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Tanks Milo!~Now I Get's to Purrlay in da Spring Game, too!

April 5th 2013 10:05 am
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If you would like to purrlay da Spring game, jus' copy me diary, change da answers to urs an' tag five o' ur furiends!

Five Things I Like About Spring:

1. Open windows to listen to da burdies
2. Watching alla da critters scurrying about outside
3. Helping to catch dem buggies trying to creep iinto mai houseie
4. Warm sunshine flooding into a room just fur me to lay in~tank u Mr. Sunsine!
5. Happy and feeling great

I like how Milo tagged everfur and do da same here, too~You haven't been tagged yet?~I tag you, now play da game wif me, too!


Hey I'm Ok and You'r Ok..Just Need My Space

March 4th 2013 9:04 am
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I just wanted to let everyone know that I am doing ok. I am NOT afraid of Meowmy at all. Since Thursday afternoon sometime I have been spending time in a spare bedroom in the basement. I have my own little couch and blankie on it. I love to tunnel under this blankie and hide from the world..I have been doing alot of sleeping.

Meowmy has been spencing tons of time with me. I have ventured upstairs a little bit and last night I decided to make my Meowmy happy and me happy, too. I went upstairs after everyfur was sound asleep and I quietly crawled into bed wif my Meowmy. I slept at her feet under the blankies..aww..this was soo wonnerfur!!~Meowmy woke for a minute and felt me and touched me and I didn't move!! I was already downstairs again this morning but I did run up and say, "Hai" and had my breakfast in da kitchen wif my furmily like old times!!

Meowmy had told me she loves me and wants me to come back upstairs whenever I want to..she does not force anything on me and just goes about her daily routines like normal...this I think is for the best as it shows, Hey I'm ok and Your Ok, too!!


Meowmy Was Right..I am Scared Again

February 28th 2013 7:14 pm
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I had a pawsome morning, playing wif my toys and running around..and later Meowm noticed I wasn't around. She found me finally, hiding downstairs in the basement. I looked up at her and let her touch me..Meowm had brought treats down and I came out and ate some and them did a freaking move by bending my back into a c curve and running and hiding again...I had my supper downstairs too. And just a little while ago Meowm came to coaks me up and I went to the door landing and then starting crying and meowming mornfully and ran back downstair..I can tell it is bothering my Meowm and she just doesn't know what to do for me.

My Meowm didn't scare me or anything like that today...but Bijou was downstair and making a grrr'ing sound earlier..and she has been known to do that if she sees any animals close to the maybe I saw it too and got scared?



I Have Some News

February 27th 2013 8:46 pm
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Meowmy has been wanting to update my diary with the news but has been afraid of being jinxed. Aww..I will do it fur her myself. First off, I am getting better, still a little skittish, but have come along since I got the fright of my little life four months ago.

I like to eat and ask for my food and treats. I even watch and see if Meowm is heading into the kitchen, cuz if she is, I run into the kitchen, jump up on a chair and stand up with my front paws hanging onto the top of them and MEOWING loudly and looking really cute fur my Meowmy!!

I sleep with my Meowmy, too and don't jump up and run away at night if there is any movement like before.

I run and play with alla the toys and make Meowmy laugh hard when I am running at 50 miles an hour and hit and run along the front side of the couch like if I'm skate's fun!!..and the tunnel Meowny bought me is my favorite toy of all..maybe because I am learning there are things here that are just for me.

And my Meowmy lets me know and tells me so often just how much she loves me.

We are working on me getting used to the cage and I can go in and out of it whenever I want.

probably another month to six weeks I will be going to the doctors!!..oh that will be another adventure and Meowmy is afraid all of this hard work both she and I have been doing is going to go out the window on that day!!


I'm Going to Get Better..

January 30th 2013 9:58 am
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Well, Meowmy will be speaking wif a new vet who just started at our vet clinic in Neepawa. This vet is a lady and she is American. The receptionist said to phone this afternoon, after surgeries. Meowmy has a great relationship with this clinic and the receptionist recommend Meowmy speak wif the new vet as she will be more knowledgable about things that I am going through. I have heard of other kibbies here on Catster getting a pill to help stimulate their appétit..*shrugs* ..I don’t know if I need this or what is going to happen…but after we find out what may be going on and what can be done (which will be a process) then I can let alla my friends know.
Thank you all my wonnerfur friends fur caring and sharing with us..we appreciate it!!


I Think I'm Just Being a Picky Eater?

January 27th 2013 11:37 am
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Well, I thank you all fur responding to my last diary entry!!..yes Meowmy has often thought of taking me to the vet..but first of all let me clarify a few things: I am running around and playing, my coat looks and feels wonderful and my eyes are sparkinling and I do run up fur treats!!..especially at 9p.m...I just know when that time is and even call out and tell Meowmy it's bedtime snack time.

Now, Meowmy is concerned about my eating a eat habits are terrible!!'s almost like I have an eating disorder..I kid you not and am not sure if this is possible with a kibbie to have somefin like this.

Some days are better than other days...some days I will eat what Meowmy gives me and other days I will walk away from it and then Meowmy keeps trying with all kinds of is very frustrating as the other cats will try to help themselves to what I am given so theis just makes me back up even more. And NO!! I can not be put away to eat..I get very panicky if Meowmy trys to pick me up!! I jump out of her arms and run down stairs to hide!! Some days all I want to eat is treats, other days the hard food is ok and then I may have the soft..there is no rhymn or reason with my eating's almost like a disorder!!

This all started on Halloween day when Meowmy was in a hurry to get me to the vet clinic for a shot and she kept chaisng me around the house, trying to put me in the cage..I couldn't figure out what in the world was going on, and even jumped out of her arms at one the end of it I was crying and peed myself and Meowmy just sat on the floor and said, "what am I doing to you? this is not fair..trying to rush to make a deadline to get you to the vet before they closed". Mewomy sat there and cried..cuz she felt was a Friday and she was borrowing a car to take me to the vets a half hour away from home..

Since then I have changed and am slowly coming around but Meowmy fears I will never be like I once was and she really misses me!!

Has anyone ever heard if kibbies can have an eating disorder or an anxiety disorder? If so what can we do? Believe me, up here in Canada in a small town vet clinic I am not sure if they can properly treat Neiko for such things...I love my Neiko to bits and am very concerned about her..she does come and lay close to me and will sleep with me..but she doesn't lay on my lap anymore and spends most of her days looking out the window


I Got's to Tell You Somfin..

January 25th 2013 9:40 am
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I haven’t been able to write for awhile and thought it a good time to let alla my friends know what I have been up to. I still luv to sit and look out the windows..I spend most of my days like this..I am not interested in ever going back out there, as I was rescued on a very bitter cold December day . I really enjoy the basement’s the best one to see all of the birdies.
Believe it or not even with the bitter dangerous cold we have been experiencing lately, there are still birds outside. They are furry tiny and interesting..they mesmerize me, that’s fur sure!
I haven’t caught any more mousies or schroo’s, either..but I am on guard..MOL!!
I am still furry thin and kind of skittish..Meowmy is furry sad and I heard her say she feels like she lost a huge piece of me..hey I am still here, just got really scared is all and we are both working on it..I love my Meowmy furry much and although I don’t lay in her arms night I do sleep furry close to her and we purrlay together, too..and I do eat..just need lots of tiny snacks..I like to eat like this now.
Did I tell you that my Meowm went shopping one day a few weeks ago and bought me my furry own organic made bowl..just fur me!! It is tiny and holds a little food at a time..perfect fur me. And she also bought me a’s red and grey in colour and lots of fun!! It came wif two balls attached to it, but someone took one off..the ofur one is still on my tunnel!! I have loads of fun wif this there are two tunnels and I run thru one and then the ofur one…this is lots of fun!!..see, Meowmy loves me!!
I even have my own collar with a black and white bandana attached to it..but I won’t let Meowmy put it on me…Meowmy doesn’t want to scare me anymore..But it is my collar and one day I will wear it and show it off fur all of my wonnerfur friends here on Catster! I likes to meow wif you all but I have to go fur now…will purrlay wif you and Meow wif you again soon!!



January 2nd 2013 10:16 am
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Oh I sure had a wonnefur Chrittmas..yup!! lot's za fun!! Santa Claws came to our house fur sure..MOL!! and he brought us kibbies toys and food and treats and Meowmy made me a quilty.

my quilty

It was furry cold outside over Chrittmas where we went down to -38 wif the windchill..and I wuz lookin' out da window and hopping not to see a lonely lost kibbie or I wuz goin' ta let Meowmy know so she could help im!! I knows all about being outside in da freezing Manitoba winter. It was like -40 when Meowmy rescued me from outside. I wuz suppose to go to a shelter to find a furever home..but I already knew I wuz home!!! MOL!!! Meowmy had ta figure dis out fur herslf!! I just stayed all quiet and didn't make a not me!! I stayed close to Meowmy and let her put me on her lap and she stroked me..oh I remember it felt goot..oh I am straying from what is important right now!! And dat is this: January is like the coldest month of the year..don't know bout where you live..but dis is furry hard on da outside furbabies. So since we all had a wonnerfur Chrittmas and had lots a gifties and food and warmth now pawese remember as it gets colder outside to help a furbaby in any way you can!! You don't have to keep dem furever, but pawese don't turn your back on dem eifurr!! Bring dem in and put dem in a seperate room..feed dem!! bring dem where they will have all of dis wonnerfur stuff done to help dem live!! Oh Pawese will you do dat dis year?



December 14th 2012 9:16 am
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*big smiles and clappy paws*

WOOWEEE!!! I sure surprised Meowmy this morning alright!! We had just finished having our breaky when Bijou is standing in the hall and says "meowm", it was a funny kind of meowm and Meowmy started to come over to see what was wrong cuz Bijou and me was standing close together and looking down on the floor at somfin. Meowmy came over and thought it was a toy at first, but quickly realized it was the real thing!

It's my first prezzie to Meowmy, I just luvs her soo much!! Anyways, I go to put it in my mouth to show her how I did it...hey, you know how I mean we do it? Remember, we pick it up and says, see, Yeah!! like that!!! ...anyways Meowmy says NO!! and ran to get the broom..which I am now petrefied of and scoopes is up with the broom and dustpan and throws it out in the snow!!

Well, after all that work I am glad she gots an early chrittmas prezzie from little ol me!! But, you know what? Bijou, the bossy princess that she is...she is trying to take all the credit!!! NO FAIR!!!

Bijou is mean and bossy...see my boo boo on my nose by my left eye..yeah, right there..yup that's a scratch Bijou did to me....she's just plain mean to me!!

And now since Meowmy didn't see me bring the mousies up in my mouth or even kill it, she says to be fair both me and Bijou will take the honors today of the very first extermination in our house. NO FAIR!!

I spend most of the day downstairs and Meowmy knows I want to be able to hunt outside..cept that's a no instead the little sucker came to me and I hunted and I said HA HA HA !!! got you!!! MOL!!!

I show Meowmy!!!! I know I did it and I gave it to her as an early chrittmas prezzie...cuz we are getting ready for the big day!! PaPa Friday is even going shopping wif me and Bailey this afternoon to finish up our shopping. But if there is one mousie then there can be two!! and the next time I am gonna bring my prezzie right to Meowmy!!


Lots of Happenings on Saturday...WOW!!!

November 26th 2012 12:29 pm
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First I need to thank the diary readers fur choosing me to be a Daily Diary Pick for this past Saturday, November 24, 2012. We weren't on and missed it..but all our wonderfur, true, caring furiends helped me celebrate the big day!! and what a big day it was!!!

Not only was I a DDP, but it was also my Uncle Ken's birfday and Meowmy got to phone him and wish him a good one...we haven't seen furmily in over a year Meowmy was happy to talk and then she told us that we have a new cousin....his name is Rusty and he is an orangie and about 6 years old..Uncle ken adopted Rusty about a week after Snoot went to the Bridge at the end of June. Snoot was Uncle Dave's kibbie and he has been gone for almost five years wonder Buddy was trying to get through to Meowmy not to miss him soo bad anymore...Uncle Dave plays with Buddy and Snoot, why she just loves to curl up and hang out with Buddy at the Bridge!! we have Rusty!!! He is a big boy by the sounds of it, MOL...Meowmy really needs to make a trip home and visit with furmily..and she will be able to take pictures of Rusty and make him a page too!!! We just can't waite, MOL!!! Hey I should tell Meowmy to make Rusty a quilty, he would just love one!!

Meowmy also has to work at the quilt store on Saturdays so I missed out on my DDP...but that is ok...our wonderfur furiends helpedme by senidng notes of concat's to me ad leaving me prezzies and making a wonderfur picture of me fur more Meowmy Memories:

I would like to thank the following:

Jameson you once again came thru and made a bewtifur picture I will treasure of my Neiko

Milo Blue Eyes & furmily thank you fur the green emerald..this will be always shining on my page!! and Mallee was also right up there with me on the same catciting is this!!

Tiger, Tiny and Beauty you gave to me a most bewtifur Red Rose, thank you

Tate you gave me a football!! how'd ya know I love to play ball?

and to my wonderfur furiends who sent me enchanting p-mails..Thank you, we save these too, ya know!!!

Ohh..thank you once again!!!
Purrs and Sandpaper blowing kisses

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