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Jungle Cat's Adventures

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OMC, dad just found that I was a championship kitty in 2011!

July 19th 2013 8:11 pm
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Daddy was just doing some research online about my sisfur Viola's daddy cat Giovanni, who we already knew was a prize winning show cat, when guess what? He discovered that I was also on the TICA list of championship Ocicats for 2011! Giovanni was there at number six, as he expected, but who is on the list at number twenty one? Little ole' ME! We all feel so honored! But daddy said that I was ALWAYS a champion in their hearts. Here is the TICA page he found:


Thanks Catster for my DDP selection! And happy Fourth of- July to everycat.

July 3rd 2013 4:23 pm
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Thanks to the topcats at Catster for my DDP selection yesterday. I was so surprised! We are all purring happily! And thanks to my Catster furiends for your pawmails concatulating me.

Happy Fourth of July to everycat! Hope you all can stay cool, it was 109 here last Sunday.


An anniversary for Saphira (updated 6/29/13)

June 29th 2013 12:42 am
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Almost let this day slip by, it was eighteen months ago last Friday that Saphira joined our family, and her arrival has really changed our lives, in really nice ways. As I have told you in the past, she is not our first kitty, our first three were shelter rescues adopted about 39 years ago, even before we were married. One of those was Nonsense, a cute little grey spotted kitten, who turned out to be an Egyptian Mau, and we learned from her how wonderful spotted kitties can be.

We had never heard of the Ocicat breed before Saphira appeared, a surprise Christmas gift from our daughters. There were a few days between Christmas, when I received a framed photo of Saphira with the remark, "Oh your gift is not the picture, it's the cat!", and the time that she joined us. Even before Saphira arrived, I was asked over and over, "Is she the best present ever?" The answer now is, "Absolutely!!!"

We soon were totally taken by how beautiful, intelligent, playful, loyal, and well behaved she is. I described her as an absolute joy then, and we feel the same now, only more so. So much so that we adopted Viola, another beautiful Oci, both as a playmate for Saphira and because we figured that two Ocis must be at least twice as much fun as one. We were sure right about that! They love to play together, chasing each other all over the house. We do have to watch out now to avoid being hit by flying kitties.

Now that we have had the pleasure of living with two of these wonderful felines, it is hard to imagine life without them. In all our years with cats, we have never seen any with the combination of wonderful characteristics of our two spotted girls. Anyone looking for an intelligent, loyal, playful, well behaved companion should look into these little jungle cats, but be prepared to have them bug you to play with them (ours both love fetch), to be followed all over the place including the bath, and remember that once they take over your bed, you may be allowed to share it with them if you are good. I know I am starting to sound like an Ocicat salesman, but their wonderful personalities tend to affect people that way.

We want to thank all of our Catster friends for their pawmails, prezzies, friend requests, and generally making us feel welcome and loved. You are the nicest bunch of kitties around!


OMC! DDP Again!

June 24th 2013 4:34 pm
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Daddy woke me up today with the news that I am a DDP kitty! That is just pawtastic! Especially after daddy and meomy did one of those things Ocicats HATE, they abandoned us again, this time they left Friday afternoon for a place called Laughlin, Nevada, for something called a concert. A lady named Martina McBride, they say she is a really good singer, I think that means she meows really well. Anyway, they came back the next afternoon, so we were not left alone for TOO long, and of course I now have my sisfur Viola for company. We had fun while they were gone, and did not mess the place up TOO badly!

Thanks to my furiends for their nice pawmails concatulatons.


My sisfur Viola is a DDP (AGAIN!), MOL!

June 17th 2013 12:35 pm
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My sisfur Viola is DDP again, and she is really walking around with her pretty little nose in the air that this is her FOURTH time! I had to remind her about which one of us had both DOTD and DDP FIRST, and which one of us is the only one to be picked as COTD so far... she can be irritating at times, but we still love playing together.


Daddy got us a new kitty drinking fountain, but Viola thinks- it's a toy!

June 11th 2013 8:21 pm
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Daddy got us a new kitty drinking fountain, since he saw us drinking from a fountain in the living room. I drink from it, but Viola thinks it is a toy and she plays in it! I am way too dignified and regal for that kind of kitten childishness. She still drinks from it too!


Sorry it has been so long, but the Pawrents have been busy.- My four pawed sisfur Melanie is a doctor now!

June 9th 2013 1:50 pm
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Last month we were abandoned by the Pawrents for two whole days! They told us later that they were in a place called Arizona to see their human daughter Melanie receive something called a PhD. Seems she is now some kind of doctor, but not the kind that takes care of sick kitties or even sick humans. They say that she will now be teaching something called criminology at a university in a place called Reno. It gets even colder and snows more there than it does here. BRRRRR!

Melanie is very special to my sisfur Viola and me, she is one of the nice people (along with Nina, their other human daughter) who gave the Pawrents the best Christmas present ever, ME! And they loved me so much that they wanted another Ocicat to keep me company, so they adopted another wonderful Oci, Viola!

So concatulations to Dr. Mellie (as we call her around here now)!

I guess we forgive them for abandoning us, just as long as it does not happen again!


Remembering our heroes

May 28th 2013 11:13 am
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Since daddy was away most of yesterday and was not here to help with my diary, I did not get to help remember all those in our military services, two and four pawed and even some with wings, who died to win and preserve the freedoms all of us and our humans enjoy today.

Purring sadly in memory of all these heroes.


Our alarm kitties found a NEW way to wake us up...

April 21st 2013 8:45 pm
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Well, our four pawed alarm clocks found a new way to wake us up this morning, and they were at the other end of the house at the time! Our house has a security system, which we normally do not have activated when we are home, although meowmy sometimes does have the door/window sensors on when she is home alone. Even when the system is disarmed, we still get a triple beep on the control pad in our bedroom whenever any of the door or windows opens or when one of the glass break detectors, one each in the living and family rooms, activates. About six this morning the triple beep went off, waking both of the humans. I found both of the house felines in the living room, with doors and windows secure. Nothing was broken, but in the past the glass break detectors have triggered on something as small as a key dropped on the tile in the entry. Exactly HOW Saphira and Viola managed to wake us up will probably always remain a mystery, because so far neither of them is talking.


Saphira's latest trip for her pawdicure

February 27th 2013 1:11 pm
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Saphira's dad again, I think we have discussed how much Saphira does NOT like any part of getting her nails done one little bit. She hates being forced into her carrier (and I have the scars to prove it!), complains loudly during the drive to Petsmart (a whole three miles, max), and the last time we took her the tech who usually trims her claws was not available, and she did not behave well. She got loose in the grooming room, and after they corralled her again she was so agitated they decided not to even try to do the trim. Yesterday we decided to try again, and I decided to replace the thin little pillowcase in the bottom of her carrier with something more comfortable, so I replaced it with a much thicker bathroom rug. BAD MOVE! As soon as she saw me opening her carrier, she knew what was up (Ocis are VERY smart, and figure things out fast), and immediately hid and would have nothing to do with me. Our bedroom is pretty large and has a lot of nice hiding places, so I decided to just wait her out. Our time was limited, since her preferred vet tech was leaving early. She won the contest, so we decided to wait until today to try again. Later that evening Meowmy was getting ready to feed our spotted pride of felines and asked where Saphira was. I immediately checked out all her favorite hangouts, no luck. I headed into the bedroom to see if she had shown up there and where did I find her? INSIDE the hated carrier, guess she was checking out the new upholstery. Thinking to self, "why can't she do that when I WANT her to?"

Flash forward to this morning; meowmy and daddy are watching the morning news on TV when I notice Saphira again heading into the carrier. Not being a total dummy, I immediately closed and secured the door, and she is trapped, no trauma for either of us, the trip to Petsmart was much more relaxed for her, and she settled right down as soon as we got her home. She is curled up beside me as I write this, and she approves of this entry.

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