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December 18th 2013 11:10 am
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I'm one of the Diary Picks on Mommy's birthday! Wowza! Thank you Diary Gal for liking my latest diary!

I also thank my following friends for their concats:

1. ANGEL BUDDIE & Family - pawsome pawmail;
2. SMILEY CASSANOVA - pawsome pawmail;
3. XENA WARRIOR PRINCESS - cool comment.

Also, Mommy thanks all her friends for the birthday wishes on FB! It really means a lot to her. Of course, me too as I got a bunch of concats on FB! Thank you!

Lastly, Mommy called the house and said they had a pizza party at work and the cake will come later as they're all stuffed with pizza.

I'm keeping this short and may write more later on tonight.

Purrs & Breeps,




December 15th 2013 7:00 pm
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OMC! It's mid December and that's when Santa Claws comes to Calvert Hills portion of College Park where we live. Calvert Hills is the historic section of our town and our house is one of the historic ones located there. Our house is on the Register of Historic Places too (Mommy has a print out of it). The house was built in 1946 which is one year younger than her. I asked her if she was historic and she laughed. Anyway, one of the oldest houses in Calvert Hills was built in 1909.

Now back to Santa Claws. Every year in mid December there's a community gathering at the big tree on the street behind us. A lot of the neighbors and their kids go there to drink hot chocolate and pass around home made snacks. Then Santa Claws arrives in a fire engine. Yes, I said a fire engine. When the gathering is over, he cruises down our block with the engine's alarm blowing. All us kitties get scared whenever that happens.

On Christmas eve, Santa will come back in his fire engine and cruise all of Calvert Hills (yes, our block too) and blasting horn/alarm. That's when we run as we don't like loud noises.

Anyway, I'm doing fine and love to play in the bathtub every morning. I also give Merl a lot of headbutts and he squeaks at me whenever I do it. What a nut!

Well, again another day has gone by and it's time to say good night.

Purrs & Breeps,




December 11th 2013 5:51 pm
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Well, well, well! The Diary Gal let Bail have a turn in the Diary Spotlight! Good going, Bail!

Also, yes I like chasing Bail up the stairs as I consider it a challenge and I like challenges. Someday, I'll catch him, I know it. I'm much younger and in a few years, he'll probably get that thing called arthritis and he won't be able to run as fast.

Anyway, we had snow yesterday morning and Sunday too. Most of it has melted. I wonder if we'll get any big storms. I hope not!

That's it. I'm tired. Goodnight, everycat.

Purrs & Breeps,




December 5th 2013 4:53 pm
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It's now December and I'm getting my first Diary Pick for that month too. October and November were very lucky for me as I was in the Diary Limelight a lot during those months. I thank you again Diary Gal for honoring me today.

I also thank my pawsome friends for their gifts and concats:

1. ANGEL BUDDIE & Family - pawsome pawmail;
2. SMILEY CASSANOVA - pawsome pawmail and cool comment;
3. TATE - cool snowman (of course he has to be cool).
4. PLATELICKER - cool stocking;
5. GLEEK - cool comment.

Also, I'm still playing fetch with Mommy with the red and green mouse (I think it was a hand-me-down toy from one of my bros). Landy and I are the only ones who play with mice and balls.

Also, last evening there was a fly in our house and it was buzzing around the ceiling fan in the dining room. I sat upon the table and sung to it. Of course, it didn't come down and I finally gave up on it. Oh well.

Well, that's about it. It's time for a nap.

Purrs & Breeps




December 1st 2013 5:58 pm
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Mommy came downstairs for a bowl of oatmeal with blueberries on it. While she was eating, I dropped my red mouse with green tail and ears at her feet. I was in the mood to play fetch. She threw the mouse, I ran after it and brought it back to her. She threw it again and I continued the game. I think I did this three to four times.

Mommy also noted that I always walk and run with my tail full mast. I never drag it. She then told me about our angel Jasmine Bibette who had a very long tail and never held it full mast. She dragged it and curled it under like a seahorse. Mommy called her "seahorse tail" .

Anyway, I'm the last one to write tonight. I again thank my friends for their concats yesterday.

Purrs & Breeps,




November 30th 2013 6:47 pm
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This is totally amazing! I'm one of the Diary Picks again today! Maybe Mommy should play the lottery as my winning streak could rub off on her. Thank you again and again and again, Diary Gal for honoring little me!!

I also thank my pawsome friends for their concats:

1. ANGEL BUDDIE & Family - pawsome pawmail;
2. SMILEY CASSANOVA - pawsome pawmail and cool comment;
3. INKY - cool comment.

It's been a busy day today; just laying around for me and my sibs. Mommy went out and ate lunch at Noodles and Company up the street. She had something called "pasta fresca" and she had them add some shrimp to it. I never had shrimp so I can't say it's yummy.

After, that she took a ride out to the old farm house/hotel in Beltsville to get a few more pics of it; the trees are almost bare of leaves so it made it easier for her to see this poor old place. Mommy told me they're doing something to it as she's seen things called hydraulic lifts (used for lifting houses so foundations can be repaired), dumpsters and loading trucks on the premises. She also told me she read on the internet that it's listed for an adaptive use. She's not sure what though. Maybe they can make a shopping mall out of it like they did with Savage Mill. She can't wait until they fix it up so she can go inside.

After that she circled around and went to Petco to get us more food and litter. We can always use that!!!

When she got home, she ran PC Fine Tune as her computer was running slowly. It took forever to get onto FB and Caster so she also filed away a bunch of photos.

Finally, I made it here to post my new diary. Tomorrow, Mommy plans on putting up our Christmas pages! Did I say Christmas? You best believe it. Tomorrow is December 1st and the shopping centers in our neighborhood are already selling trees. Mommy never buys her tree that early. She always buys it one week before Christmas if it falls on a weekend. This year it will be about five days before.

Anyway, I'm going to stop now and let Mommy get ready for bed.

Purrs & Breeps,




November 27th 2013 6:16 pm
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I can't believe that I'm in the Diary Limelight again this week. I think that makes three times; Friday, Sunday and today. There were other days this month too but I can't remember them. A lot of Auntie Dana's beautiful framed pics show the dates of my latest diary picks which are in the top ten of my page. Anyway, thank you again Diary Gal for honoring me.

I also thank my pawsome friends for their concats as follows:

1. ANGEL BUDDIE & Family - pawsome pawmail;
2. SMILEY CASSANOVA - pawsome pawmail & cool comment.

Lastly, Auntie Mary will be here some time tomorrow. Cornish hens will be cooked along with green beans, sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes and dinner rolls. For desert there will be pumpkin pie with whipped cream. All this food will be taken to Auntie Mary's Dad's where they all will enjoy their Thanksgiving dinner. Later on, Auntie Mary and Mommy will come back with the leftovers. I will be drooling for some of that hen (chicken).

Happy Thanksgiving, everycat!

Purrs & Breeps,




November 24th 2013 10:39 am
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Yep, I'm smokin' again this week! I'm in the Diarv limelight today and was there on Friday. Thank you Diary Gal for honoring me again!

I also thank my pawsome friends for their gifts and concats as follows:

1. ANGEL BUDDIE & Family - pawsome pawmail;
2. INKY - yummy pumpkin pie with also Thanksgiving wishes;
3. SMILEY CASSANOVA - cool comment & pawsome pawmail;
4. GLEEK - cool comment.

Also, we had a salmon party today. This is the last weekend for the Farmer's Market and we won't have anymore yummy salmon from "Backyard Bill's Barbecue" until April of 2014. Waaaaah!! That seems like a long ways away! Mommy assured me that she'll be making salmon for us in her convection oven again (Merl likes her's better than BIll's). I like both!

Lastly, we have nasty, cold and windy weather today. It's in the mid 30's and sunny. Mommy looked at the weather on her iPhone and told me that there may be some be snow flurries during the night.

Well, that's about it from me. It's time for my afternoon nap.

Purrs & Breeps,




November 22nd 2013 3:58 am
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Last Friday, I was in the Diary Spotlight. Today, which is also Friday, I've been chosen again. Yep, "This Girl is on Fire!" Thank you Diary Gal for honoring me again!

I also thank my following friends for their concats:

1. ANGEL BUDDIE & Family - pawsome pawmail;
2. SMILEY CASSANOVA - cool comment & pawsome pawmail.

Also, our big bro, Sampy has been having an ouchie tooth all week. Mommy had to take him to the vet on Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday. Monday was to examine what the problem was and to administer painkillers and a week lasting antibiotic injection. For the other days, Mommy was given a liquid painkiller to take home and give him twice a day. Still, on Tuesday & Wednesday, Sampy wouldn't let Mommy give him his heart and thyroid meds. She took him back on those two days so they could do it. On Wednesday, he was feeling much better and the swelling in his chin and jaw had gone down. It was then that he let her do it.

Anyway, he also has a followup appointment with his cardiologist on Monday. All of us are purring for our dear brother. I even sung to him and gave him several loving licks to the top of his head. I also slept next to him on Mommy's bed Tuesday night.

Lastly, I'm my usual playful self and enjoy running up and down the stairs, tunneling under Mommy's throw blankies and playing in the bathtub, and of course, chasing my dear bros.

Well, I must go now. Happy Furday, everycat!

Purrs & Breeps,




November 16th 2013 6:23 pm
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I can't believe that I'm in the Diary Spotlight again! October and November must be our family's lucky months! And of course, thanks again Diary Gal for honoring me today!

I also thank my following friends for their gifts and concats:

1. ANGEL BUDDIE & Family - pawsome pawmail;
2. SMILEY CASSANOVA - pawsome pawmail & cool comment.
3. TATE - yummy turkey;
4. INKY- yummy pumpkin pie;
5. MAC, IVY & Family - yummy drumstick;
6. PLATELICKER & Family - lovely blue rosette & cool comment.

Also, Mommy threw a catnip party for us kitties this morning. It was held in her bedroom and when we finished nip-tripping, we fell asleep on her bed. This pic was loaded onto FB with a caption: "The after effects of a catnip party." Also, Merl and I gave her a hard time when she was changing the bed linen. This pic is also on FB.

Lastly, Mommy had a doctor's appointment early this afternoon for an EKG and an echocardiogram. They wanted to see if her ticker is running good. The results will be in on Wednesday. After that, she went to a Mexican restaurant called Azteca. She told me that their food is out of this world. When she got done eating, she got her hair cut and colored. It was a busy day for her and that's why my diary is done rather late today.

Well, that's about it from me. Have a pawsome weekend, my friends!

Purrs & Breeps,


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