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Mom is sick as a dog

January 24th 2014 7:15 am
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It all started yesterday. Mom had a toasted peanut butter banana sandwich at home for brunch yesterday morning. Then a few hours later it all came back. Then last night the same thing with plain buttered mashed potatoes, it wouldn't stay down. She can't seem to keep any food down right now so is sipping plain water (a rarity for her) and staying near the bathroom. She's hoping it will be done by tonight just because she hates feeling so lousy. I've been trying to snuggle up & purr for her. She made it through the night but will not be attempting to eat until at least 1 pm, roughly 24 hours from the onset. She managed to get up & feed me pate wet cat food but will not be eating anything herself.



January 16th 2014 7:08 am
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Mom just picked up another hairball from me. This is like the 4th or 5th in the past couple weeks. She ordered stuff from petsmart to clean it up, hairball chew treats & has been growing my cat grass in the bedroom for the past few days. She also tries to brush me enough & run the sticky roller over me so she's hoping it'll be done soon. I'm due for the annual check up & shots at the start of March so if nothing helps she'll ask my vet for help.


I met the baby!

January 4th 2014 11:47 am
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As you probably already know my mom just became a new aunt a week before Christmas. They stopped by with the baby a little while ago so I finally got a good look at him. Mom held me up so I could see him in his carrier. He was deep in sleep so although the visit wasn't very long it went really well. After they left us they carted him off to meet his great grandparents. Someday in the future he'll be back to eat pb & jelly sandwiches, play games, play with me & watch Spongebob on tv.


Happy boxing day!

December 26th 2013 10:26 am
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Mom left me home alone from Christmas Eve afternoon to Christmas night. I was a little upset with her but she got home and quickly put things away and after a quick dose of ibuprofen (headache) & a microwave cheese pizza we were cuddling like crazy. She had a great time celebrating the holiday with her 1 week old nephew.

Today she's getting caught up on laundry & took most of the trash out but left me 1 cardboard box I like to curl up in. Happy boxing day to all my catster friends!


Xmas tree access DENIED

December 11th 2013 7:35 am
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So it's that time of year when people go nuts and put a tree inside and decorate it with lights, ornaments and other things. Mom has had the fake tree set up & decorated with low hanging ornaments since Black Friday. And as if that's not tempting enough to play with she had the nerve to put the Ssscat repellent right in the front & center under the tree because she knows I won't go near that no matter how inviting the ornaments look. There are even wrapped gifts with bows & ribbon under the tree. She's not completely done shopping yet but will wrap it up by this weekend. My efforts of nibbling the lowest branches & playing with the lower nonbreakable ornaments have been thwarted! MEOWWWWW!

She's sent out at least 50 Christmas cards so far with a handful left to send (she's gonna get gift cards for family members in GA to send in the cards) and we're waiting on the kitties to send us the card exchange info from a Catster group. We still have some cards left. Whatever is leftover we sign and give to our oldest neighbors.

She's also still waiting for her nephew to be born. He's due to arrive in a little under 2 weeks now so we're keeping the phones on as much as possible.


December already?

December 1st 2013 10:17 am
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We can hardly believe that it's already December. Mom has been so busy and even more busy last week than usual so she decided to close the business for the whole week to get some other things done. Now with only Christmas ahead (as well as the anticipated arrival of her new nephew) she's ready for things to slow down.

She went shopping yesterday (not on Black Friday) and already brought a pack of small cat toys for my stocking! She's trying to get something for all of the 4 legged children in our extended family this year since next year she'll be busy buying gifts for her nephew. And she'll definitely keep buying me things cuz I'm her baby boy.


New video

November 6th 2013 9:44 am
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Hope you enjoy the new video mom took yesterday while we were playing with Da Bird. I love chasing it and she enjoys watching.

She's come down with a cold so I'm trying to help her with purrs & kneading.


Happy Meowloween

October 31st 2013 6:57 am
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I'm being my furbulous self, no costumes needed for this black cat. Mom is going to dress up like me and try to capture it on camera, purrhaps using a web cam for hands free simplicity. She's busy with an expo coming up in a couple days so making sure her table & display are ready to go is priority #1 for her. So tonight after all the "fun" she may be putting the Halloween decorations away. I'll be staying up in the apartment while she goes prowling around in the lobby to give out candy & play bingo (meow-o) with the neighbors.


I'm 3 today!

October 12th 2013 8:34 am
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Today I'm 3 years old! And mom's birthday is in 4 more days, what fun! Next year we should be equal in age according to the age chart.


Almost my purrday!

October 9th 2013 2:10 pm
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I've been such a good boy that mom gave me a slightly early celebration although my purrday isn't until Saturday. I got my new playground from wayfair a couple months ago. I also got a turbo scratcher with the ball in track that goes around & around and also the most funnest toy ever Da Bird! OMC it's been so much fun playing with the new things and she let me keep the box it was delivered in!

On my actual purrday she's gonna give me Sheba canned tuna cat food and meow out Happy Birthday just for me-ow and wear her Halloween cat stuff.

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