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Sweetie's Hopes and Dreams

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Unexpected Happening

July 12th 2013 7:22 pm
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Vicky talking: Me and Miah went to Dr. Stacy today early in the morning. At first I was excited cause I am the big explorer. Looking out of the carrier and the trees whizzing by the car. Mom kept telling us this going to be tough, but after this we be ready for our furever homes. Doesn't seem so bad to me. Tough? Then we get to Dr. Stacy's. I been here before. It smell like frightened kitties and pups. Now I'm nervous, but me and Miah, we stay together. After a while we both get a stingy little shot, then go to sleep......
I think Miah waked up first. She was nuzzling me. But when I tried to get up, something was wrong. O dear, my weak leg be stuck in something. Dr. Stacy's nurse come and started petting me and talking to me, but I be pretty scared. What wrong with me!

Now I back at home. Mom and Dad be here with me and I have been on Dad's lap all evening. There be a big cast on my weak leg. Dr. Stacy checked it out while I was asleep for my gettin-fixed surgery and found something wrong in my heel. So, now we not sure about a lot. We cannot go to Petsmart and a furever home and Mom and Dad has to go away in two weeks. For now I'm going to be staying in Miranda's old dog crate. Not very happy. I cannot play with Miah or chase balls or climb. Boring!!



July 10th 2013 7:19 pm
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So little kitty who was rescued from the dog lady (grrrrrr) is named Kota! She be a cute gray baby who has ringworm! But she has a new furever family comin' to pick her up tomorrow. Mom made sure there be no other kitties, no children and told the furrever mom and dad about washing very well and treating her till the bad ringworm spores - fungi - whatever - be all gone. They coming to get her tomorrow. Wez all very excited for her!


Me! Miah! Got This One!!!

July 5th 2013 5:10 pm
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So pawsome of Catster folk to give us two days in a row! One for Vicky (my big sister) and one for ME!! I am brave little Miah! Sister Vicky went to the vet today cause she has a bad leg. News is it is not going to get better, but she gets around just fine, so Dr. Stacy says she can go to a new home if they promise to keep her inside. Our big sister Miranda says that be a good thing! And today I came out from under the couch by myself for the first time!!!! Up till now, after I play I go under the couch and Dad has to turn it over to get me out. Today I came out all my myself! I got extra yummies!


We Be DDP!!!

July 4th 2013 4:13 pm
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Little Sweetie say we can have the diary today!! Me, Vicky, and my little sister, Miah, so thrilled to be picked! We excited more and more each day! We gettin' used to peeplz and other kitties! We eat yummy beechnut baby chicken and kitten chow!! I go back to the scary vet lady about my leg tomorrow, but I think I be getting stronger every day on that, too! Someday we will have furever homes - or maybe together! We do happy that it rain today and no fire-workies here! My humanz all sat around and watched movies like 1776 and The Patriot and Captain America! We got held lots today! So wonderful!


Kitten Updates

June 29th 2013 7:38 pm
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So little baby girl #1 is Vicky. She is a wonderful loving little furball. Her bad leg seems to be improving some. She getting to like running around. Baby girl #2 is Miah. She is very independent. Likes Dad to hold her, just a little. If she gets down, she runs behind the couch, so we not doing that too much yet. She has only been here two days and we so proud of her progress. Mama Kitty who tested positive for FIV is at Frances' place. Hopefully she gets retested when Dr. Stacy comes back, but even if she is FIV + we gonna try to find a good home for her. Baby kitten #3 is still missing. Mom pretty bummed about it. She saw her yesterday afternoon briefly just as the kitten climbed a fence and ran. Traps set with yummy food and towels from her sisters' cages has not worked. Mom worried now about if she be eating. She told the homeowner to put food and water on the step like she used to. More important to find her and get her eating right now. We can trap in a couple of days. Mom hoping she (or he) be all right.


FIV Info Needed!

June 28th 2013 7:57 am
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Mama kitty went to the vet to get "fixed" today. But her test came back positive for FIV. Now we fighting for her life. Mom knows it had to happen someday that someone would test positive. Feelings of dread and "now what do we do?" Mom doesn't really even know what this means. All the kittens have been negative. Could momcat's test be an error? The barn home for her has disappeared. The outside home she came from also won't take her back. Vet's office (Dr. Stacy is out of town) wants mom to decide if she should be put down. Need to know if there are helpful words of wisdom out there.


Sister #2 Here

June 27th 2013 7:34 pm
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Vicky's sister was trapped today. She is very afraid, but we know that will pass very soon. Their mama was trapped tonight, so there is one little kitten to go. Mom a little concerned that mom was caught before the kitten. We have had a lot of rain lately making trapping harder. Mom really hoping the last kitten's picture is here tomorrow night!


Vicky Doing Nicely

June 24th 2013 1:25 pm
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Laughing at all the funny words in my last diary update. Smart phone must really be dumb-phones when they make the word choices! Little Vicky is becoming a real peeplz kitty! Just loves beechnut baby food chicken. She cuddle and purr and becoming happy. Doesn't like being kept in the cage too much, but needs to be resting her bad leg. Thanks to efffurbody for the purrs!


Baby Vicky Home from Vet

June 22nd 2013 8:47 am
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Mom was able to trap baby Vicky and her mama yesterday, but let mama out before the rest of the kittens were not to be found. Vicky was taken directly to Dr. Stacy who checked her out. Amazingly, she has just soft tissue damage (that mike kind of bruises). Mom brought her home last night and set up her cage with a nice hamook and a little box to hide in. She is very very frightened by all new things and misses her mommy very much, but does let us hold her and pet her for short periods of time. Plan is to go catch her two siblings and mom early next week. Mom go to be fixed and to a home already waiting for her. Vicky and siblings will be socialized and to homes in Judy. Stay tuned for how we do!


Kitten needs Purrs!

June 20th 2013 7:07 pm
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Mom got a call yesterday 'bout a mom kitty with 3 little kittens. The peeplz where she hangin' out say neighbor moved away and left her. How she have little ones. Mom went and saw the "little mama." It was getting dark, kittens did not show. Drop box set up and Little Mama very curious. Lady was hoping we'd get them last night cause the little babies keep playing in the street. She afraid something awful will happen, but kittens did not come. Mom left the box in place with plans to come back. Lady say the kittens maybe come in the morning. She would call. This morning mom was taking two ferals to zTNR and the lady called. Something bad happen. One of the babies has been injured! Person tried not to hit her, but one leg is hurt. Baby running on three legs and no one could catch her. Mom told the lady to feed early this evening just a little for Little Mama (she still nursing these babies). Then in the morning before the sun come up (5 am!) Mom gonna go over there and they will put out some very very yummy food and try to catch mom and babies all at once. Hoping injured kitty will show. Otherwise mom will look till she finds her. Taking the day off from work. Dr. Stacy has been notified and is on standby. Everyone hoping since the kitten was running she will survive.

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