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Oh No You Didn't Mom

February 24th 2014 4:18 pm
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Oh no you didn't Mom!

As I sat inside the house by the patio door yesterday watching Mom as she slowly took down our enclosure, one side, then the back, the other side and finally the front! of course the top too, I meoowwwed and meeowwwed loudly...I am so upset I climb up the screen all I hear is Kody get down! Kody no, Kody no you can't come out you will get in the way. I wanted to be out there so I could stop Mom from making my enclosure go away. I don't understand why it is going away.

Mom put our enclosure in a big huge box very carefully as I watched her sadly I am crying I love my enclosure, now I can't spend hours on my favorite shelf watching the birds fly by, looking for I can't, I don't know why Mom is doing this to me. First it was my favorite cat tree and now my enclosure.

Mom and Dad brought in the huge box, left it in the front room so of course I had to investigate this box to see what happened to my enclosure. I looked inside and there it is all in pieces. So sad to see my enclosure all in pieces. Meow meow meow

Mom picked me up hugged me and told me "Kody we had to take it down and put it back in the box so we can take it with us when we move, I promise you Kody I will put your enclosure together for you on our new covered patio as soon as we get our things delivered", she told me my things have to go in a big big truck.

I am sad that I don't have my enclosure but now I get to go out on my leash, that is so much fun too cause I get myself all wrapped around everything, that makes Mom and Dad have to unwrap me...that is pay back I say for taking my enclosure away from me...

Mom here: well I needed to take it down before we get rain this week and I have to wait for it to dry out..I hated to take it down but the more I do now the less I will have to do as it gets closer to our move.

OK Mom that is enough I wanted my friends to know what you did, you first took my cat tree away, it is still in the garage where I can't get to it and now my enclosure...what did I do to make you take some of my favorite things away! Mom says "Kody I promise all of your things will be in our new home just for you very soon!"

Sad Kody


Busy Weekend

January 27th 2014 9:01 pm
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Hi Friends,

No we are not talking about what is going on around here, we want our friends to know that we had a busy weekend...Saturday we had another open house, this isn't easy for any of us...Mom and Dad have to remove all kitty boxes and supplies...our water and mates, doggies items and some more things that they feel need to be out of the house. Every time someone comes to look at the house this happens...Mom is pretty tired of it all, she can relax and enjoy some down time.

So out into the garage we all went into the cage, oh how I hate being in there. This time Mom decided to put all of our beds with the heating pads in the cage for us, hoping it would help us feel at did we just laid in our beds.

Mom let the doggies out there too they ran around bark bark bark, they are nervous like we are. None of us understand what is going on around here, this is the only home we have all known...where is all of our things...

So Mom left us and went to the Cat Fancier's Cat Show...oh how she loves to go to them, that is where she adopted Tallulah and Zeke. Not me, I am a pet store kitty!

Mom got us some new toys but we can't have them until we move into our new house, she told us they are going to go with us..she also got us some really really good catnip from a farm that grows is so fresh and boy did I go crazy over it, spend a good house licking and licking the little toy she got as a sample of the nip in it. Then Zeke got it and finally Tu Two, by that time this small toy was soaked from us licking and licking.

Mom came home later than she wanted, Dad told her we got an offer and he thought another one would come in, and guess what it did, so we have 2 offers as of now, we are waiting to see what happens and if we will counter see even if we sell our house, we can't move until May so we have to be able to stay here until then. So whatever we accept it will be lowered for us to stay here. It has to be high enough so we end up where Mom and Dad want to be with the final sale price..So at any time this may no longer be our home, we will be renters.

Once we all were back into the house and settled down we were happy again and ready for the evening meal...and finally settle down for our night time sleep.

We all want to say hang in here, one never knows what tomorrow will bring, we have to have faith and believe in Catster and that someone hopefully get us our catster back.

We love you all and we will be here till the end.

Hugs to all



Oh my Human

January 8th 2014 3:58 pm
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Oh human, my human I love you so much!
You give me my catnip, my toys and such.
you lend me your lap and brush me each day.

You lie on the floor, and with me you play.
You give my bowl, full of yummy food.

And you fill my heart with love,
So to show you I love you for all
that you do, I will love you always
and purr while I am on your lap.

Mom lend me your lap, I am ready for
your loving touch and in return I will
purr while I take my nap!



Thank You

January 3rd 2014 9:25 am
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Thank you
for your lovely




January 2nd 2014 1:28 pm
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Sometimes, the best things in life
are not things at all....
but our friends who make you feel
loved and cared for.


New year

January 1st 2014 5:20 pm
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Accept the simple
wish from me,
A happy New Year
may yours be,
wish every gladness
in your heart
that life can bring,
and heaven impart.




December 31st 2013 2:34 pm
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Happy New Year to you!
May every great new day
Bring you sweet surprises
A happiness buffet.

Happy New year to you
and when the new year's done,
May the next year be even better.
Full of pleasure, joy and fun.

Happy New Year!



The scoop on Me!

December 16th 2013 3:53 pm
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Howdy friends, Kody here well Mom is letting me give you an update on me!

Here it is----I peed late last night so Mom got to see and she was so thrilled and clapping. Can you believe it, my Mom clapping because I peep! How humiliating!

Well that is a relief because she told me, Kody now you don't have to go to the Vet in the morning or possibly stay all day or peep Kody Mommy is so so happy!

Yes Mom I know you are happy but not as happy as I am. Mom kept giving me a little can food, mixed with water all day, some cosequin too, she also let me be it worked I feel better and I am not at the Vet and didn't have to go.

Guess what I got to do this morning and again this afternoon, you got it I got to spend time out on my leash. Of course I figured out how to get out of my new harness by wrapping myself around things in the yard. I didn't go far I was laying on the patio sun bathing because today it is very warm outside. Mom wasn't happy that I got out of my harness so now she has to tighten it in hopes I don't get out again.

Well I had a good day after all sun bathing and exploring in the yard, No Vet hooray!

Now I am off to get more can food and water...this kitty boy is doing the happy dance all the way to the kitchen!

hugs to you all


I got to spend time outside

December 15th 2013 3:13 pm
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Howdy friends,

I am being a good boy and trying hard to continue to be good cause I hear this Santa Paws guy brings good kitties goodies...I sure would like a goody. Well I do have to tell you we got 2 new toys this week, the flick and Smartycat Loco Motion....I am having fun playing, but it isn't like being outside.

Mom actually let me spend time out on my leash today, I have a new harness one of my Catmus presents, this way I can't get out of it. So I am checking out the yard and having a good time, but I tangle myself all up around bushes, rocks and shelves....I try to get out but it isn't working.

I also spent time in my enclosure which I do love by the way. I lay in the grass, eat a little of that grass and watch all of the going ons around here, I listen to those chickens behind us, trying to figure out how I can get over the fence and catch me one of them....Mom says no they are big chickens not little birdies.

OK now for the reason I have been out most of the day...Mom thinks I might be trying to have my blockage issue again, she read that sometimes it is Environmental stress....not being able to be outside doing what kitties should be doing....exploring the outside now in the morning Mom will be calling my Vet and will take me in just to make sure...she wants to ask them about giving me fluids like Xena gets...oh this ought to be real FUN...NOT!!!! she knows that with all that is going on around here I am bound to get stressed so she needs to find things to keep me from having the blockage and spending time at the vet and more least I am insured!!!!and we have already met our deductible...what a relief Mom says....

So even though I had fun outside today I may be getting sick again, we will let you know when Mom gets on the computer again....for now she has to run off again to take care of 2 kitties and I have to go find a couple of boxes to play in and then take a nap...




Dear Santa Paws

December 13th 2013 3:45 pm
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Dear Santa Paws,

I've been a good kitty all year but come quick.

I can't stay good much longer!


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