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Happy Friday the 13th

June 13th 2014 9:30 am
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From the black cat on your friend list, hope you're having a purrfect day!

Last weekend mom went on a 5 day vacation to GA to hang out with family & friends. She left on the 5th and returned the 10th and flew Airtran round trip direct from MN to GA & back again. She feels lucky she landed at least an hour or so before the horrible storms started in Atlanta since she went to dinner with her cousin on a rooftop deck at a restaurant with a great view of the skyline in the distance. As they finished & returned to the car it started to thunder.

She stayed with her uncle at what used to be her grandparents' house. He has 3 cats so she spent some time with them. She also met the cat at her dad's house and snuggled with 3 & 5 week old kittens at another family members' house. She wanted to bring them all back home with her, especially the little black one that reminded her of me.

I stayed in the apartment by myself but she had my stuff set up in the living room and her mom came to feed me Fancy Feast & treats every day, then her brother did before she got home. She went to Cracker Barrel while on vacation & got me a weazel ball, that thing is wacky! She smelled a little odd when she got home but showered & got laundry done asap so now I believe she is home.


Decent weather at last!

May 21st 2014 12:01 pm
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The grass is green, the trees are blooming and mom is sneezing if she forgets to take her allergy medicine (mainly allergic to the pollen). She's glad to finally get out on her bike on the better days and went out to lunch at DQ. Seems like she barely gets to the grocery store for herself anymore since her mom is busy babysitting so much and still working part time at the dollar store. The so called helper staff don't come around as often either.

My mom is flying south in a couple weeks for a 5 day vacation. She's never been away for more than 1 day at a time since I moved in with her. She's taken great strides to prepare by buying a lot of my favorite food & special Fancy Feast flavors. I have an auto water dispenser that is filled with tap water from the kitchen sink, a dry food auto feeder and dishes for my canned food.

I prefer being home so I'm staying home. Her local family will take turns caring for me while she's away. I'm so pampered that she's typing out a 2 page brief guide about my usual day & other important stuff about the apartment (curtain open while a/c runs, not automatic etc). She has also included a checklist so whomever comes each day can check off the completed stuff.

She's considering keeping me in the living room/kitchen part of the apartment so I don't shut myself out of the bedroom/bathroom and temporarily relocate my litter box (7 day odor control litter) to the living room. All my furniture/toys are in the living room.

She's going to contact the vet later this week to let them know the situation and leave payment information with them in case anything happens.

Mom will be staying with her uncle in GA and he has 3 cats so when she misses me she can pet them.


I'm officially staying!

April 15th 2014 11:08 am
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Mom finally got the filled in form back from the therapist last week and turned it in yesterday to the apartment office, so now it's official that I'm not going anywhere! Mom is working on pre-approval for a mortgage so we may be in a house by Halloween. She's been looking at a small house online 10 minutes away and wants to see if she can possibly get it and live in a quieter neighborhood with her mom a block away and her brother & nephew 2 blocks away. She's going to be busy with that, business stuff & events for a while and is even going on a 5 day vacation in June. I'm staying home alone and her family will be around to make sure I'm alright. I've been on my own for only 1 day at a time before so we're a little anxious about 5 days part.


Pawsome news!

March 15th 2014 8:39 am
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My mom went to her appointment with a mental health professional a couple days ago. She took the photo book from our 1st year together and the therapist definitely thinks that I should stay right where I am! We want to move up to the top floor of this apartment building on the same side with the view of the backyard asap because we have nowhere else we really can go.

Mom has been crying hysterical tears of happiness that I must stay and hugged me. We listened to "Stay, stay, stay" and "You belong with me" (Taylor Swift songs) and I got treats to celebrate.

She would have gotten the process started sooner if it hadn't been for the emergency gallbladder removal. She had to walk by those same surgery doors (and pre-op room) to get to her appointment and she swears her stomach hurt all over again just remembering that.


Thanks Catster

February 18th 2014 7:06 pm
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Thanks for making me a DDP, sure makes our day better! I'll be on my web site while things are being figured out with the communal areas on here. Mom is feeling much better now. She's still fairly cautious when eating though. She had her yearly thyroid check up today and that's fine, no change just go back next year again. Her remaining steri strips are loosening up so she'll get them off next time in the shower (in her belly button).

I'm going for my annual check up & shot in 2 weeks and I'm so not looking forward to it. We live in a small town where the vets only make house calls to horses & livestock (it's a farm area). We have to take the bus across town. They're also going to help her with trimming my back feet claws this time (front declawed) since she's had enough misery lately.

Mom is seeing a psychiatrist on March 13th and taking all the information about me with her as well as the form for that doc to fill in. I'm sure you read that our building will have a ban on pets coming soon so she needs to get that done. She'll have my most updated vet records in the folder.

She's going to schedule herself a haircut within the next couple weeks to get rid of the longer hair length & tangles since we're finally seeing better weather. She likes a shoulder length layered bob without bangs. She's going to wait and go visit her eye doctor & dentist probably in April so she can have a break.

Business is still very slow so she's trying to make templates & Wordpress themes that can be sold online for extra income.


Meow web site

February 8th 2014 8:26 pm
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This will be my final entry on my catster diary. Mom and I have just started working on my brand new web site! There will be more added to it and we'll modify the design to be more catty so here's the address and hope to see you there.



Improving daily

February 5th 2014 1:41 pm
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It's been a rough week for my mom. She went in to urgent care last Thursday and they found out that her gallbladder had to be removed asap so they kept her that night. She came home Friday and spent most of last weekend in bed. Today she went back to see the surgeon (preset appt) and took the nice warm bus so she got out of the cold wind. She's doing much better now. Still taking the Percocet (1 pill every 6 hours while the pain subsides) but is clear of any additional problems. She still has to be careful with her diet for now but can start re-introducing favorites (pizza) fairly soon. She has the doc's blessing to go to the Chamber dinner this evening so she will call the bus to come get her 30 minutes after it gets going so she can say hi and eat. After a brief meeting she'll be home for the rest of the week.

I'm keeping a close watch on her. Yesterday she was taking a little rest lying in bed and I jumped up to try to cuddle with her but I was so close to where they cut her that she pushed me right off the bed. They did hers with the camera and small incisions so it's a little easier for her to recover faster.


Purrs for mom

January 31st 2014 10:27 am
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She went to Urgent care yesterday to try and figure out why she kept feeling sick after eating sometimes. Her gallbladder was full of 300 stones so they had to keep her overnight and take it out of her. She's pretty tired and got home about an hour ago after being discharged.


Hissing mad!

January 28th 2014 12:57 pm
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Mom checked her mailbox to find a notice from the office of our apartment building. A few bad dogs and their bad owners have caused so much trouble in this building that the new policy is that all pets are no longer allowed here unless deemed medically necessary for disability. They put a stop to visiting pets last year.

They won't kick the other pets out until June 1. Mom can't and won't move and is not willing to rehome me after taking me in almost 2 years ago. Sure I gross her out sometimes with hairballs & a stinky litter box but she puts up with it because I'm so cute, quiet and a good boy. I'm her first cat ever since parental allergies prevented her from growing up with any pets other than fish.

She sent an email to the person who sent the notice stating that we've followed all the laws thus far with the neuter, front declaw (done before I even got here), up to date on shots, vet visits as needed etc and that I'm well cared for here.

She knows she has Asperger's so getting the companion animal notice shouldn't be a problem for her so we can stay together in our little shared space. She'll pay a visit to the therapist she used to go to and get it there. The rent renewal will be coming up in the next couple months so at that time she will have the note to submit with all the other required things. We are staying put and fighting it!

Dusty's mom says:

I still have all of Dusty's vet paperwork, the former pet policy, the new pet policy and a small photo book highlighting my first year with him. Once they see that I've complied with all of the prior rules up to now I'm sure to get a note to keep my feline friend as a companion animal for my depressive Asperger's. When I call for my appointment I'll be sure to mention the one I used to see no longer is there so they should be able to help me with a 1 time appointment some warmer afternoon to get this done. I have until June 1 but not waiting that long.


Mom is on the mend

January 27th 2014 10:40 am
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Mom is finally feeling as normal (as normal as she ever feels) after a quick bout with a stomach bug. This past weekend has been nothing but snow, blizzard conditions and now another extreme cold day today so she's still stuck at home. It'll warm up in a couple days so she's hoping to get out and do something then.

Since Catster is doing away with the fun stuff like clumps from a litter box mom is going to help me make a web site of my own. She's very good at it and it will be a way to celebrate our 2nd gotcha anniversary on Feb 11. Once it's ready I'll share it right here on Catster and it might have a mini community area for members and a forum.

We're also trying every home remedy possible for my hairballs. They just keep coming almost daily so I may be vet bound (shaking in my fur) soon for an analysis and maybe a haircut.

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