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a little black cat says...

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adieux from Felix

February 7th 2014 12:31 pm
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Well, my week in the spotlite is done. Smitty gets his turn next week. Mom is not going to delete our pages until March 1. She said she just can't do it before then, just in case....but by then we will know the end of this place is for sure, and the we will make the choice to delete. I want to thank you my friends, for all your concern for me, and your purrs & get wells. Momma says that I am a trooper, and a good little boy, even though I hurt lots of the time. We will show our cute faces at the other sites once this closes here. Momma has this weird sense of loyalty I guess. So, she is off to see what can be saved from my pages, and while this is crummy - life does go on, and I know I will see many of you at Here Kitty, or Cathugger, or Sir Snowy's site.
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A very sad little black cat says "adieux my friends"


mmm bacon

February 5th 2014 11:41 am
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I am supposed to take gabapentin for my achies, but Mom has a tough time with me & pills. My mouth is so tiny, it is hard to even use the pill shooter. And as cute as I am, I am not cooperative. Can you beleive that? meee? She tried the pill pockets, which worked great...a couple times until I bit the capsule & got powder in my mouth..that was it. Well, when Momma stopped at the vet to get Maizy's prednisolone, they have a pill paste there. It is by Vetroniquol or something like that. It is brown dough & looks like a jar of playdough. You can take the amount you want to wrap the pill in, and it is softer & moister than pill pockets. Works great & smells & tastes like BACON! Momma says it reminds her of the smell of Beggin Strips. But it worked! At least yesterday! We will see for today. And it worked on Maizy too. At least it takes some of the trauma of pills away. I am scheduled next Tuesday for all my xrays. It will be Smitty's week to chat, but I am sure he or I will post what we find out.
Snow & more snow today. We had some huge drifts. Some spots had nothing, and some spots 12 inches. Mom had to struggle to get out & feed The Minions. I know she feels so bad for them out there. The few days it was awful cold, she left the big garage door open enough that they could scoot under. They have been using the little tote-bin houses too. And boy the heated water bowl has proven it's worth this year! -20 degrees, and still fresh liquid water. Now it will get very cold again. Here in Chicago, we are used to some crummy weather, but this year, it is getting exhausting. Momma says she just aches everywhere, and is tired of coats & hats & gloves & boots. But spring will be here before we know it. Happy snowy day my friends!


snow again...yick

February 1st 2014 2:39 pm
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We got about 5 inches of snow again, and next week it will get colder again. At least it is not as bad as the below zero we just had. Our window in the bathroom even got ice on the inside from those cold days. Mom was looking at my pictures here with my leg - I will be having another surgery on the other side, but I will be going next week for xrays of all of me. The vet gave an expensive estimate, but Momma figures if I have to be sleeping for the hip & knee one, they may as well do all of it, since I don't walk right on the front ones either. They will check my spine, front legs, shoulders, hips, paws, maybe my tail too! heehee She says this way we will know if there is anything else that can be fixed, or if it is causing me pain, or maybe just something that makes me limp but cannot be fixed. As long as it doesn't hurt - who cares if I am a little gimpy. And our vet is offering 10% off that too along with dental work for February! The nice thing with my insurance, my shots & stuff already made the deductible, so they will cover 80%, and then any surgery will cover 80% too. Momma was able to get Carecredit too, and you get betweem 6 to 12 months to pay no finance. So that is good. I am not sure just when I will have surgery, but I will be sure to keep everyone posted on it. For sure we are on Here Kitty Kitty site already. Momma, The Dad & my human sister is having a few pals over tomorrow for the football thingie. She says she doesn't really care about that, but likes to see the commercials & Bruno Mars. Us kitties will all be nice & quiet in her room with our cattree & fixins. The Dad is making his famous smoked pulled pork, and Momma is making chicken wild rice soup. Then everyone is each bringing a dip or snack or dessert. mmm maybe I will get some catnip as a treat..... well, see you later, Happy Football! luv a teensy little limpy black cat



January 31st 2014 2:10 pm
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gosh it has been a while since I have been on here! I kick my official week off today, but I will post some goings on in a day or so. We are to get even more snow out here, we are tired of it & of the cold - boy am I glad I am inside now! Have a nice warm weekend!


eeek it's a scary cat! or is that scaredy cat?

October 31st 2013 2:58 pm
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I get to be the official Halloween wisher today, since I being an all black kitty except for my little white heart am all for Halloween! Have a happy one! BOOO eek I scared myself!!


arr me paws be fine

September 19th 2013 5:04 pm
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No more tip tap tappety when I walks. The vet tech Sarah was so quick, and said I was pretty good but me nails are very thick. Of course I only snarl at First Mate Momma cuz I can! yar I gots me some vittles & grubbins extry like so I be a happy pirate now!


Goodbye my friend

September 18th 2013 12:37 pm
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My sweet friend Avail 1034890 lost her battle with mammary cancer yesterday. She just had a 4th surgery battling this awful disease, and had a bad reaction to either the fentanyl patch or the surgery, and her little body just could not fight anymore. She went through so much & was a very strong fighter. Her Momma fought right along side her, and she is so very devastated. Fly free of any pain or sadness sweet Avail. We will miss you.



September 17th 2013 7:05 pm
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Seems that since I am a bit em combative when it is time to trim my nails, Mom is taking me to the vet Thursday for them to do it. As quiet & meek as I am, I turn into a Tazmanian Devil when any attempt is made to touch my feet. So Mom says this way I can be mad at the vet & it is only about $7 for them to do it. Hope everyone is enjoying your fall!



September 10th 2013 8:12 am
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thanks for the wishes on my ddp Saturday! Momma did see it, she was just busy. Sunday she had our "Annual End of Summer Shrimp Boil" it has been a tradition for about 10 years either late August early September. Momma makes a Low Country shrimp boil with shrimpies & taters & corn & smoked sausage & lots of Old Bay. Our other gramma came & the human brother & his fiance too. They had fun - me - I hid under the bed til every one was gone.



September 5th 2013 2:37 pm
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I am a chewer - I love love looove to chew, cardboard, nip sticks, cat chewies & apparently ...wood. A few times in the past, I got in trouble cause I chewed on the edge of the little wooden box we nap in the kitchen. Mom solved that by making sure the blankie in there covers the edges all the time. All was ok, until she went to use some wood conditioner on her wooden rocking chair. Now this is a special chair. It was given to her when she was 18. She stripped the dark finish & gold (ick right?) painting & stripes off of it & lovingly refinished it to a beautiful honey oak. Many books were read- Both of the human kids were rocked to sleep/fed/stories told/bad dreams banished, you get it, in that chair. So what does she find on the back edges of the rockers? the edges chewed up, and some on the front. Of course we all know who the guilty party is, because I like to sleep on the rug under that chair most nights. Momma's face got this funny twitchy thing going, and then she turned to me as I was on the couch "Felix did you chew my chair?" Frankly why she asked is beyond me, because no one else would have done it really. Maizy will nap on the seat, but no one else really even goes by it. I gave my best "yes I am sooooo guilty and yet I am sooooo cute and I promise I will never well not really chew anything again, and did I mention that I looove you momma?" face. Well of course she could not be mad at me, a little sad, but she says "O well, it is a well worn, loved chair, what is a few more marks - that will make me always think about you Felix." She is not sure if she is gonna sand it or not - but maybe someone knows if there is something that can be put on there to discourage me chewing so I don't get any wood in mah belly. There is stuff for doggies, but something safe for kitties. I reeeaaallllly gotta be extra cute. Sorry Momma...

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