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High Rise Cat

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I'm off punishment fur now and we took photos

June 26th 2012 5:30 pm
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I was a little too amped up at 5:00 this morning (Mom nearly got out of bed to put me in the bathroom to calm down in the dark). I pulled the blanket covering the good chair halfway off, knocked down the tension rod with towel (sewn on) off the window under the a/c and made some noise. Mom doesn't think I need to see out each of the 3 windows in the living room, and if it weren't for the towel on the rod the afternoon sun beats in 'til sunset and makes it harder to cool our apartment in the summer. I was in my crate (except for eating & going to my cat box) from 9 am to noon for all the trouble I caused.

She's gonna resort to leaving my cat bed on the chair since I'm not loving it again lately & will be taking the towel & rod down from the window at night. She tries to play with me before bed but I don't always feel like participating. We cuddle on the recliner with the tv on.

I got a notice about a July 4th photo contest so Mom set up some patriotic props on the re-covered chair and I sat there with all of it for a brief photo session followed by a tasty treat!


So nice to stop & smell the rose for once

June 23rd 2012 8:58 pm
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Mom and I are enjoying a peaceful weekend home together before things get crazy again. The rose she got at the meeting is starting to wither and I don't go outside so she wanted to capture a picture of me smelling the rose before it's thrown away. That's my new purrofile photo you see. Mom made sure I only sniffed it and it's a safe flower before letting me get that close.


Mom is mine all weekend!

June 22nd 2012 4:06 pm
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Things are finally slowing down (fur now at least) so mom can stay home all weekend with me. We'll hang out, maybe watch a meowvie or 2. Tomorrow's birthday party has been moved to next week.

She is so tired from keeping up with Kenny Chesney's media appearances since last week, now we're getting to the end of that. She goes to see him in 16 days while I hold down the fort.

She's finally getting a response back for that design from home position she applied for, let's cross our paws she gets it! Once the bills & rent are all paid and we have enough food she doesn't feel like she has enough leftover, especially for the new camera she wants to buy.


Meow! How'd that cow get in here?

June 21st 2012 8:17 am
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Oh, that's not a cow, it's mom in her cow costume! With the costume party this afternoon, she dug all of hers out a couple days ago to try them all on & take pictures. She has to take into consideration direct afternoon sun, 70+ degree weather and no climate control so she thinks she might be a pirate at this point.

She preferred the men's pirate costume cuz the lady ones don't seem so piratey. She just doesn't have any pirate boots so she'll substitute black flip flops. 166876592.405039.685846591&type=3&l=2be5521e38


DDP and storms

June 17th 2012 7:06 pm
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Thank meow catster for the feature and my furriends for the support.

Mom went to the movie this afternoon at the theater. She went out the back and was attacked by a crazy insane psycho bird that kept circling and diving at her. Good thing she's too big for that crazy bird to take her, she came back through the front side of the building and saw that stupid bird attacking another person out walking. Wonder if its got a nest nearby or what.

We just rode out a severe storm in the past couple hours. No tornado but still a lot of wind, hail, rain, thunder & lightning. I'm too brave and I scare mom by going by the window so she crated me and we stayed in the bathroom together.

Apparently we don't have hot water in our building 'til the plumber comes tomorrow. Mom can't wash the dishes tonight and will have to wait for it to be on tomorrow to get underway with the cleaning. She's considering DQ for lunch.


Smelling the rose without stopping

June 15th 2012 7:44 pm
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Mom really doesn't have time to stop & smell the roses at the nearby garden of 13,000 flowers so she brought a real red one home from the meeting yesterday & smelled it while walking back from across the road.

She's still so busy and can't seem to stay home at least 24 hours at a time just yet. She's hoping Sunday will be a little easier though she needs to get the chores & laundry done and wants to take a break for Madagascar 3 at the theater that afternoon. Monday she thinks she'll be home all day and will make something for the birthday potluck dinner, she usually makes a dessert.

I did just fine on my own though I tried again to get to a shelf behind the bedroom door & left a paper pirate hat on the floor & an empty pop can w/ tab in it was tipped over. She wants a ssscat refill so she may have to visit ebay to get one.


Mom's home!

June 14th 2012 11:40 am
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And I can tell she's tired from going to the game last night. First she had to take a little bus from the apartment to her mom's house then they had to drive 20 minutes to the town where the charter bus was waiting to go to Target Field for the Twins vs Phillies game. It was a 3 hour trip there and she didn't get to her mom's until 1:30 this morning, then storms & noise at the farm co-op next door kept interrupting her sleep. She was just too tired to make it all the way home until late this morning.

I was real low on food in my dishes by the time she got home so we're gonna see if the aunt can check in when she's gone to the concert. I only have 3 dishes for water, dry food & wet food.

Now she won't be gone like that again until July 8 and is looking forward to better sleep.


While mom is away the cat will play

June 12th 2012 4:19 pm
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Due to my hiding and shying away at the friend's I'll be home alone tomorrow when mom goes off to the Twins game 3 hours away and won't be home 'til sometime Thurs morning. I'll have food, water, my cat box, a/c on low with that curtain open, and the radio on low.

Mom is gonna leave treats & toys scattered around for me to practice hunting, take that toy mouse! MEOW!!! She's also laying down the law that I can't have any furriends over, no partying with the neighbor pets, no making a big noise or mess. She'll leave the noisy pop cans out (empty coke cans with tabs in them) to remind me of where I'm not supposed to be (like counters & closets) but otherwise I have full run.

Mom was way overloaded up for her brother's party so she's taking as little as possible to go to the game and will be sleeping at her mom's when they get back after midnight, since she left her air bed stuff & a gown there.

She got the spare keys & they're with an aunt now so next time she's away longer or locks herself out she won't have to call 911.


Home sweet home

June 10th 2012 9:38 pm
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I'm finally home! I was hiding real good in the living room closet at the friend's. Mom knew if we waited long enough and she took my favorite kitty cube that I'd be drawn to it like a moth to a light.

Mom doesn't wanna put her friend or me through that again so she's gonna demand some extra keys and leave my food & instructions on top of the fridge for whomever stops in to check on me when she's not home.

There's no bus this time of Sunday night and mom don't drive so it's a good thing she's got a cousin old enough to drive but not old enough to drink just blocks away to come to my rescue tonight. Mom set out a mini buffet of Fancy Feast tuna, my dry food and water which I'm currently enjoying.


Still hiding

June 10th 2012 5:06 pm
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I've got my red collar w/ bell & tags on it. Mom is already spreading the word on local facebook pages for radio, newspaper & library. My tags & microchip have my current home information so I hope I return there soon and so does mom!

She hopes I'm back before she goes to the game on Weds and then I'll just stay home with someone to come make sure I have food & water. She's still thinking of boarding me when she goes to the concert. She knows I probably won't like it but she'd rather have me in a controlled environment.

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