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May 4th 2013 1:24 pm
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Mama just found out late today I'm DDP again!!
Wow I must be really cool to a lot of you out there. You are special to me, showing this former street kitty what furiends are like. And mama and me are REALLY bonding more....I am now climbing on top of her in bed and purring. I love to have her pet and hold me. I've been with her nearly 8 months now.

Tank you all sooooooo much!

Princess Serena


DDP time fur me?

April 29th 2013 7:24 am
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i am just zooming around the house fur joy, cuz I'm DDP today!

Tank you fur this special honor! You may kiss my paw, ;)

Princess Serena


updates on me

April 27th 2013 2:16 pm
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Well these last few days I've been kinda feisty. I have been starting to swat at my brofurs more. Daniel and I often go at it. I chase him down, then when he attacks me I smack him back. Being a former street kitty I know how to defend myself!

Today (Saturday) mama had to take my brofur Solomon to the vet cuz Daniel went and bit him again. We're not sure why he does cuz Solomon is really a sweet guy and never defends himself. Last night when he tried to run ofur to him and hurt him I went right to him, hissed at him and slapped him good. "Stop it!!!" I said. "He hasn't done anything to you." Daniel just growled back "leave us alone." Just you wait...

Then around suppertime Solomon tried to come near me and I swatted at him. I didn't want him to touch my food, even tho mama was still preparing it. Mama said not to do that again cuz he is too weak to defend himself.

I act more and more like my late sisfur Greta, mama says...


what's this? Valentines Day? HUH?

February 14th 2013 1:02 pm
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I Like this "Valentines Day" thingy you kitties and humans do! Mama has been giving all of us extra smooches, petting, cuddles & hugs!

I've also grown more fond of mama....I crawl in bed sometimes and try to knead on her hair. (Note from mama: remind you of anyone?) I also like nipping at mama's feet. But I only do it when I'm hungry. She thinks it's funny. Isn't that strange?

And mama is sick again with a cold, and she's staying home to rest, so we will get LOTS of extra time with her! I like that.

Now I gotta see if I can get mama to play with us!

Princess Serena


our Kitmas and ofur things

January 13th 2013 4:00 pm
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OMC I nefur did tell you what Santa Paws brought us fur Kitmas! He got us a whole month's supply of Purina One canned food. We've been feasting on that and it's SO YUMMY. We also got some treats which we love, they're all gone now. MOL

Mama was sick all of Kitmas week, so she stayed home with us. She said she had an upper respiratory infection. Poor mama was soooo sick she didn't want to play with us or anything, just sleep. We did manage to get her up a few times to feed us, and we took turns sleeping on her bed and visiting her in bed.

I've been bonding more and more with my mama....we are in love with each ofur....I adore her holding me, petting me, and spoiling me rotten (as she should, I am a PRINCESS)...and she loves to cuddle me, hear me purr and play with me. I'm getting more talkative too. She's trying to get me to say "Ihh" like her former cat Greta did. Maybe I will, and maybe I won't. MOL!

I nefur dreamed, in all the time I was a street cat, that I could have such a good life. I love my life....tank you Lord God fur bringing mama into my life!

Princess Serena


special treats and Kitmas news

December 21st 2012 5:08 pm
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Tonight me & my brofurs got some really special treats...
honey baked sliced HAM! It was soooooo good, we each ate a few small pieces!

An' mama says Santa Paws is coming soon with some super special gifts fur us fur Kitmas! Ooooh I can't wait!

I never knew what this "Kitmas" was until I came here. Daniel told me all about it. He described it to me in great detail, that it's a special day where this magic kitty named Santa Paws comes to the homes of all the good kitties on Kitmas Eve and leaves prezzies.

I asked Daniel where he leaves them. He said "well some kitties' homes have this thing they put up called a Kitmas Tree and Santa leaves them there. We don't have one cuz there are all kinds of lights and tinsel on them and mama knows we might try to chew on them while she is away." Mama knows me & Daniel sometimes chew on cords when she's not looking and she always tries to stop us. Besides she only has a 1 bedroom apartment and there is no safe place to keep the tree.

Then I said to Daniel, "well since we don't have a Kitmas Tree will Santa Paws not come?" He said, "no Santa will still come...some kitties' humans cannot have them because they (kitties) might get sick, and Santa Paws knows this so he instead puts them in a special place called a closet. On Kitmas morning we go wake up our mama and lead her to this closet, and then the prezzies come flying out!"

Wow what a great cat this Santa Paws is!

Daniel also told me he never has seen Santa Paws in purrson and that if a kitty tries to stay up and look fur him he might run back into his sleigh and not leave us anything." Hmph, what fun is that? But since I want prezzies, I guess I won't try to look fur him. I think I will go sleep in mama's room that night.

I don't know about you but I can't wait fur Santa Paws and Kitmas!

Princess Serena



December 15th 2012 12:52 pm
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I want to tank Big Harry, Manytoes, and all of their furiends fur the piccies they sent fur my DOTD! xxxxxxxxxx oooooooooooooooo

Oh and extra tanks fur all the treats!

I wuv all of you!

Princess Serena


double honors!

December 15th 2012 12:39 pm
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Can you believe, ME??? Diary of the Day??? Right after being a DDP!

I had to wake up mama and tell her. I had to keep playing with her feet so she could get up and see the news.

So many mails, gifts & rosettes! Tank you tank you tank you!
You sure know how to treat a Princess like royalty! Of course I expected all of this (MOL). My royal heritage has taught me to expect only the best, and you have delivered!

An' not only am I DOTD, but my brofur Solomon is DDP today too!
So that means twice the fun!

Hard to believe 2 former street kitties (now who would let a PRINCESS live on the street?) who found their way to my mama's home would be so lucky and blessed.

Tonight we will be getting double the treats too!

Oh I just love being a Princess....it does have its rewards.....
PS mama says tank you too.

Princess Serena


a quick Tank You

December 14th 2012 5:17 pm
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I just wanted tell all of you TANK YOU so much fur your sweet paw mails, gifts, and also to Big Harry & KCK fur my DDP pic!! I love it.

Tonight we all got a treat...fresh rotisserie chicken! Mmmmmmmmmmmm yum yum! It was so good I had 2nds and 3rds, MOL!

I'm off to rest then after mama goes to bed, zoomie time!

Princess Serena


DDP time!

December 14th 2012 2:42 am
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Hi again!

Mama has infurmed me that I'm a DDP today! She told me what that means and I am so happy I'm zooming around the house fur joy! I can't wait til I let my brofurs know, so I can boss them around. MOL!

Me & my brofurs also got a new flavor of treats...rabbit flavored ones. Someone gave them to us as a present. They're really tasty!

Tank you to Catster and all of my furiends fur making me a diary pick. :)

Princess Serena

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