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Sweetie's Hopes and Dreams

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We All Have Names Now!!!

September 18th 2013 7:53 pm
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Yep. We have names. Black kitty with the big Puss-in-Boots eyes is Wicket (cause Jonny thinks he looks like an Ewok). Other little black baby is Sylvester, named by the girl who may become his fuurever mom if her landlord ssys okay. She comes to feed Sylvester every morning at 7:00am. Bigger gray tabby is Milly. She is the biggest and bravest of the kittens. Little gray kitty is the smallest of all but is growing. She has gained two very important ounces since coming home. Her name is Tink (in honor of our Catster friend Tink )


A New Chapter!

September 14th 2013 8:16 pm
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It's me Sweetie taking back my page. Little Vicky and Miah did not get a new home at Petsmart today, but they were outside by a big tent inside of inside. They were very afraid and cried a lot, so tonight are sound asleep.

But I an letting everyone know there are four new babies at the house! These little ones are about three weeks old. They were found by a kind couple five days ago after their mama died. The couple did not know how to care for them and were doing the best they could. They did not know not to give kittens cows milk. Did not know that kittens also need things like their little bottoms rubbed to help them go pooh. Mom isn't certain yet how they will make out. They took formula from the bottle tonight very well. Three weigh 8 ounces. One is just 6 ounces. Will let you know more later.


We Still Here

September 9th 2013 8:22 pm
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Vicky here for me and Miah. We went to Petsmart Saturday, but nobody take us home. Mom says we so bootiful, hard to understand. Next Saturday is the semi-annual adoptathon and Mom is giving this the last chance. She want us to stay now, but there be nine kitties here. She worried about taking care of that many. Lucy and Lottie both go outside now to try to keep the peace. Guess if we stay she'll figure it out somehow. Maybe we show up with our own pages here soon.


Great Day for DDP!!!!!

September 4th 2013 6:03 pm
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Still holding out for the puuurfect family for us! Today Miah gave mom and very special purrsent. She was getting the litter box ready for McGaw, a little TNR gonna spend the night. Miah saw that wonderful clean litter and jumped in to make a deposit. Well, in the deposit was another gift. A little worm sitting in the pooh as pretty as you please wavin' at mom. Gross! Mom gonna get us med tomorrow, but may end up as no-go to Petsmart again if we not clean by Saturday. She thinks we keep doin' this stuff so we get to stay forever --- DUH! Yeah, mom!


We was DDP Yesterday!!!

August 26th 2013 7:53 pm
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So wonderful that we was DDP yesterday - not so good that Mom was too busy doing peeplz stuff to let us come on line. Well, Miah and Vicky did not got to Petsmart. Mom got a call as they were getting ready to leave and was told they could not come cause they'd been sick earlier in the week and not healthy long enough. Happy for them! They now running the house with the other kitties. They likes to jump on the peeplz beds in the middle of the night. Next weekend we try again.


Off to Petsmart Again

August 24th 2013 6:03 am
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Golly, Mom been AWOL for weeks AGAIN!! Thought summer was supposed to be slow. Bunny catching is done and mom's work is getting busy again as school starts. College kids are coming back to the barn and life is a crazy as ever! We (Miah and Vicky) have been to Petsmart three times and still not furever home. Silly peeplz. Mom can tell we'd love a home with children. We cuddle up to quiet children very well! But last week mom did not have have sanitizer with her. We both got very sick by Sunday night with vomiting and diarrhea. Took all week for us to get better. Mom wishes she not be taking us back today, but we don't know any other way to get out the word. We be on Petfinders but there is never anything from that. So, off we go again - this time with hand cleaner stuff!


Mom Checkin' In

July 30th 2013 7:17 pm
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Life been really crazy-like. Thursday (7/25) Auntie Jan came. We just loves Aunt Jan (she recently had a tragic loss of her kitty Tilly). We all loves to sleep in her bed when she come.

Friday (7/26) all the humanz gettin' ready to leave for Sean's wedding and an almost dreadful thing happened here! Little Miah playing with a shoe string jumped or fell off the shelf in her cage and the string caught. Just as it happened Aunt Jan turned and saw her falling. She started screaming for a knife tearing into the cage where poor Miah be hanging! Seconds later, Mom arrived and cut the shoelace. Miah be okay. Aunt Jan sat and cried and held her for a very long time, remembering her little Tilly. Everyone was real shook up and kept hugging and crying. Miah be just fine, but it was terrible close!

Well, the humanz finally managed to leave and the house got quiet. Libby, college kid, came and fed us till Sunday when Steph came home. Then the neighbor called the Kenny be out! He and pushed the screen out at his house. She looked and looked, got his treats and shook the bag. At last he come home. Finding a black cat at night is not easy!!

So mom and dad be at the Washin' place, Steph home with us. All be better now, except Vicky's leg not doing well. Still hoping it just take a little more time.


Me-Vicky! Cast be off!!

July 24th 2013 8:20 pm
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I went to Dr. Stacy and she took off my cast today!! Wow, it feels soooooo good to have my leg back. I washed and washed and washed. When I got home I went to play with Miah, but my leg is very weak and I kept falling down. Dr. Stacy told mom to help me with exercises. By evening I'm not falling down so much. Mom and Dad leave for wedding and vacashun on Friday. Finally got someone to help us and feed us. It be bed time and I can get in the hammock for the first time!! Soooo happy!


Tomorrow Adopt-Day Maybe!

July 19th 2013 8:27 pm
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Vicky here: So much happenin'!! Mom and Dad caught black bunny yesterday, then the white and one red one today. We all sat and stared at them like "What are those things doin' in our house!" Pictures here below my picture.

Meantime me an' Miah gonna go to Petsmart tomorrow. Bob tells me it is scary with strange peeplz and kids pokin' fingers and animal smells - but we still excited. Wondering if our purfect furever family may be there. I worry that someone may take Miah home and not me, but Mom and Dad promise me it will be okay. I cannot be adopted yet, but a family and make a promise for me. Mom still lookin' for a kitty sitter for me when they go away the end of next week.

Thank you for my pawsome DDP again!!! Maybe it's those bunnies!


Vicky be DDP!!!

July 18th 2013 7:46 pm
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Happy happy joy joy!! I be DDP! How exciting! Me and Mirah getting kind of psyched up cause we goin' to Petsmart on Saturday. Our adoption page is now on Petfinder! Mom hoping that someone will want us and keep us together and wait for my leg to heal. We know that is hoping for a lot. O yeah, Mom caught one of those bunnies tonight! The littlest black and gray one. Thank you, everyone for my great honor today!!!!

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