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High Rise Cat

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What a storm!

August 15th 2012 5:31 pm
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Mom and I are "Safe and Sound" as Taylor put it. We had a whopper of a hail storm in the past couple hours, mom went down & picked some up to keep in her freezer. She swears its cold as ice!

We hid out in the bathroom together during the worst. She knows how much I love to sit by the window and watch but it was so noisy I'm not sure that I would have. We cuddled and I soothed both of us with my purring. It couldn't have been too much worse than it was other than if a tornado hit. It's on the move and heading for the cities.


All is normal again

August 15th 2012 8:13 am
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Mom sure was busy this past weekend w/ family & the fair in town. Everything is normal now, just the 2 of us together at home alone. She cleaned yesterday & is going out for lunch with another web specialist in an hour and then will be home to make sure the shopping list covers everything she'll need for the next few days. She stock piled a month of food for me weeks ago that I'm still eating so when it gets low she can get more. I'll need wet before dry.


Fair judges here love cats!

August 12th 2012 7:38 pm
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Mom picked up her displays this evening. Most blue ribbons & stickers were awarded to cat related displays so mom thinks they are partial to cute kitties! Makes purrfect sense right?

Mom had a generous helping of fair foods so isn't hungry.


I want my mommy!

August 11th 2012 8:42 pm
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The fair may be in town but so are a lot of distant-living 2 legged family members of her family, so she's trying to spend some time with them while they are here. That hasn't given us a whole lot of 1 on 1 time together so she's making up for it by letting me on her lap while she's on the computer reviewing the photos she has taken. She can only do the Photoshop fix up basics while I'm on her lap, she needs both hands to do a complete edit.

This is her last weekend off, she has a lot of stuff to do so she can get her business started soon.


We got a blue ribbon sticker!

August 10th 2012 9:31 pm
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As you know mom made the tough decision to pick 5 pawsome photos of me to enter at the fair. She went out today and found out that the judges liked my photos so much they gave it a blue ribbon sticker approval! It's not an actual ribbon, it's a sticker that looks like one. That's the best she's done in the past few years of competition so we're very purroud of ourselves.

She smells a little funky tonight from all the fair food, other animals at the fair & other family pets etc she's been around just today. She's totally gonna shower tomorrow before the big party tomorrow.


It's a Thundershirt night tonight

August 9th 2012 5:01 pm
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Tonight the county fair is putting on a fireworks display (mom can't wait for another free fireworks show out her living room window) which means we get to try out my Thundershirt again tonight. Here are the results so far of what I've been through in the Thundershirt.

Tornado siren test: PASS

Fire alarm test: PASS

Grooming & rear nail clip: PASS

Elevator ride: Neither PASS nor FAIL (I thought I was going to the VET!)

Vacuum: PASS

Fireworks: SUCCESS!


RIP Former Mama

August 8th 2012 6:44 pm
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My former mom I lived with before moving to my new home is now gone, another victim of stupid cancer. She loved me very much but got very sick and couldn't take care of me anymore so I had to leave for a new life so far away. I love it here.

My current mom lost her grandma last Oct to cancer, so she's glad both of our birthdays are days apart in Oct so we can have fun together.

Mom took the poster with photos of me out to the fair grounds today so when she returns Friday she can look for me and see if she got anything.


And he sticks the landing!

August 6th 2012 9:20 am
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Mom's been watching lots of the Olympic games. I've mastered doing the high jump onto the 2nd from top cat tower platform before the games even got underway and always stick the landing. The window sill is my own personal balance beam. I'm not scored like the athletes but I think I would score perfect 10's.

Mom is going crazy just thinking of this very busy week. Today is her mom's birthday so she's going to the grandparents' apartment for some cake (and to give her a card from us). Then when she gets back she's gonna finish off her entries for the county fair that she has to deliver to the fair grounds on Weds afternoon. Tomorrow and Thursday she's gonna make the calls to get the research done. She's also gotta make cupcakes either Thurs/Fri for the big combo b-day party on Saturday for her mom and uncle, get laundry & dishes done.

I got a glimpse of her preparing to take a shower and ran from the litter box when she turned the water on, she just about jumped out of her skin but let me out to the living room. I'm sure glad I don't have to get wet to clean myself!


Putting the Thundershirt to the ultimate test

August 1st 2012 11:28 am
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Today was the first Wednesday of a new month which means super annoying tests of the tornado siren and fire alarm. The fire alarm came first and caught us both by surprise then the tornado siren. Mom had the Thundershirt on me and had me in the carrier (she has to do that when either goes off for real). Once the fire alarm went off I moved a little but didn't cry, I just looked around confused about the noise. Same result with the tornado siren. Thundershirt kept me much calmer through that and we're going to put it to the ultimate test with some more things I don't enjoy (vacuum, fireworks next Thurs, maybe go to vet for back claw trim or at least show mom how to do it on her own at home). They're still working on the upstairs apartments so she's leaving the Thundershirt on me until the noise is done for the day, she saw how that affected me.

Once mom's ears feel better from the noisy mayhem she has business to tend to.



July 31st 2012 11:15 am
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Mom ordered a Thundershirt for me because she knows there are more fireworks next week and I was running around like crazy last time they went off. Tomorrow is also the first Weds of the month which means those fire alarm & storm siren tests we both despise (the less we hear them for real emergencies the better). So mom is gonna put it on me a few minutes before the noise tomorrow and next Thursday. If it helps me we're going to keep it for vet visits and other unpleasant things.

At first I flopped down but now I'm moving more normally. She made sure I smelled it first and had a treat on it and in it and is giving me lots of lovies for wearing it so I don't mind wearing it that much.

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