which turned out to be very easy, and now everything nice I said about Saphira's great behavior applies equally to Viola. They are the two best behaved kitties we have ever met, and it is such fun to play fetch with them and also to see them playing together. They are both absolute joys!


Happy Birthday to My Friend Zuzu

October 3rd 2013 2:28 pm
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Happy Birthday to our friend Zuzu. She is a beautifu Lavender Oci just like my sisfur Saphira. They are both really sweet! For anybody who feels like leaving her a prezzie, here is her page:

She is really beautiful and sweet, like all us Ocis are!


My sisfur Saphira is four today!

September 18th 2013 7:59 pm
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My older sisfur Saphira is four today, help me wish her a happy birthday! This has been a really purrfect weeks for the pride of spotted jungle kitties here, first I was picked for COTD on Sunday, and now Saphira's birthday! Happily purring thank you to those who have sent prezzies and concatulations to both of us.


OMC! Cat of the Day! MOI? I feel so honored!

September 15th 2013 8:46 am
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Daddy was checking his emails last night and found the one from Catster about my Cat of the Day selection. Thank you to the Catster Top Cats for this special honor. This is going to be a great month for the pride of little spotted jungle cats at our house, later it will be my sisfur Saphira's birthday.

I feel so honored!

Thank you to the kitties who have already sent me prezzies and pawmails, I will have more to say about that later. For now I am heading for breakfast, already had my first round of playing fetch/catch for the day.

Daddy says he is going to get me something special! I can't wait to see what it is, Ocicats LOVE new presents.

Purring thank you to you all!


Daddy got us a new toy!

August 12th 2013 12:34 pm
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I sometimes like to jump in meowmy and daddy's nice oval tub (no water in it!!!) and play around a bit, rolling around and daddy sometimes plays with me, rubbing my tummy and such. The other day I was sitting in the tub when daddy tossed some small white things in with me, he called them "ping pong balls". They bounce all over the tub and are lots of fun to chase. I like them a lot, daddy leaves a few in the tub most of the time and now I can just jump in and play with them any time. FUN!!!

Note from the dad: The idea was not an original one, I got it from another Ocicat servant on Yahoo Answers. I promise some pictures of her playing soon! Her sisfur Saphira also like them!

Second, sad note: One of our Catster furiends Poo lost her battle with cancer yesterday, see my sisfur Saphira's diary for more information.


OMC, so surprised at my DDP pick! Thank you HQ kitties

July 23rd 2013 9:01 am
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Daddy said I am a diary pick again today! So surprised at this honor, I guess maybe my sad story about my swishy tail being caught in the door may have tugged at their kitty heartstrings. Purring happily that no real damage was done, my tail is still as beautiful and swishy as ever, and I have forgiven daddy, after all it was just an accident, not a cat-astrophe. In fact, I am curled up on his legs napping right now!



July 19th 2013 8:33 pm
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The other day meowmy and daddy were getting ready to go to something called a concert, they said it was where someone named Alan Jackson would meow some pretty songs. They were getting ready to leave and already had Saphira in their bedroom, so daddy picked me up off of my favorite cat tree by the window in the living room. As he carried me into the bedroom and closed the door, I SCREAMED and leaped out of his arms! He had caught my beautiful striped swishy tail in the door! IT HURT! I was lucky, he had not closed the door very fast nor hard, so no real damage was done. Meowmy was worried that my "swisher" was broken. I usually swish my tail back and forth when I am really happy, which is most of the time. They think it is really cute. They soon saw that I was OK, and my swish was still there.

Daddy really needs to be more careful about my swisher!!!


My film debut!

July 13th 2013 4:58 pm
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Well, I have made my filn debut, daddy just posted my first video here. It is actually three short clips combined, all starring MEow playing catch with daddy. He says that it is not perfect, but considering the subject, I think it is just purrrrrrfect!


How pawesome is it that Catster HQ picked me for DDP!

June 17th 2013 11:49 am
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Daddy told me this morning that Catster HQ selected little ole' me as one of their Daily Diary Picks today! How pawesome is that! I am so honored! Even before breakfast this morning daddy played fetch with me with one of my favorite mousie toys. I just love tossing them in the air and then trying to catch them. Then my sisfur Saphira and I chased each other around a bit to celebrate!

Thank you Catster diary people, and thank you to those who have already sent me pawmail concatulations and gifts.

Now I need to go track down another mousie!

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