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Jungle Cat's Adventures

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OMC a big rock crashed in Russia!

February 16th 2013 7:10 pm
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Daddy just told me that a big rock from space (called a meteor) crashed into a city in Russia yesterday, and a lot of people were hurt. Sending healing purrs their way, I hope all my Russian Blue kitty friends are OK!


The mystery of the expanding fuzzy mouse population...

February 15th 2013 2:23 am
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Saphira and Viola's dad again, adding the same entry to both diaries since I am not sure who is responsible, quite possibly both are involved. I think we have mentioned (multiple times!) how much both of our spotted girls love to play fetch, and how we keep a stash of fuzzy mice on our bed where they are easily available to toss for them to retrieve. They usually toss them around a bit for themselves before they return them to us. The both also sometimes pick them up from the bed and take them to other parts of the house to play with. Over time we have bought dozens of mice, at least fifty or more, but due to the way some of them get stolen and hidden, we were down to about a dozen on our bed. For some reason, over the last week they have suddenly started reappearing! The count went from 12 to 14 to 16 and finally peaked at 21. The number is down a bit, but I really think it is kind of cute how they are returning their toys now. Meowmy says that having two Ocicats is like having a couple of two year olds. Not quite, when our kids were two they NEVER picked up their toys without being told, many times!

As we started saying soon after Saphira (our first Ocicat ever) joined us, she is probably the most interactive and amusing feline we have ever met, and two of them are even more so. They are both just absolute joys!


DDP!!! OMC, Thank you Catster!

February 7th 2013 8:57 am
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Thank you Top Cats, I was so surprised this morning when daddy told me I was a DDP today. My sisfur Viola was getting a little bit too taken with herself and her three recent DDPs. She already was getting a bit hard to live with, telling me that my purr is broken and she hers is so much better. It's true, mine is very quiet and gentle, but that is just because I am a very feminine and dainty girl, and my momma cat taught me to always be polite and quiet. I also meow very quietly. Purring a VERY quiet thank you!


How to make a "daddy sandwich"

February 2nd 2013 5:14 pm
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I think it has been mentioned here that since Viola and I have been getting along well, we both sleep with meomy and daddy. Usually I curl up with meowmy and Viola curls up with daddy. But sometimes we try something different, like last night. Instead of curling up with meowmy as usual, I decided to spend the night with daddy, daddys need kitty loving too! Daddy was sleeping on his side, and Viola curled up against his, uh, backside. That left me the front, so I curled up against his tummy. With a kitty on each side (and I mean touching daddy, not just close to him), we had him hemmed in so he could not really move without crushing one of us, which of course he would never do. Kind of a "daddy sandwich"! About 6:30 this morning daddy woke up and realized he was getting pretty stiff from being stuck in one position for so long, and he finally gently moved me out of the way so he could move around and stretch a bit. We kitties know all about stretching! To give daddy a little room, I moved over to meowmy and curled up beside her until everybody woke up later. When the breed descriptions say that Ocis like to be near their human servants, they REALLY mean it!

Oh, and big concats to my sisfur for her THIRD DDP in less than two weeks. Way to go, Viola!


A sad anniversary...

February 1st 2013 1:00 pm
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Daddy just reminded me that today is a very sad anniversary. Daddy is what he calls a "space geek", and used to work on space stuff. This is the tenth anniversary of a very sad day in space history... On February 1, 2003, the space shuttle Columbia was returning to earth at the end of a successful mission. As it reached the point where heat really built up, a hole in the left wing caused by a piece of insulation the broke free from the tank during launch allowed hot gas to enter the wing and cause damage that ultimately led to the loss of the spacecraft and crew. We are purring very sadly in memory of these brave explorers. Like most of us kitties, they were very curious. They died trying to help us learn more about the universe.


My sisfur Viola is a DDP, MOL!

January 21st 2013 1:58 am
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My new sisfur is a DDP today, how cool is that? Of course she is going to be impossible to live with, but we are all really pawroud of her. I am going to have to keep reminding her that I am still the top cat in this house, having already been COTD, DOTD, AND DDP! But she is still a pretty nice Ocicat, though I tend to be a bit jealous of her spots, since they are darker than mine!


Having a sisfur is pretty nice after all!

January 15th 2013 4:59 pm
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Daddy has been telling you how I have been kind of hissy with my new sisfur Viola, so I thought I should let you know how we are doing. We are getting along much better now, we touch noses a lot, and we also chase each other all over the house really fast. Not sure if meowmy and daddy always like that, because sometimes while we are running we are not really looking where we are going, and we accidentally run into them at warp speed. They still think we are pretty cute when we do that. We also follow them around the house together, and both of us are pretty good about coming when called. This having a sisfur thing is really starting to be fun!


Happy Mew Year!

January 1st 2013 2:06 am
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To everycat from Saphira, her sisfur Viola, her pawrents and the rest of her two pawed family.


Saphira and her sisfur Viola are playing together a lot now

December 28th 2012 10:10 am
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Another note from their dad:

Saphira and Viola's relationship continues to improve, still a hiss and a growl from Saphira once in awhile, but also some touching of noses and a lot of play, chasing each other around the house a lot. Of course they both sleep with us every night and also nap on our bed when we are watching TV. Usually Saphira sleeps with Terri and Viola is with me, but sometimes one of us is lucky enough to have two spotted jungle cats using us for a nap spot. Yesterday I had Saphira curled up on my legs while Viola had her head on my ankle. Of course movement on my part was impossible, but then again, with two sweet Ocis to keep me company, why would I want to move?

Another sales job from me... anyone who might enjoy a beautiful spotted jungle cat who is intelligent, loyal, loving, and very playful and entertaining should look at an Ocicat, they are just a joy! Anyone in Southern California interested can pawmail me and I can give you the contact info for the breeder we adopted our two girls from, he is just a great breeder who loves his kitties, and it shows in our two wonderful Ocis.


Very sad purrs today...

December 14th 2012 11:52 am
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With tearstained paws Saphira, Viola, and their pawrents purring very sadly for all the victims of that horrible school shooting in Connecticut.

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