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Black Cats Matter

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Potential move ahead

April 7th 2015 7:19 pm
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There's a more spacious 1 bedroom apartment just across town. It became available last fall just before the first snow. It's still available so mom is gonna go check it out before this weekend and see if it may be suitable for us. We don't want to live in a construction zone when the plumbers come to replace all of the pipes where we live now. It'd be too noisy & messy for both of us to live happily, and access to water might be sporadic when that happens.

She sent an e-mail & made them aware of me and they assured her companion animals are allowed. It's just a matter of additional paperwork. We also have copies of my vet records to show that I'm in good health and have been neutered. I'm also very good at using my litter box. My former mom had me declawed in the front paws only so my current mom is careful not to aggravate those paws.

Mom has moved several times before, but never with a furry friend. She'll move the bathroom & bedroom out first (and maybe the kitchen stuff, there's no table or chairs) and put me in there with the door shut with litter, water, carrier, maybe a couple Temptations treats and a note on the door. Good thing I have a thundershirt! She'll probably put me in her bedroom at the new place since it will likely be the first room set up.

The deposit is quite steep compared to what she paid here and will sign up for rent assistance for her low income. Last time she applied she was told she'd have to get another 1 bedroom. She's been reading how to make the move easier on both of us. We'll likely be moving in late May and be out of this place by June 1st, probably around the same time they start replacing the pipes!

Mom still requires major dental restorative work (2 crowns) so may have to put that on her credit card & get by with lower payments at first. She'll be attending Disney on Ice this weekend and 4 concerts over the summer as well as performing bridesmaid duties. She's also opening her own theme store soon -


New year & winter static

January 14th 2015 6:44 pm
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Christmas was good to mom and me. I got a stocking full of new toys & treats!
Mom got Reese's cookie making stuff with mitts, candy, scented body stuff, 2 DVDs with Christmas classics that were on tv all the time & Taylor Swift's 1989 on Vinyl.

New Year's Eve came and there was a bingo party downstairs. Mom made herself a home made pizza before she went down to play for 3 hours. She got bored so came back up to catch Taylor Swift on the tv show & to ring in the new year with me.

She was feeling exhausted after a busy December but when she started getting aches & coughing she knew she was dealing with the flu (not the stomach one). She made tea, drank it up & medicated the worst symptoms and has been on the mend the past several days. It has been extremely cold lately in Minnesota so she's been home a lot so far this year.

The worst part about winter is the dry air so she's been trying to keep the humidifier going almost nightly. Our hair still stands on end and the shocks are no good to either of us. Tonight she's running the humidifier and giving me a mini bath with kitty bath wipes.


Christmas is coming!

December 21st 2014 6:00 pm
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Mom has some new surprises for me that are all hidden in my stocking. It's just high enough that I can't see in it or get it down myself. Mom appreciates my love & dedication I've shown all year even when she wasn't feeling her best with her gallbladder removal so she bought me more gifts than anyone!

She's been busy. She attended a friend's baby shower last weekend. Just last night she attended her nephew's 1st birthday party and spent the actual birthday evening with him. I hear he got his first taste of cake and frosting all over his face.

The tree looks good but I'm staying away from it because of the ssscat barrier. All mom and I really want is a silent night together, so maybe Christmas night that will happen. We're still cramped up in the tiny apartment and seeking quieter housing options after winter ends in the northern plains.


My birthday!

October 12th 2014 8:22 am
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Today is my 4th birthday! I got my Fancy Feast tuna, a catnip banana & a lot of my favorite plastic spring toys! My mom will catch up in 4 days, we'll be the same age in human years this year!

Mom & her mom will be going to see Garth Brooks & Trisha Yearwood for their 1st time in the twin cities. They're really excited about it!


Still here

October 3rd 2014 4:10 pm
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I will be turning 4 years old next weekend! Mom's birthday is right behind mine so it'll be fun! What's not fun is mom has to get a filling fixed the day before Halloween & just got a flu shot. She also needs 2 expensive crowns ($1,300 each) but is in no rush to get those even with care credit available.

There's some big exciting news. We're feeling tightly crammed into this tiny 1 bed 1 bath apartment (425 sq ft). Mom has applied for a newer, nicer 2 level, 2 bed, bath & a half townhome apartment just a few blocks away from where we're at now. Full sized fridge & dishwasher included! She'll get a washer & dryer for the half bath downstairs. This means shorter rides to the vet and don't have to stress about finding an FHA eligible house. She has a strong feeling this will go through so we're just holding on. I'm looking forward to all the boxes! She'll get a spare one for me. She signed the form at her therapist today so she can tell the management that I'm her forever cat and I go with her.

Oh and mom and her mom are going to see Garth Brooks on Nov 8, 1 week after moving day!


Gone bananas!

August 24th 2014 3:23 pm
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It's been a busy summer for mom. It's almost over though. She wanted to pre-order a CD coming out next month from Amazon so she ordered a bunch of new toys for me for the free shipping. I didn't get to see everything (some of it is being held until around my birthday) but I sure got excited about my new catnip banana!


Happy Friday the 13th

June 13th 2014 9:30 am
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From the black cat on your friend list, hope you're having a purrfect day!

Last weekend mom went on a 5 day vacation to GA to hang out with family & friends. She left on the 5th and returned the 10th and flew Airtran round trip direct from MN to GA & back again. She feels lucky she landed at least an hour or so before the horrible storms started in Atlanta since she went to dinner with her cousin on a rooftop deck at a restaurant with a great view of the skyline in the distance. As they finished & returned to the car it started to thunder.

She stayed with her uncle at what used to be her grandparents' house. He has 3 cats so she spent some time with them. She also met the cat at her dad's house and snuggled with 3 & 5 week old kittens at another family members' house. She wanted to bring them all back home with her, especially the little black one that reminded her of me.

I stayed in the apartment by myself but she had my stuff set up in the living room and her mom came to feed me Fancy Feast & treats every day, then her brother did before she got home. She went to Cracker Barrel while on vacation & got me a weazel ball, that thing is wacky! She smelled a little odd when she got home but showered & got laundry done asap so now I believe she is home.


Decent weather at last!

May 21st 2014 12:01 pm
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The grass is green, the trees are blooming and mom is sneezing if she forgets to take her allergy medicine (mainly allergic to the pollen). She's glad to finally get out on her bike on the better days and went out to lunch at DQ. Seems like she barely gets to the grocery store for herself anymore since her mom is busy babysitting so much and still working part time at the dollar store. The so called helper staff don't come around as often either.

My mom is flying south in a couple weeks for a 5 day vacation. She's never been away for more than 1 day at a time since I moved in with her. She's taken great strides to prepare by buying a lot of my favorite food & special Fancy Feast flavors. I have an auto water dispenser that is filled with tap water from the kitchen sink, a dry food auto feeder and dishes for my canned food.

I prefer being home so I'm staying home. Her local family will take turns caring for me while she's away. I'm so pampered that she's typing out a 2 page brief guide about my usual day & other important stuff about the apartment (curtain open while a/c runs, not automatic etc). She has also included a checklist so whomever comes each day can check off the completed stuff.

She's considering keeping me in the living room/kitchen part of the apartment so I don't shut myself out of the bedroom/bathroom and temporarily relocate my litter box (7 day odor control litter) to the living room. All my furniture/toys are in the living room.

She's going to contact the vet later this week to let them know the situation and leave payment information with them in case anything happens.

Mom will be staying with her uncle in GA and he has 3 cats so when she misses me she can pet them.


I'm officially staying!

April 15th 2014 11:08 am
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Mom finally got the filled in form back from the therapist last week and turned it in yesterday to the apartment office, so now it's official that I'm not going anywhere! Mom is working on pre-approval for a mortgage so we may be in a house by Halloween. She's been looking at a small house online 10 minutes away and wants to see if she can possibly get it and live in a quieter neighborhood with her mom a block away and her brother & nephew 2 blocks away. She's going to be busy with that, business stuff & events for a while and is even going on a 5 day vacation in June. I'm staying home alone and her family will be around to make sure I'm alright. I've been on my own for only 1 day at a time before so we're a little anxious about 5 days part.


Pawsome news!

March 15th 2014 8:39 am
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My mom went to her appointment with a mental health professional a couple days ago. She took the photo book from our 1st year together and the therapist definitely thinks that I should stay right where I am! We want to move up to the top floor of this apartment building on the same side with the view of the backyard asap because we have nowhere else we really can go.

Mom has been crying hysterical tears of happiness that I must stay and hugged me. We listened to "Stay, stay, stay" and "You belong with me" (Taylor Swift songs) and I got treats to celebrate.

She would have gotten the process started sooner if it hadn't been for the emergency gallbladder removal. She had to walk by those same surgery doors (and pre-op room) to get to her appointment and she swears her stomach hurt all over again just remembering that.

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