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Neiko's Big Adventures

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A Wonderful Burfday and A Message About Temptation Treats

August 22nd 2013 8:48 am
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I had a wonnerfur Burfday and just want to place it all down here for future memories, to look back on. It was an awesome, pawsome day, with many wonnerfur furiends helping to caterbrate.

It is also a day I will never forget in another way~today I learned that something I have been eating has been also contributiiing to the deaths of many kibbies. I will get into that in a short time, first I want to put down and thank all my friends for helping me caterbrate mai burfday here!!

Three very talented artists created bewtifur keepsake pictures for me:

Meiko; Jameson representing the KCK group; The furmily of Tundra, Rory, Manytoes and Lynzee

Callie Rose and Herbie sent me burfday cards

Hazel Mazel, Jezebel and Travis sent me personal pmails greetings

The following sent me rosies to help decorate mai page:

Tiger, Tiny and Beauty gave me a delicious chocolate cupcake

Lily, Tigger , Angel POO ( The Kalifurnia Krew) gave me some nice cold lemon aid

Hobo and furmily gave me an ice cream cold~MMM delicious

Bootbox gave me a beachball~we all had fun in da kitty pool wif dat ball, eh Bootbox!

Queen Tallulah, Kody and furmily gave me Ice cream cone, too, lotz to share wif

Milo, Mallee, Smokey Joe and furmily gave me a bewtifur red rose!!

Smiley Cassanova also gave me an ice cream cone

Uno, Righty, Lefty and furmily gave me a ladybug~had lotza fun purrlaying wif it, MOL

Marmelade, Indy, Sebastian and furmily gave me a mousie to purrlay wif, lotza fun!!

Alexander, Juliette, Angels Natasha and Ben gave me a delicious chocolate cupcake

The Carolina Crew sent me some delicious Nip Ale

Flossie, Ollie,Angels Alfie and Buzz and furmily sent me a beach ball how fun!!

Sampson, Muppet, Nakita, Chico sent me a bewtifur butterfly to purrlay wif!!

Mai cousins in B.C. also sent me gifts like mousies (three different kinds) oh one that moves all by itself *puts her paws up to her mouth and giggles* I also got food and birfday cards from them, too!! Thank you so much Chloe, Mojo, Gracie and Jasper for sending them to me!! Thank you for alla the cards on FB too!! Oh and mai wonnerfur Auntie T she sent me a bewtifur burfday card, too and I’m putting dem in da memory box!!

I gots a new carrier from Meowmy, going to be able to travel in high style now and be comfy, too!! Got a new tunnel, too and Friday already broke two hanging toys in it and got himself twisted in it, looked like he was having fun, but Meowmy was concerned, so she put that away. Sheesh!!

Now den, I love Temptation Treats like no other, I kid you not!! I scream fur dem, too~YUP when I want dem I let mai Meowmy know. But she let me know that kibbies have gotten furry sick from them and some have even died. So now Meowmy says no more for me ever again!!

here is a link for you to check out about the deaths contributed by Temptation treats: ood.html

Oh boy, I am going to go thru withdrawls, too!! Meowmy is doing research to find alternatives for me and mai sisfurs~Friday never ever had any, not even one~he has never been interested in dem!!

Lacey and Finnegan’s meowmy sent us a link to check out, these treats are wonnerfur and much healthier for us~we have to see if we can get any of these up here in Canada~Greenies we can!!

here is the link:

Meowmy phoned da vets and they will be able to order in the Greenies as they only have the pill pocket kind in right now. I am going to leave the links for you to read and check out for yourself. We don’t want to get sick or die and we sure don’t want any of you, either. Being informed and doing research is the best thing to do.

So thank you all fur caterbrating mai burfday wif me and coming over to mai house and having lotza fun!! Thank you for all the wonnerfur times and also fur reading mai diary!!


I'm Having a Burfday and Your All Invited!!

August 20th 2013 7:33 am
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Tomorrow is my burfday, I’m gonna be three years old already!! it’s going to be lotza fun!! Meowm keeps adding packages and parcels to a pile stocked up in the closet.

Yesturday she came back from getting the mail, carrying a parcel from our furiends in B.C. It’s a present, I just know it~cuz I heard Meomwy saying to the ofurs that it is mine~~ *big smiles on her face*

Oh boy, I can’t waite to see what I get!! I’ve been a real good gurl,

I want to invite alla my furiends to come on over and we’re going to pawty and have lotza fun!!

We’re habving tuna burgers, chips, catnip coolers to quench our thirst and cake lotza cake!! So if your not too busy, pawese consider dis your invitation to come over and have fun and purrlay wif us




July 26th 2013 7:29 am
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I sure was having lotza fun last night!! I was zooming around and around, bouncing off the sides of the couch just like if I was skateboarding, MOL!! And den I ran thru mai red tunnel and hopped and jumped over da curvy scratchy post and smacked mai big purple mousie!!

OH it was lotza fun!! Why I even jumped in da air like as if I was a kitten!!! I sure was full of fun and jumping beans!!

Meomwy had a wonnerfur big smile on her face, too, just seeing how happy I am now ~ sure have come a long way!!


I Growled and Didn't Back Down!!

July 11th 2013 8:43 am
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That Bijou of ours is soooo bossy!! How in the world did she ever become part of this furmily???

Last night she was trying to get me to move away furm Meowmy by coming up kinda close to me. Instead I just layed there and GROWLED at her and she turned her head side ways ~ YEAH JUST LIKE THAT!! How did you know??

Anyway den she lifted a paw and I scrambled away but Meowmy called me and I came right back!! I jumped up on the other side~ Bijou is not the boss of ME!!!


Now What's I'm Doing????

July 9th 2013 7:47 am
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Dis morning Meowmy touched me and knew I was sleeping beside her in bed. But dat is the last time she saw me upstairs, MOL!!

When I came to breakfast, she had to call and call me and finally went downstairs and der I waz, standing at da bottom of the stairs waiting fur her!!

Meowm brought mai breakkie down fur me to eat in peace, but how can I when Bailey wants to be wif me? So Meomwy raced back up to bring her breakkie down to, so us gurls could eat togefur, MOL!!

And den Bijou, dat bossy mother hen, she shows up!!! Ppppffftt~just go away Bijou, but nope!!~so I go into da ofur room and Meowmy brings mei food to me and I eat more

Not afraid of Meowmy!!~maybe just need time away or maybe its the weather change? Meowmy knows when the weather is gonna change big time, like yesterday she suffered from a bad headache. Today is cool and cloudy. So maybe I feel the difference too and can't make head or tails of it??? MOL!!

Meomwy is gonna put mai new Calming collar on me later when she is home to see if this will help me.


Mai Calming Collar

July 3rd 2013 7:47 am
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Whoa dis week sure is shaping up to be just soooo's like dem stars are all in alignment, helping everfing to work out so I can gets to da vets!!

I hear Meowmy gently talking bout it, but I just don't wanna leave da house and so Meowmy ordered dis spawcial collar and boughts me my furry own spawcial carrier and all, gots treats and sumfin to make me drowzzie too!!

Keep dem paws crossed I am gonna cooperate fur Meowmy wif dis here collar so she can take picshurs and post dem!!


Getting Ready Fur All Kinds of Catcitment

July 2nd 2013 9:14 am
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We had a wonnerfur time in Winnipeg on Sunday. We went to Petsmart and got our Petperks card and had a ball shopping!!

I got an early birfday prezzie:

click here to see mai new carrier Meowmy and mai fur furmily bought fur mai birfday

It's a Laurel Burch carrier. I am soo afraid of the ofur two hard plastic carriers and really need to get to the vets, so Meowmy saw this one on sale at a pawtastic price and when she heard that if she had to return anyfing that we don't like even if used, then she has two months to do so ~ but mai furmily is really hoping and keeping dem paws crossed I will like it and fink of it as all mine!!

Just waiting on mai Calming collar, its somewhere in Canada as we checked and its cleard customs, maybe tomorrow?


Special Order Sent Out Just Fur ME!!!

June 19th 2013 6:16 pm
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Meowmy ordered mai Calming Collar yesterday!! YaY I gets to have sumfing neat and its just fur me!!

I'm all catcitied as its also the first order from the puter fur any of us kibbies!!~Meomwy usually buys on site, she needs to see and feel it furst!

We also found out we can order stuff from Petsmart online except Meowmy wants to go and check this store out first with her own eyes, MOL!!

Back to the Calming Collars. I need one, and hope it works on me, so I can finally feel safe and be able to go to the vet clinic and not get spooked!! There is a site on Facebook you can check out and a link there that takes you right to the calming collar site

I am going to post mai picture when the collar comes~boy oh boy Meowmy really must loves me lots to order sumfin spawcial just fur me offa da puter, HUH?


This Little Luv Bug is a Might Lioness ~ Hear Me ROAR!!~MOL

June 7th 2013 10:00 am
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Not only am a now feeling really wonnerfur and back to mai old self ~ I have also become more assertive!!

First of all I really need to tell all of mai wonnerfur furiends how much I love mai PaPa Friday!! ~ Friday is wonnerfur and I am super duper close to him!!~YUPS!! Fur sure

I love to go up to Friday and put mai front paws and arms around his neck and hug Friday and lick him and kiss him ~ Friday really enjoys this, too!!~Kind of how mai Grandpaw Buddy loved Friday once, years ago!!~Friday hasn't been loved and kissed like this in four + years!!

I even help wash and groom him and snuggle down and sleep beside mai PaPa Friday, too!!~he loves and hugs and kisses and washes me back, too!!

And now I can tell you sumfin else, I did two nights ago!!~shocked Meowmy to no end, too ~ MOL!!

Meowmy had finished combing Bijou out and was petting her and talking wif her, telling Bijou how bewtifur she all was (I could hear all this silly talk from the kitchen)..well, Bailey was hanging wif me and she thought she was not hearing things right and wanted to go investigate and see what was up ~ know what I mean?

Ok, so Bailey goes into the livingroom and sits down on her butt and just looks at the situation, no big deal, right?

Well, Bijou thought it was a big deal all right, cuz she got all mad a Bailey fur just looking at her and Bijou got up and went over and smacked Bailey in the face and was yelling at her!!!

Well, I heard this all right!!~Bailey is MY sisfur, and no one messes wif my sisfur!!~I ran into the livingroom and up to Bijou and hissed at her and smacked her back!!~Bijou ran from me and hide under the day bed we use by the front window....I was just plain livid and mad and it showed on mai face, mai nose was all scrunched up and mai eyes were black and beedy looking ~ I sure was mad and scary looking ~MOL!!

Meowmy was calling me but I ignored her and went after Bijou under the daybed!!~ Bijou looked scared and meomwed and Meomwy was still calling mai name and was in shock by this time ~ I have never done anything like this before!!~But Bijou is a meanny and bossy and has attacked Bailey, biting her in the eye ~ not too mention all the attacks I have suffered over her ~mai nose is scarred from all the scratches from Bijou~I'm starting to fight back and showing Bijou we're not gonna take it anymore!!

But Mai Meomwy is scared for Bijou~she is hoping Bijou is healthy and ok because she has heard about kibbies being sick and others knowing about it and taking over the Alpha kibbie position by being dominate and showing the boss the younger one is stronger than they are.

Hopefully this is not the case and that I am just not taking Bijou's bossy ways anymore!!

Meomwy always gets after Bijou, too, saying NO BULLYING allowed but Bijou not listening so I got mad and pushed back!!

Meomwy sure looked at me twice that evening ~ she didn't think I had it in me, as I am the smallest and always backs down ~ this time I went charging into the situation and said ENOUGH!!

Meomwy said fur me not to do this again ~ yeah, right!~like I'm going to listen to that!!~MOL


Power of Da Paw; Love and tCares~They All Work to Help Heal- Us!!

May 28th 2013 9:13 am
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It's been a roller coaster ride since I got scared real bad back on Halloween 2012.

Meowmy didn't mean to scared me, just everything was all at once on a time schedule and that does not work wif me!!

I've had mai good days and then not so good days~wrote about it only to quickly change like as if I wasn't suppose to tell how I was doing~its like the fates were against me and mai Meowmy!!

Well, mai Meowmy neve gave up~cried and was sad at times, thought she lost me forever and morned the closeness we once shared.

Furiends rallied around us, sendng encouraging kind words, wisdom and ideas, purrs and prayers and Power of The Paw!! oh and Angel Buddie's spawcial Blue Ribbon!!

These were all so very welcomed and much needed and appreciated.

Well, with preserverance, prayers and PoTP and our furiends there for us, I can safley say I am finally back 100 per cent back, to mai old self again!!

I am laying and cuddling wif mai Meowmy in her lap once again~this is something Meowmhy thought was gone for sure!!~it was the last thing I finally broke though and did~and boy do I ever love to do this!!

I cuddle up tight wif Meowmy in bed now too, and sleep all night beside her!!

I jump around, asking to bed fed like at least twently times a day, I kid you not!!~i just can't get enough to eat!MOL!!

If meowmy goes into the kitchen, then I figure its time she fed me again, no matter how many times she goes there~hey I was very skinny forr a long time and hardly ate!!~I am putting some weight on again, too!1

I am just cute as a button and Meomwy is going to be working on making video's of all of us~i'll let you all know when maine will be up and running~make sure you stock up on popcorn to eat while watching our video's

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