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November 5th 2013 6:03 pm
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Miah and Vicky have a new home! They have gone to live with Mom's daughter Nikki and her family. They be the only pets and Sam and Sophia are so happy to have them. They did fuss last night, but today they played with the kids all day. Everyone be happy. Mom can go see them all the time but they have lots of space and their own house!


Tink Got a Home!!!

November 1st 2013 7:36 pm
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Little Tink be the first of the kittens to go to her new home!! A beautiful newly-wed couple took her home tonight! It be a human-kitty marriage made in heaven. They all so happy together.


Babies doing Well

October 22nd 2013 7:44 pm
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The foster home for the two babies did not work out so well. After five days there, they did not gain weight - one lost weight and it be getting cold now. They were being kept in an unheated tackroom, so Mom went and brought them home. So, all nine babies be here. Feeding time is really fun! The littlist, Tiny Tim, has finally started gaining a little. He weighs 12 ounces now! Mom hoping they all go to be bootiful Christmas kitties in puuurfect forever homes. But right now-- wow, they are a handful!


And then there were......NINE!

October 9th 2013 7:03 pm
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Last night mom collect 25 kitties for TNR and in the process, there be six little kittens. A person in the neighborhood immediately adopted one that was 8 weeks old, but there be five more. Four about 1 pound, one just 6 ounces. They all of weepy eyes. Now we have nine little kittens (not counting Miah and Vicky). Fortunately, Thursday 2 of the new kittens will go to a new foster. Mom sure hoping some furever homes come to rescue the rescuers soon!


We be 1 Pound!!!

October 2nd 2013 7:42 pm
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The four littlest babies be weighing a pound!!! We be about 4 weeks old, too!!! Growing every day. We all eat AD kitty food, bits of kitten chow. And boy can we play!!!!


Another Weekend....

September 29th 2013 7:40 pm
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Well, been a busy couple of days. Little Leah kitten has coccidia, a nasty little thing that gives kittens diarrhea. So all four kittens now on medicine every day for two weeks. (Now Linus has some company!) Miah and Vicky went to Petsmart yesterday. Mom promised them it be the last time because Mom and Dad planning a trip to take them to New Jersey. But when she call her sis last night, their getting a furever home in New Jersey isn't going to happen. Mom really bummed and sad. she love Miah and Vicky very much and want them in a puurfect furever home. Mom had to break her promise and take them back to Petsmart today. Still nobody even look. If they can't get homes, we can't foster more kitties.


DDP Shared with The Little Ones!

September 23rd 2013 5:08 pm
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Just love these DDPs cause kitties some to see all the cute little babies! Amd all the little babies been through here! So many have been adopted including my little boy Bailey last year (2012). And right now there be Miah and Vicky who are nearly 5 months old! They getting so tired of going to Petsmart. But the secret is mom's sister may take them to live with her in New Jersey. Her sister lost sweet Kali in a terrible garage door accident last spring and is almost to the point of being ready for new kitties. Mom and Dad may drive Miah and Vicky to New Jersey next month. And of course there be our 4 tiny little balls of fire! Wicket won't eat food, just wants a bottle (really, boy!) Sylvester will have a home when it is a little bigger! Tink is a real little lover and just loves to cuddle. And Leigh (who was Milly - Dad just renamed her!) she gonna rule the world someday!!!!

Thank you for our boootiful DDP!


We All Have Names Now!!!

September 18th 2013 7:53 pm
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Yep. We have names. Black kitty with the big Puss-in-Boots eyes is Wicket (cause Jonny thinks he looks like an Ewok). Other little black baby is Sylvester, named by the girl who may become his fuurever mom if her landlord ssys okay. She comes to feed Sylvester every morning at 7:00am. Bigger gray tabby is Milly. She is the biggest and bravest of the kittens. Little gray kitty is the smallest of all but is growing. She has gained two very important ounces since coming home. Her name is Tink (in honor of our Catster friend Tink http://www.catster.com/cats/1163957 )


A New Chapter!

September 14th 2013 8:16 pm
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It's me Sweetie taking back my page. Little Vicky and Miah did not get a new home at Petsmart today, but they were outside by a big tent inside of inside. They were very afraid and cried a lot, so tonight are sound asleep.

But I an letting everyone know there are four new babies at the house! These little ones are about three weeks old. They were found by a kind couple five days ago after their mama died. The couple did not know how to care for them and were doing the best they could. They did not know not to give kittens cows milk. Did not know that kittens also need things like their little bottoms rubbed to help them go pooh. Mom isn't certain yet how they will make out. They took formula from the bottle tonight very well. Three weigh 8 ounces. One is just 6 ounces. Will let you know more later.


We Still Here

September 9th 2013 8:22 pm
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Vicky here for me and Miah. We went to Petsmart Saturday, but nobody take us home. Mom says we so bootiful, hard to understand. Next Saturday is the semi-annual adoptathon and Mom is giving this the last chance. She want us to stay now, but there be nine kitties here. She worried about taking care of that many. Lucy and Lottie both go outside now to try to keep the peace. Guess if we stay she'll figure it out somehow. Maybe we show up with our own pages here soon.

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