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I think I like Christmas....

November 29th 2012 8:07 pm
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First off I just want to update you guys on my post spay bruising. The peeps talked to the vet & described it to him and he said that while it does not happen to every cat, it is fairly normal. I did almost give my girl heart attack today though! She had cut her finger pretty nicely & it had started to bleed, but she was not aware of this. She picked me up and was holding me with her hand (the one with the cut) on my belly. When she looked down she saw all of this blood on her hand and some on my stomach & she freaked out!! She quickly looked at my stiches and all around my belly and when she saw I was fine she finally saw it was her hand. It sure scared her though!

Anyway, I have been keeping myself pretty busy lately. The peeps put up all the Christmas stuff the other day and I think it is the best thing ever! Especailly the tree. The peeps put some ornaments on the bottom that are ok or us cats to play with and I sure enjoy that! Especially the ones with bells. I do love laying under it, there is this super comfy tree skirt and I just can't get enough of the thing! The peeps really should have this up every day of the year.




November 25th 2012 3:43 pm
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So Tuesday was my big day! I got spayed! The peeps were worried, they 100% trust the vet who did my surgery but they know all the risks everytime an animals goes under. That morning I was soooooo confused, and hungry because the peeps took away all of our food because of my surgery. I did not like that. They took me to the vets early that morning and (not so) patiently waited for the doctor to call with an update. He gave them a call that afternoon and let them know that I did very well they could come and get me in a few hours.

When they picked me up, the office staff made sure to tell my peeps how much of a trouble maker I was! I didn't mind the vet staff at first but as the day went on (and some of my meds kicked in) I made it clear I was not happy. I became quite the little warrior! When my peeps found out they were a bit shocked, I am their little sweet snuggly Dora Doo,but they could see it. When I am not content I make it clear & I also can hold my own against both of the dogs (who can be bullies). The office staff also said that since I was such a little wild cat that my peeps could take off my bandage on my leg (from the iv). It was a bit funny because my girl works at this animal clinic and talks about me quite a lot and is always gloating about what a great & friendly girl I am. Hehe I didn't do much to hold up to all her talk!

I have been recovering well and got my last dose of pain meds Thursday night. Though the peeps are concerned about something now. On Friday they noticed some redness on my stomach right below my stiches, later that night it turned into more of a bruise. It is now Sunday and it has gotten larger and darker. It doesn't hurt when the peeps touch and I am still actong fine. Is this normal? The peeps aren't sure if it is something they should be more worried about. My girl is going to try and call the vet sometime tomorrow to see what he thinks. But other than that I am just my normal goofy & darling self!



Run of the house

September 26th 2012 8:47 pm
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It has been a while since I last updated you guys! I have been doing great, I am getting so big! A few weeks ago I got my last few big girl shots and my last weigh in was 4.5lbs. I have also gotten a lot more colors coming in. It seems the older I get the more colors appear on my back, I am turning in to a pretty little tortie girl. The girl took some more recent picturs of me, we will have to upload them soon.

Also recently the peeps have let me come upstairs! It used to be only when I would be locked in a room, or when sitting on someones lap on the couch or for a little bit when the dogs are outside. I have just been so little and the dogs are so weird with cats. They are great with adult cats once introduced and the cat shows them who is boss but with little bitty me I just looked like a chipmunk to them and wasn't able to show them who was boss. Now that I am bigger the dogs and I have a bit of a understanding. They still will nip and bully me a bit but I am so confident around them. I bet them away or shove my tail in their face. I even try to play with them! They don't really get it though. I hope they do soon though, I think those pups could be fun!

I also don't have to locked up at night anymore! Well in my room atleast. I still have to stay in the basement with other cats during night time but thats because we will keep everyone awake all night. It is just so awesome to run around this house, I love exploring!



August 7th 2012 4:44 pm
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I am back! The peeps got home from the lake Sunday evening but since the vets office is closed to the public on Sunday so they had to wait till Monday afternoon to get me. They really missed so when it was finally time to pick me up they could not wait! Since the girl works there she was the one that got to the back to get me. I was all snuggled up with my big stuffed monkey & in the middle of a nice nap when my girl opened the cage & gave her a sleepy little "meow" but as she began getting my stuff together I started waking up and got super happy to see her. When she brought me out to see the rest of peeps I was all purrs!

The vet people said I was an angel! I got my shots while I was there & was a real trooper and didn't put up too much of a fight. The peeps also told the vets to check my ears for mites while I was there, they have been so itchy lately & no matter how many times the peeps clean them they keep getting dirty! Turns out I have eart mites, just like the peeps suspected, so the vet man flushed out my ears really well & they started me on some ear meds that I have to continue taking at home but I don't mind. The peeps checked the other cats but their ears seem totally clean.

I also made a friend at the vets! The girl thought that I might become buddies with the kitten (named Mr.Pockets) who lives at the vets because he is a lot like me & is only a week younged than me but we are just not fans of each other. He loves the 2 adult cats that live there but he wanted nothing to do with me & I felt the same way! But I did become pals with the adult cat who was staying in the cage next to me. Her name is Jinx & her owners are related to one of the vets that work at the clinic & she has been staying there while her peeps are out of town. We liked to stick our paws out of the cage bars & play with one another. It wasn't the most comfortable thing but we had a lot of fun! And when I left she stuck out her paw one last time & gave me a meow as if to say goodbye. I am going to miss Jinx but atleast I have my buddy Charlie back! I was soooooo happy to see him! I ran right up to him & put my paws on his face and kept purring up a storm. And today the peeps brought Tommy home, because they knew they wouldn't be at the office much this week, & I met him with lots of headbonks.

The peeps also couldn't believe how much bigger I got in that short amount of time! I am just growing like a weed!



August 1st 2012 8:36 am
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Wow! I have only been on catster for a litle bit but I have already gotten such a warm welcome! I already have 107 friends, been coralled 3 times & have recieved 4 rosettes!! (thank you Xena & family,Luke & family,Casey & Smudge & family!!)I really like it here. And thanks to the kindness of Scooter & family we now have catster plus! Isn't that awesome?!? Thanks so much guys you are the best!

Other than the excitement of joining catster there has also been a lot going on in the house & with me. The keeps keep mentioned a trip and there has been bags coming out and plans being made. I have also had a lot done to me lately! The other day I got a bath, got brushed, got my toenails trimmed (and moved so much I got one of them cut too short & it bled like crazy!)and had flea meds put on for the first time. Today the girl has been loading some of my food, one of my blankets & some of my favorite toys into a small bag. She says that I am going to go "board" at the animal clinic she works at, I go there this afternoon when she goes into work & stay until Monday. The peeps are going to a friend's lake house down at the ozarks, the girls are leaving tomorrow & the boys Friday and they come home Sunday evening. The rest of the furballs in the family get to stay home but because I am still a little kiddo & need a lot more attention & such it is easier to leave my at the girl's work. I think I am going to be ok though because before I was for sure staying here I used to go into work all the time with the girl & stay there until her shift was over in hopes of finding me a home. The peeps are going to me miss me like nuts though! In my entire life I have only spent 3 weeks way from them. 2 weeks were before they found me & 1 was when I stayed with with another employee.

I am excited for my new adventure! But I will miss my family.
I will see you all when I get back!


Nice to meet you!

July 30th 2012 10:19 pm
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Hi!!! My name is Dora, and it is wonderful to meet you! I am so happy I finally got my own catster page, it kind of means I am officially adopted into the family. Even though for the 2 weeks or so they have known I won't be going anywhere it hasn't been 100% official until today.

I am thrilled I get to stay because I really like it here. I love the peeps, I love them soooooooooooo much! I get so excited when first thing in the morning they let me out of my room (which is the downstairs bathroom that was converted into the foster room) and I get to see them! They raised since I was a bottle fed little squirt, and helped me out when I was about 4 weeks old & got a very low blood suger and got super ill (they almost lost me!) and now thanks to them I am a strong & happy little kiddo. I also love the other cats here. Charlie is my bff and I think he is the best thing ever! I also adore Tommy and I wish he could stay here more than just the weekends.

I can't wait to enjoy my life here, I know it is going to be a blast!

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