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Bits by Bailey

First Things First

May 13th 2012 2:17 pm
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So, welcome world, it's me - Viper. But I know that will not always be my name. My future forever family will have my caster page and then they will change my name to something much better later. Meantime, I got this name cause I spits at peeplz and Stephanie always wanted to name a cat Viper. I is about 4 1/2 weeks old. So far I love the goats milk I started yesterday, won't touch mushy food. I make lots of kitty pee and like to share it with those who feed me. No kitty poop yet, so foster mom just a little worried 'bout dat. I also have fleas, so foster mom tryin' to find something safe for little guy like me. Do da vet thingie tomorrow. I think I miss my mom a bit, but peeplz can be cool. Hope I gets friends soon!


My New Name!! Bailey

May 15th 2012 1:09 pm
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Yep, my forever name is Bailey!! Totally pawsome!! I have a REAL name that is all mine forever and ever!!! I saw my momcat eatin' on da porch this morning. She doin' good. She knows I is gonna be a handsom well-loved man-cat and that is a good thing! I ate real cat food at lunch time today all by myself.


Saw my Momcat Today

May 17th 2012 3:57 pm
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I saw my momcat today. Foster mom doesn't think I remembered her, but I did. She was pretty calm for bein' in a cat carrier - the same one I came home in. So I'll bet it smelled a little like me. I sad cause she was goin' to the snippity-snip place. Mom says she will come back and be all healthy. That a good thing, but I sad for her now. My forever family human girls come to see me every day. I like that! They play with me and hold me and talk to me. Wez is gonna have a boootiful forever time once the paperwork goes thru!

Meantime I'm sittin' here with foster mom in da window waitin' for Tawny to show up so she can pull the string on da dropbox. Seeing lots of wildlife. Baby rabbits! Big possums with funny noses! Blue jays! A really big raccoon! Come on, Tawny, it be for your own good...


Forever Home!

May 18th 2012 7:08 pm
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I have gone to my forever home. Soooo happy. Foster mom is transferring my page to my forever mom. Maybe you will get to meet my new fuury family of Lucy and Sammy, too!!!


Back to Visit!

May 25th 2012 5:18 pm
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Haven't quite gotten around to transferring my page yet. My cool mom and dad and kiddos went away for the weekend, so I am visiting back with my foster family. Good to see them again, but they are not nearly has full of energy as my real family children!! Hope I get to stay up for Zackery' party!!!!


Me is Good!

June 13th 2012 6:54 am
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My new family be real busy with us kitties and puppy, and lots and lots of human kiddos. I have lots of playmates and they is all really good to me. I be growing every day. Sammy is my bruffer kitty and we share our kitty tunnel. Well, sometimes. Sometimes I want it all for me. He is a nice guy and lets me have my way! Just want to say hi to everyone who has cared so much for me in my early days. Iz gonna be a BIG mancat one day.


I Be Cat o da Day Yesterday!!

January 12th 2013 4:52 pm
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How pawsome! I be Cat of da Day!!! Good timing since I got into real trouble this week and my foster mom and dad had to come to the rescue. My family has six boootiful kids, Lucy (my puppy sister), Sammy (my bruffer), and me! Well, something bad happened and my family went away all of a sudden. I could tell they were upset. They took Lucy with them! It be just me and Sammy all alone for four days!! Sammy kept tellin' me it be okay, but..... I was afurraid and wanted my family to know how much I missed them. So, I made little presents for each of them as a surprise in the downstairs rooms where the carpet had just been cleaned. For some reason, they weren' too happy. They called my foster mom all upset. Well, they came runnin' and collected all NINE of my presents and even reshampooed the carpet for my mom. Turns out mom's gmom had died unexpectedly. That was why they went away so sudden. Foster mom helped us all sit down and think about it. She helped them see that I just missed them and wanted them to come home. Thanks to everyone for my Cat of the Day!!!!


Thanks to Caster- Diary of the Day!!!

January 16th 2013 8:02 pm
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Goodness alive! I being in da kitty light so much lately! I be diary of the day. Guess my gifting of my family struck some lovin' moments for others. After all, wez kitties just love to give puuurezents to our moms and dads. Anybody else like to give stuff>


Crossing the Rainbow Bridge

December 21st 2013 6:32 pm
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I know it be Christmas and all....not a time of year of this to happen. My adopted family called mom today. The weather was nice yesterday. I was supposed to only be out a few hours, but I did not come back. Sadly, they discovered I had been hit by a car. It happened quickly, I don't even remember it. Just suddenly I was here at the bridge where all the kitties are happy, healthy. Mom's sweet Cookie met me right away and gave me a hug. My foster children are very sad and so is mom.


This Angel Kitty be DDP

December 30th 2013 8:20 am
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Wow, I feel so special to be DDP. I have been at the rainbow bridge just nine days! There be so many things to do and see! So many kits and pups. I have met many of my foster family's earlier fur-babies like Cookie, Bandit, Buster, Ginger, El Cid, Buster Tabby, Patsy (all kitties and we share stories). I found out they had two pups: Harley and Buffy! And a couple of really lovely rats: Nina, Thad and Sam. And Icon the bootiful black percheron. Another really great part about the bridge is we can see the difference so many of our peeplz families have made with little acts of kindness for animals and peeplz that they will never know till they get here. And we also can help kits and pups in distress. I go fly by my little puppy (her name be Lucy) back at my family house and tell her to never ever get off her leash and run in the road.

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