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a little black cat says...

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October 30th 2015 2:32 pm
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Happy Halloween! I always get to be spokescat at this time of year. I am doing pretty well. The dampness is not so good. Momma can tell - I limp really bad when it starts to get damp. That is when I get a bit of extra pain meds. I wouldn't even put weight down on my leg last night. Momma will be cleaning the basement this weekend, as turkey day is looming. What the heck happened to the summer? It gets dark so early now - I think that is the worst part. I have been watching bird tv every day now. I was chattering at them the other day. And of course I stopped as soon as momma got the video ready to record. I got some crinkly paper to play with from a box that came. Shredded that pretty good yep I did. Momma has to get us a new cat tree. OUr old one started to get really gross, and the pressed wood was disintegrating. THere is one piece left from the top that we are still using. Momma has been looking - BOY is that overwhelming - there are soooo many! some are $400! I mean they are cool, but that is ridiculous! The colony kitties caught a squirrel at some point & were eating it by the driveway. Momma was grossed out. But they are only doing what outside kitties do. And there are more than enough of those fluffy tailed rats around here that's for sure. Well my pals - miss you all as always. and don't eat too much candy! love from a little black cat - Felix the Spooky Cat!


Halloween cat! & bird TV

October 8th 2015 3:14 pm
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It's been a while, so Momma said I could update. We do keep coming here, but boy it is fruuuuuustrating. Big POTP for our pals Zeke & his sister Xena. I have been doing good. I will always have issues with my legs, but the medicine I take helps, and I get stonger ones (buprione) when my legs hurt real bad - when it is very damp out. But not very often. Momma took the little rug out that has a black cat on it, and no sooner did she put it down, I was on it! Maybe she will leave it out for me all the time even though it is a Halloween rug with a pumpkin & black kitty on it. Things are winding down for fall - cleaning up the garden, harvesting the last of the tomatoes. Momma is making apple butter this weekend. SO let me tell you about bird TV! Momma has a suet feeder, and a big cage feeder that fits a very large seed block. Well the STUPID squirrels, and yes I said stupid squirrels. (Momma is NOT a fan of them, wouldn't hurt them, but wants them to go far far away) kept pulling the block feeder down. So in trying to figure out somewhere to put it, she landed on an excellent idea as far as us kits are concerned. Our kitchen has 4 windows, 2 on each wall. The 2 that are on the driveway side, have a roll down awning that has a lip. She hooked the bird cake cage on the awning. Squirrels cannot get to it, the seed shells fall on the driveway, so easy to clean up, and the birds are eating literally about 2 feet from the window. Tigger likes to sit on the window ledge, but Momma turns the kitchen chair right by the wall there, and I sit on the chair which is just a bit lower than the window ledge, and watch bird TV like ALL day. We have many downy woodpeckers that like the cake, and nuthatches along with the regular ol birds, so Momma likes that she can sit at the table with her morning coffee and look right at the birdies, and hear them chattering and pecking the seeds. It's a win,win,win situation! She is thinking of hanging a couple feeders there now. Yay! love all the bird TV channels!
Purrs for Zeke, and for Xena & Mia too. purrs, the Feefster


help the black kitties!

August 11th 2015 9:59 am
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I am also posting this through Tigger's page, cause I don't have quite as many pals, but sending out a plea to help a whole bunch of black kitties in trouble!

A vacated hoarder's home in the Chicago area was found to have close to 100 kitties in it - looks like most of them are black or tuxies. We all know it is so much harder for black kitties. (I have a special spot in my heart for a little black cat) Tree House Humane Society, Paws Chicago & Chicago Animal Control have been trapping the kitties, as they are boarding up the house today. Now they say they will not board it up until they are positive that there are no kits inside. Tree House has about 70 of the kits, but they are looking for foster help, adoption help, and surely monetary help.
Tree House is a very good place - they are big with TNR & they have a Community Cat placement too. The kitties look to be reasonably healthy as the man that had lived there was trying to feed them even after they foreclosed his house & now it is unhabitable. While I would love to foster, with 4 inside & a colony of 7, I cannot, but I will be sending some extra funds to help. (I am already a Member of Tree House & Paws)
The goal is to keep these lovely house panthers from being put down - as you know many ferals are. That is why they are awesome, cause they will take a feral group & place them in an area for rodent control or for barn cats. They are spaying/neutering/chipping & vaccinating all these babies. Please help if you are able! Here is their website


rain rain rain

June 12th 2015 3:32 pm
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It's been raining alot around here. Luckily there has been no water in the basement YAY so Momma thinks that the stone she had put down on the one side of the house worked. The bad part is that I have been limping really bad with this dampness. I get supplements and Onsior. Momma is going to fill some gabapentin and see if that helps too - she feels so bad when I can hardly wobble to my tree. Then in the back of her mind she hears the vet saying "quality of life" I know Momma does not want to give up on me! She just wishes I could tell her if the pain is tolerable or unbearable. This will probably sound terrible, but she had even thought of me having the surgery to remove the femur heads, but then I would have to have my other knee fixed, and all this in case my front leg got too bad and had to be removed from pain. SHe thinks too much I think. Although when she asked the vet about some of that - they are not really helpful - just what do you think? arg anyways hoping for some dry weather to help. Momma doesn't want it hot, just dry & like 80 would be perfect!


thank you

May 15th 2015 7:39 pm
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thank you for my birthday wishes & gifties! Momma & The Dad left for vacation on my birthday. Our human sister came and stayed with Nana & us to keep an eye on things. I pretty much stayed in my tree, but boy when Momma came home, I wouldn't leave her alone & I have been getting lots of pets. I got some new treats for my birthday too. They are soft turkey ones. Mom has been pretty irritated at Tigger - she even posted in the health forum. Looking at maybe prozac. I sometimes have an accident, but only cause I hold it too long, and cannot get to my box fast enough. But I am getting better since I have a small potty box just for me upstairs. Boy it got nice and warm that we could look out the windows, and go out on the screen porch, but it is cold. Momma had to put the heat back on! Thanks again, and looking forward to the fixes here - they are coming soon!!! luvs Feefer-Kitty


shiny kleen!

March 2nd 2015 1:42 pm
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All went just great with my teeth. I didn't have to have any taken out, and they are all shiny. I have to take antibiotics until Tuesday to make sure there is no infection. Today is sunshiny - even though it is like 9 degrees out. The ice is melting a bit where the sun is hitting. Although tomorrow is to be more snow & freezing rain. BUt spring is coming! I can feel it!!! Take care my pals. We'll be back in a few days!



February 24th 2015 6:31 pm
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Hi to all my pals!
Well aside from it being freezing in Chicagoland. (30 would be a heatwave right now - seriously) things are quiet. The bad thing when it is really cold, my legs hurt and I limp pretty bad on the front one. Momma has all sorts of snuggly beds for me, and Nana will put her heating blanket on low while I lay on her bed. I went to the vet for my checkup, and my bloodwork is great - that means I can stay on the Onsior! That medicine helps me alot. Even the doc noticed that I am not so tense when she checks me. On the bad side I have to have my teeth cleaned. Mommma does wipe my toofies, but my mouth is really tiny, so it is hard for her to get at the back ones, and those are the ones that need cleaning. So I go Thursday for that. I have my very own hidey cave now too. A nice heavy box came from Pet360, and in another package of equipment for The Dad's job was a bunch of really crinkly brown craft paper in it. Momma put the box on its long side, and the flap hangs down. Then she put some of the paper in there, so I can crawl in and make confetti as much as I want. I can peep out from inside too. Momma wrote "Felix's hide-out" on the box! So no one (ahem Nana) will toss it out. I like it around here now when the holidays are over - I get kind of nervous with all the hullaballoo, and the human sister, while I like her - her boyfriend was rather loud. (he is nice, but does not know how to be quiet around me) anyways, they got an apartment, and moved out so now it is just Momma, The Dad & Nana with us kittles. I like it this way. Momma puts on classical music in the morning, and it plays all day while she works in the office. There is a bed in there, so I sometimes lay on it to keep her company. Nana usually has her room a bit dark when she watched tv, and it is really warm in there, so I visit her too. I know Momma wishes that I could run and play like a young kitty, but remember Momma - it's warm in the house and I have a full tummy. I get so much love. I am able to walk alot more, and play some. Life is good. Of course I am nervous about my teeth, but I will be sure to give a shout out either Thursday afternoon, or Friday to let you know I am all clear. Momma has some really cute pics of me, but we are waiting until Catster is all settled, because we don't want to take a chance of anything messing up trying to post anything. Take care all & stay warm! Those of my pals up past your eyeballs in snow - we feel for you - too much white stuff! kitty chirps to all! your pal Feefs


your cat eats that?

February 9th 2015 3:51 pm
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paws down, ice cream - but not any chocolate kind - I can only have vanilla. If Momma sits down with some in a dish, I will be in her face until I get a lick. I like chicken and vanilla yogurt too!


updates from a Halloween Kitty

October 5th 2014 1:23 pm
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Hey all! Momma is at least trying to pop in and give some updates, and it has been a while for me. This time of year, Momma is always on the lookout for cute little black cat items. She got a cute towel for the bathroom with a black kitty on it. I am doing pretty good. Still taking the Onsior every other day - it seems to really help. Momma is going to shampoo the cat tree with kitten shampoo today - it is pretty gross. It is being moved to the front window rather than the kitchen window. This is in the hopes of Tigger not looking out at the minions so much. When our human sister was home, she helped Momma cut my nails. Momma had to use a towel & lay me on my side and kind of hold me down. WHen I stopped biting, growling & hissing, I was very quiet and let her snip away. It definitely takes 2 people to give me a pedicure. The vet now wants $15 to do it without an exam appt. Not that I am not worth it, but Momma says why stress me out in the carrier for that, if I can be in my own home, on the bed, and angry for a much shorter time, AND then get a bunch of treats. She doesn;t want The Dad to help, because I am still kind of scaredy of him, and that would be a backstep, and Nana is too nervous to do it, so when human sister is home is when I get it done. I will be due for my kidney check at the vet - it has to be monitored due to taking the Onsior "off label" Momma was baking up a storm yesterday, so it was nice & warm in the house. Tomorrow she will make some apple butter. It is that cozy time of year. I hope this finds you all well, adn happy & soon we will be able to play at Catster with everything working least that is my wish!
tiny mews, luvs Feefer Kitty


much thankees

May 9th 2014 2:10 pm
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thank you for the nice birthday gifties & wishes.
Momma chose May 5 for my birthday to celebrate my survival. It is a party day, so it seems to fit for me! She knows I was born in early May, as it was in the woodpile in our yard, but she wasn't sure of the exact day. I had a nice day too! I got some crab & shrimp dinner with big chunks of shrimpies in it. I got brushied and it was nice enough for the window to be open so I could sniff the spring air. I played with this furry mousie on a stick. I am a happy, lucky kitty. The Onsior is working wonders. I am still skittish, but not quite as bad, and I play more too, and sort of run around. I still have a limping gait, but Dr Mimi said I will always walk like that - She said that I won't win a gold medal in the race, but I still can cross the finish line! purrs and happy spring to all.

A special purr to Smiley's family. He was a special friend and I will miss him. He always remembered me. I raise a paw in salute to you my friend Smiley Cassanova!

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