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Jungle Cat's Adventures

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OMC - COTW and My gotcha day in the same week! So Cool!

December 23rd 2013 2:31 am
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Daddy was getting ready to help me put something in my diary about how this Saturday will be the second anniversary of my Gotcha day, which for some reason the pawrents think is some sort of special day in our house, MOL!

Then, daddy checks his email and gets REALLY excited! He shows me the Catster community page and there I am, Cat of the Week!!! Such an honor! A big THANK YOU to the Catster Top Cats for selecting me for this honor, guess it will be a triple good week, my COTW pick, my gotcha day, and Catmus all in the same week! Right now daddy wants to join me sleeping, but more to follow in the morning!


Saphira has been acting VERY strangely recently!

November 21st 2013 9:37 am
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Another one from her dad: As I may have mentioned somewhere on here, one thing Saphira HATES is being put into her kitty jail (AKA cat carrier) for trips to the vet and claw trimmings and such, and I have the scars to prove it! We took to leaving it in our bedroom, where she spends a lot of her time, so she would at least be used to seeing it around. Before we did that, she would run and hide any time I took it from its hiding place. She is way overdue for a trim, so one morning a week or two ago when I noticed her INSIDE the carrier, I quickly shut the door and meowmy and I quickly dressed and it was off for her trim, no trauma for either of us. That is not the really strange part! A day or two later I was feeding them (I have mentioned that they are very undemanding about feeding and we often have to call them to eat), Viola showed up as usual when called to eat, but Saphira was nowhere to be found, a bit unusual for her. FINALLY after a few minutes we see her... Walking our of her kitty jail, she had been napping inside! Since then she often curls up inside of it for a rest. I would have thought that with her early bad experiences with it, she would avoid the darn thing at all costs, but hey, it is little surprises like this that make being owned by cats so interesting. Have to put in a little plug from daddy, since we celebrated Viola's first gotcha anniversary day earlier this month and Saphira's second will be right after Catmus: They are still she best behaved and most entertaining kitties we have ever served under, both are just absolute joys, and we feel so lucky that our daughters decided that Saphira would make a great Catmus present for us two years ago!


I caught Saphira purring again!!!

November 2nd 2013 10:49 am
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Anyone familiar with Saphira's story knows that while she is a unique and delightful feline and an absolute joy to have around, she has one un-feline characteristic: She hardly ever purrs audibly! In the almost two years she has graced our furmily, she has actually been heard to purr maybe five or six times, and most of those have been very quiet gentle almost inaudible purrs. We have always accepted the infrequent purrs as just part of who she is, and since in every other way she is almost purrfect (sorry about the pun!) we never let this bother us.

One of the things that Saphira LOVES is being groomed, if she sees me putting on her grooming glove she will run over to me to have her spots "polished up". I had managed to hide the glove from myself for a couple of months, so when I found it last week (I had hidden it under an astronomy magazine), I immediately went into the living room, where both of our Oci girls love to nap during the day, lots of sunlight through a big bay window and nice comfortable sofa, love seat, and easy chair. Saphira was curled up on the big sofa as usual, so I sat down beside her and started stroking her, and she sure seemed to have missed her grooming sessions, arching her back into the glove as I stroked. Then it happened! That rarely heard sound of Saphira purring! And not just the quiet gentle almost inaudible ones we usually hear, but a nice moderately loud motor revving up! Clearly, her purring systems are working fine, she is just very selective about when she chooses to use them. Why she does not do it more often remains a mystery, as she seems such a contented kitty most of the time and like most Ocis she just loves being around her humans.

Just one more delightful enigma about this most wonderful feline companion and family member!


Another sad goodbye to a sweet furiend...

October 23rd 2013 4:25 pm
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Yesterday we received the sad news that our sweet orange furiend Kaci Sunshine took a turn for the worse and sadly meowmy had to let her go. If anyone feels like leaving her a message of support or a prezzie, her Catster page is Kaci Sunshine.



Happy Birthday to My Friend Zuzu

October 3rd 2013 2:16 pm
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Happy Birthday to my fellow Lavender Oci friend Zuzu. For anybody who feels like leaving her a prezzie, here is her page:

She is really beautiful and sweet, like all us Ocis are!


DDP for me? Thank you Catster!

September 23rd 2013 11:54 am
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Daddy (my diary assistant, sometimes food person, and mousie toy tosser) just told me our diary is a Daily Diary Pick today! I was getting a little worried, my sisfur Viola had quite a run of these going, and now she is only ahead by two! Thank you Catster, and all my furiends here.


It's my birthday! I'm four!

September 18th 2013 7:37 pm
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This has been a great week at the jungle kitty house! First on Sunday my sisfur Viola was Cat of the Day, and today is my birthday! I'm four today! Thanks to all who have sent me concatulations and prezzies, I appreciate them! I may be getting older, but I started out my morning as I usually do, with an after breakfast game of fetch with daddy and meowmy. They say I still play like a kitten. Curled up beside him now to help him write this entry.


My sisfur Viola is Cat of the Day! How cool is that!

September 15th 2013 1:47 pm
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My sisfur Viola is the Catster Cat of the Day today! We are all purring happily! Daddy promises to get her something nice when he goes out shopping later, and that usually means I get something too!

But now she will be impossible to live with: We now each have a COTD and DOTD pick, but she has FIVE DDP picks and I only have two! I need to talk to my diary assistant about this situation!

But I still am the first Ocicat around here!


Sad news about a furiend...

August 11th 2013 7:56 pm
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Our Catster furiend Poo has been bravely fighting cancer since April, and today he lost his battle. He was only 12 years young. We would appreciate it if any of our furiends who feel like it would drop a pawmail or gift to his pawrents. His Catster page is:

Thank you all!

Saphira and her furmily


OMC, dad just found that I was a championship kitty in 2011!

July 19th 2013 8:11 pm
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Daddy was just doing some research online about my sisfur Viola's daddy cat Giovanni, who we already knew was a prize winning show cat, when guess what? He discovered that I was also on the TICA list of championship Ocicats for 2011! Giovanni was there at number six, as he expected, but who is on the list at number twenty one? Little ole' ME! We all feel so honored! But daddy said that I was ALWAYS a champion in their hearts. Here is the TICA page he found:

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