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April 6th 2014 7:45 am
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We surely are having a busy week/weekend with two birthdays and two Diary Picks! WOWZA! It looks like another catnip pawty tonight. Mommy says, the salmon man will be back in town in mid-April. Of course, she could cook some but she's not up to going to the food store today as she was there on Friday. She does owe us some salmon. Even chicken would do! Come on, Mommy!!!

Today is Sampy's 17th birthday. Yep, he's a wise old man and I listen to him a lot. I'm also gentle with him and give him head bonks and licks instead of the rough play I instigate with my younger bros.

Happy Birthday, Sampy, Happy belted Birthday to Bail and of course a belated concats to Bail and Landy on their diaries yesterday.

Lastly, we have a sunny day again today and it's supposed to get a little warmer than yesterday. There are plenty of birds outside and as you know, they love peeking in our windows.

That's about it. Have a pawsome day, my friends!

Purrs & Breeps,




April 2nd 2014 6:11 pm
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On behalf of all of us, I wish Bail the most pawsomest birthday! I can't believe he's 9 years old! At his age, he's still got a lot of energy and is the fastest runner in the house. To this day, I can't catch him when he runs up or down the stairs.

Also, it's the month of April and I think the Farmer's Market opens soon. Mommy's going to check online to see when the opening date is. Boy oh boy, do I hope it's this weekend! I've missed having some of Backyard Bill's salmon since early November last year.

Anyway, it's nearing my bedtime. Got to go now.

Purrs & Breeps,




March 26th 2014 11:00 am
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Hey, everycat! I surely missed everyone! I've been a busy girl and so has Mommy.

She's been busy booking and making arrangements to go to someplace called COLORADO on June 8-14 for a family reunion. She's booked her plane fare, motel and even sitters for us kitties. Poor Sampy will be staying at his cardiologist's hospital as he's on so many meds and it'll be safer for him to be cared for there. The rest of us kitties will be staying at home and a young girl named Leila (she's a tech at our vet's place), will be feeding us and changing our litterboxes. I know I'll miss Mommy a lot because I'm scared of strangers and so will Merl. Merl and I will stick together as we always do during scary times.

Also, I've been busy as usual playing with my brothers. This is a non-stop enjoyment I always have!

Also, there's been a lot of snow in the month of March. Hopefully, yesterday will be the last of it for this year.

Lastly, enjoy my new pics.

Got to run,

Purrs & Breeps,



I LOVE TO . . .

February 26th 2014 10:42 am
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Chase my brothers!!! Last night, I chased Merl upstairs and a bit later, I chased Landy downstairs. This way I keep them physically fit and myself too! Exercise is good for you.

Now to get Mommy to excercise, I should chase her up and down the stairs to limber up her knee and strengthen the muscles in her legs.

Just a thought!

Lastly, we had two "quicky" snow storms; one yesterday and one today. The snow was fine and melted as soon as the sun came out.

Got to run,

Purrs & Breeps,




February 13th 2014 10:30 pm
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OMC! We just got an email that Catster's Community pages won't go away on March 3rd! Believe me, I'm one happy and overjoyed girl! Now, I get to enjoy being here for longer than March 3rd.

I thank all our friends and Mommy for pulling together to save our wonderful site! It worked!

Words alone cannot convey how happy I am along with Mommy, my bros and all our friends and other Catster members!

Happy revved up Purrs & Breeps,




February 2nd 2014 9:20 am
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I'm the only girl in our house and I got the Valentine's Day pics. Of course, my background for that day got sucked up by the bio-field fleas. Because of that, my brothers are keeping their Catmas backgrounds now and even to that dreaded day of March 3rd.

Until then, everycat can look at my purrty self dressed up and posing in heart-shaped frames.

I still can't get over the upcoming closing of our beloved Catster and hope and pray that some nice person or company comes along and rescues our dear site. All of us and our friends are praying for this miracle.

I've had a wonderful almost two years on Catster and am very sad that it won't be around much longer. My brothers had a lot of fun as most of them were on Catster since 2006; Sampy, Bail, Merl and the angels. Landy, Yingy and Torbie Sue came along in 2008.

Anyway, I'm doing okay except for being sad about Catster. I still play with my brothers and eat like a pig.

Well, I must go now. I plan on writing a couple more times before March 3rd.

Purrs & Breeps,




January 19th 2014 6:21 am
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Sad, sad, sad! What else can I, New Girl, say. Catster/Dogster and all of us have received a Notice to Quit a/k/a an Eviction Notice. We all have to leave by March 3rd. No more Catser/Dogster after that scary date.

I'm sad along with my bros and Mommy and all our pawsome friends. We are now meeting on FB and sharing our friendships and sadness.

I'll miss writing and sharing my diaries and getting Diary Pick a lot. Mommy's sad too. She and Sampy told me that they've been on Catster since March of 2006. I've only been on here since September 2012. I'm devastated that I'll not be able to be on Catster much longer. I see this whole upcoming demise of Catster as not fair and beyond sad.

Remember, I love all of you, my friends and will miss you dearly. Those of you who aren't on FB, this will be my goodbye. (Wipes away tears).

Tears & Sad Breeps,


P.S. Mommy's computer modem died so all our diaries can't be saved directly to it. She managed to save mine and Angel Isis by using her computer at work and then loading them onto a disc and loading them into WordPerfect on her computer. Also, our dear friends are assisting in saving my bros diaries. Mommy plans on making books of our diaries for her own use to remember them forever. She has started on mine last night. She'll add photos and have everything bound with a nice cover at Kinkos up the street.



January 14th 2014 6:02 pm
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I thought I'd use Bail's line this time!

I thank everycat whose given us many cakes today in celebration of DOGSTER's 10th anniversary. I wonder when CATSTER's 10th anniversary will be?

I also, on behalf of all of us, wish Merl a happy 8th! Yikes, he's an old man!! Not as old as Sampy or Bail though.

Lastly, I have a daytime hidey hole in which I like to sleep, and that's under the smaller living room couch. It has a dust ruffle on it which makes it like a tent. I love it under there!

Anyway, I got to go now. I'm tired.

Purrs & Breeps,




January 5th 2014 3:47 pm
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Time is flying by even for a youngster like me! It's already January 5, 2014 and soon Valentine's Day will be here. Mommy informed me the stores already have that day's stuff on the shelves; candy, teddy bears holding hearts, and other critters holding hearts. Unfortunately, there are no Valentine's Day kitties on the shelves. Bail told me that he blogged a while about this and once Mommy actually did find a kitty in a basket holding a red heart in its mouth. She took a pic of it and it is on Bail's page and will be forwarded to his top 10 shortly.

We also had a snowy Friday which totaled 2-3 inches. A little of it melted yesterday and today it rained on top of what snow was left. Now it's a slushy mess. Thank goodness it won't freeze over tonight.

Also,Mommy has to get a root canal tomorrow. I never heard of that before. She told me that a cavity in one of her front teeth has entered the nerve and if it isn't fixed it will get worse and the tooth will have to come out. Yikes! I'm so glad my nice sharp fangs and other toofies are fine.

Lastly, I just had a nice dinner (Fancy Feast Gravy Lovers Chicken). I LOVE that gravy!!!

Got to go now.

Purrs & Breeps,




January 1st 2014 10:38 am
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I got the first Diary Pick of 2014! How about that! I surely know how to bring in the New Year! I also thank the Diary Gal for this most pawsome honor!

I also, thank my following friends for their concats:

1. ANGEL BUDDIE & Family - pawsome pawmail;
2. FRISKIE & KIBBLES - pretty red rose;
3. THE REST OF GRAMMY'S FAMILY - cool comment;
4. PLATELICKER - cool comment;
5. SMILEY CASSANOVA - cool comment & pawsome pawmail.

Also, a few minutes after midnight (after the ball fell) Mommy threw a catnip party for us! Poor Bail didn't attend because he was sleeping downstairs.

Also, early this morning, Landy and Bail had an altercation while Mommy was still asleep. Their screeching meows woke her up. She went downstairs to see what their problem was and found them wearing each other's fur. Their fur was also scattered about on the rug. Landy was trilling like nothing had happened at all, and poor Bail was cowering as if in shock. She had to comfort him. Upon examination, she found a hole in Bail's left ear! Here we go again! This had happened to Merl last December. Landy pierces ears when he gets into nasty fights and it's his way of escaping the bigger cats such as Merl and Bail. He's never done this to me nor Sampy. I'm also wondering if it's a peer thing (those three are close in age; 6, 7 & 8). Sampy's 16 and I'm 1 & 1/2.

Anyway, Mommy looked closely at Bail's ear and it doesn't look as bad as Merl's was. She thinks only the tip of Landy's fang went through the ear. There is no swelling either. It looks like it's healing nicely.

Hopefully, this doesn't happen again. It was really shocking as Landy and Bail don't fight. It was always Landy and Merl.

Well, I must go now. Mommy's cooking some chicken to celebrate the new year.

Purrs & Breeps,


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