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I'm gonna miss mom

July 7th 2012 7:48 am
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She's already stressed thinking about all the things she has to do today so she's ready to go tonight, but still looking forward to the show tomorrow. She's gotta have breakfast & lunch here then clean all the dishes in the sink. Then she's doing the laundry after that. Once the laundry is done she's gonna finish packing & round everything up together. Then she's gotta figure out her supper (she either wants to go to DQ or order in - pizza). Then take a shower & spend a little time with me (and make sure my food & water bowls are really full) since she'll be gone until Monday. She bought the tix in December before she knew I was coming to be her roomie.

It's her 15th time seeing Kenny (wishing she could meet him), 2nd seeing Tim & Jake and 1st seeing Grace. It's her first time in the sand bar fur real! She's been near the sand bar before but never in it. She expects crazy rowdy drunk people around her by the end of the night. She doesn't drink expensive venue booze at shows, she prefers occasional drinks with family and it's less rowdy.


PC spraying is done

July 6th 2012 8:18 am
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Mom made sure we both ate and used the bathroom before they came to spray. She crated me both to keep me safer and allow the guy to do his job without my interference. She closed off access to the bedroom & bathroom where the spraying was done, and he said it's safe enough we could stay in so mom e-mailed the vet that he said it's safe.

Mom has a lot of things to do this afternoon, I got fur all over the place! She brushed me real good yesterday.


Pest control coming tomorrow

July 5th 2012 6:59 pm
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They were supposed to come today but something came up. Just to be safe mom e-mailed my vet's office and they suggested that we step out for a bit when they spray. Mom is going to try to find out if what they spray could make us sick (they've come in a few times already & mom hasn't noticed any new health issues for her) and how long we should wait to come back in. There's a little lobby area by the elevators on our floor so we'll probably go there for however long we should be out of our apartment. It's just beyond the neighbor's apartment.

Mom doesn't want me going up & rubbing all over the pest sprayer person like I'd normally do with people that come into our apartment. She's a little more concerned now about leaving me home alone for 2 nights this weekend just after this little treatment. 1 of her 2 in-town aunts has keys so she might ask if she would mind coming to see me on Sunday afternoon.



July 5th 2012 7:37 am
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Yay I'm a DDP today!

Today the pest control specialist is coming to spray all the apartment units on our floor so Mom is gonna put me in my crate with my breakfast so I don't interfere with them (she knows how much I love visitors) or get too close to the fresh spray. The weather is slowly returning to normal after that crazy heat wave.

*Update* the pest control specialist was unable to make it today but coming tomorrow. As long as it's cooler and it's not raining mom will open the windows and spray them herself, since she's seen bugs come in under the screens. They spray in the bathroom & another spot or 2 but never bother to spray the windows. They come once a month and spray a different floor each time.

Mom is so excited that the big concert (Tim McGraw & Kenny Chesney) is only 3 days away! I'll be holding down the fort (aka apartment) on my own again. After this one she'll be staying home & around town the rest of the summer.


A quiet & low key July 4th

July 4th 2012 8:11 pm
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Mom was in and out all afternoon. First she took the s'more pie down for potluck and brought too much of it back so she's eating as much of it as she can before the weekend. Then at 3:00 it was time for bingo, she played 2 cards & won 3 times (so she won her money back for today and the other quarter back from Monday when she only won 1 game). Then after bingo she came back into our apartment with the a/c on. We watched the Macy's July 4th and she put the HD channel version on just for the fireworks (and she was rocking along to Chesney & Swift's music) and it was amazing.

She doesn't feel like dealing with the heat just to play with her sparklers tonight and it's so hot that none of the usual crazies are throwing firecrackers or shooting fireworks. Mom's waiting for the Friday cool down to go out and light 'em up, she only does sparklers. She'll go out to part of the street dance & watch fireworks at her mom's Sat night then up as early as possible to head for the big concert at Target Field. She's been looking forward to this concert since December!


Happy Independence Day!

July 3rd 2012 7:20 am
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I changed my profile photo again to celebrate July 4th. There's a noon potluck meal tomorrow so mom is going to make the s'more pudding pie 1 more time for that. No fireworks in our town (unless any nearby house neighbors bought them). The next town over usually has a parade & stuff all day up to the fireworks at night, but that isn't going on until Saturday. Mom's gonna go have a little pre-concert fun at the street dance, then Sunday she's off to see Tim McGraw, Kenny Chesney, Grace Potter & Jake Owen at Target Field. She is sooooooo excited! She leaves Sat night to sleep at her mom's and returns sometime Monday. Once we've reunited and had a little time together she'll be working on her concert pics from the standing only pit that surrounds the stage.

Next weekend is a 3 day local event with fireworks, parade, pancake feed & more. Not as fun as the concert but something to do in a town with nothing going on other than that and the county fair all year. Mom is considering entering photos of me for contest entry at the fair.

We have an excessive heat warning today so we're staying in and keeping cool. If this doesn't break with storms today it's gonna be a warm night.


Gonna be a hot one today

July 2nd 2012 7:58 am
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We're getting some of that July heat as we're under a heat advisory from noon to 10 tonight. Mom is going to limit her exposure to the hot hallways as much as possible by staying in our air conditioned apartment most of the day. It's only going to be in the 90's here so we'll probably get some bad weather later today.

Mom is used to this since she lived in GA from when she was born to just before her 25th birthday. She's planning to wear a tank top, shorts & flip flops like she did down south. She might even make some corn bread & sweet tea.


Stay cool my furriends

June 29th 2012 5:49 pm
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We (mom and I) realize that several furriends are probably dealing with the triple digit temperatures. That's not the case for us up here in Minnesota, though the humidity can even make the 80's seem yucky. We hope y'all are staying cool in this crazy heat wave. Mom keeps our apartment about 70 degrees all year, a temperature we can both live with.

I have long black fur so mom makes sure I have plenty of cool water available, and sometimes she'll put an ice cube in it for me if it's been out long enough. It feels great when I take a drink & groom myself.


Helter skelter day

June 28th 2012 11:36 am
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Mom thinks she's gonna need an energy drink just to keep up with the rest of the afternoon! She just went out for lunch & getting some errands done (she got me 4 more cans of Fancy Feast gravy - my favorite!). She's taking a little cool down & rest break before give & take - she takes stuff she doesn't want or need and finds a few freebies she might want. Then she's gonna come back up for another little break, make a picnic supper & take off for a free brownie at the grocery store on the way to watch the talent show at the park. She'll have a break tomorrow before going to her cousin's daughter's birthday party on Saturday.

While she does all this I'm just staying home in the a/c doing my cat stuff, meow!


I'm off punishment fur now and we took photos

June 26th 2012 5:30 pm
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I was a little too amped up at 5:00 this morning (Mom nearly got out of bed to put me in the bathroom to calm down in the dark). I pulled the blanket covering the good chair halfway off, knocked down the tension rod with towel (sewn on) off the window under the a/c and made some noise. Mom doesn't think I need to see out each of the 3 windows in the living room, and if it weren't for the towel on the rod the afternoon sun beats in 'til sunset and makes it harder to cool our apartment in the summer. I was in my crate (except for eating & going to my cat box) from 9 am to noon for all the trouble I caused.

She's gonna resort to leaving my cat bed on the chair since I'm not loving it again lately & will be taking the towel & rod down from the window at night. She tries to play with me before bed but I don't always feel like participating. We cuddle on the recliner with the tv on.

I got a notice about a July 4th photo contest so Mom set up some patriotic props on the re-covered chair and I sat there with all of it for a brief photo session followed by a tasty treat!

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