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The Wild Antics of Freyja the Maine Coon

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A Day in the Life of Freyja

November 15th 2012 10:54 pm
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6:00 am~ Gently plop on the large furless mum's face. Pat face gently
6:05 am~ Bat harder. Mummy grumbles and rolls over. Sigh
7:00 am~ Repeat Love Tap
8:00 am~ Repeat Love Tap
8 10 am~ When all else fails, drop a mylar ball on her face. Mum gets grumpy and throws it and then instigates a game of fetch; claw carpets
9:30 am~ Mum gets out of bed, then distupting my perfect sleeping spot. As punishment, I dash out before her and get underfoot
9:45 am~ Steal a sip out of Mum's mysterious cup of bitter liquid
10:00 am~ Run around the house like a crazy person
12:00 pm~ Visit the box
12:10 pm~ Steal Mum's coloring utensils, drag her feathered stick
12:30 to 5pm~ Nap on favorite chair
5:00 pm~ Drown feather stick in water bowl
5: 15 pm~ DINNER. Alas, no fishy goodness. Knock dry hard food bowl over in protest
6:00 to 10:00 pm~ Nap on Mums bed
10:00 pm~ Visit box
Mum scoops
Visit box (again)
She leaves and I poop to spite her
10:30 to 12:00 am~ Be annoying as physically possible.

Ah, the life of a cat....


Best alarm clock ever.

November 14th 2012 11:44 am
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I wanted to play. D: So it totally makes sense for me to plop all 10 pounds of me on the large furless littermate's face, right? Best alarm clock ever.

After she disappeared, I drug my stick to her and hoped shed flop it around for me to dash at and crunch up. Still nothing.

What is wrong with these large furless litter mates? Dont they know its playtime all the time?

Heres to hoping theres fish tonight.

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