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Black Cats Matter

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Mama's mouse

September 18th 2012 10:09 am
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Mom likes to use her wireless mouse more than the finger pad on the laptop, she just feels like a mouse gives her more control. Unfortunately it's not working at the moment because the batteries are charging, good thing it only takes 1 at a time. She can't wait 'til they're charged up so she can do her stuff.

The water will be turned off in an hour for at least an hour for some work to be done elsewhere in the building.

Mom needs to get to the grocery store for herself in a while then return to enjoy the free pizza supper downstairs.


Purr-lease do not disturb

September 13th 2012 7:25 am
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Some dumb-dumb (we're putting that as nicely as possible) in TX called before 8:30 this morning and mom doesn't like getting up until 9. I'm a cat so I can't help that I'm up early, she just ignored the phone and me for a few & got up at 8:30. She doesn't like to be disturbed before 10 am, she's no early bird.


Mom's memoirs of 9/11

September 11th 2012 10:43 am
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It’s been 11 years and I can still remember being glued to the tv, watching the twin towers of the WTC smoking out from the fire caused when the jets slammed into them. Then the cut in to the Pentagon and the field in PA. I remember the mass confusion with the media until all planes were grounded.

I was still just fresh out of high school trying to find myself. I knew retail wasn’t my thing, so that afternoon when I got a call for an interview to do data entry I jumped on it and left my first job for the new one that lasted only 2 days. I dwindled around more jobs that weren’t me – such as fast food and still got stuck with that & retail despite my awesome computer skills I already had. I knew I wasn’t military material.

I’ve traveled some since that fateful day 11 years ago. Nothing has changed if you are driving (except for the higher price of gas). Flying is a whole other story – shoes off, no full sized liquids, subject to additional screening, etc. I always pack carry-on when I fly since I can get on with it easier and get off the plane, meet with my pick-up and get out of there. Every time the plane flies low in preparation to land when I’m on board I think of the 9/11 victims. I hadn’t flown before 2010 but I clearly remember greeting arriving guests at the gate in the airport, it was so easy when they allowed anyone through the screening process. To pass the time we rode the in-airport transit train in Atlanta before going to the right spot. We also went to the Chattanooga airport a time or 2. I prefer to fly direct between MN and Atlanta, no stops. It’s not as long as driving 20 hours but it’s still a long 10 – 12 day of travel with being on the road with a flight in the middle.

On this day in 2004 I attended a Kenny Chesney concert in Nashville, TN and attended the fan club pre-party across the street. I remember he had a flag in his hand on the stage at one point.

And 5 years ago today I officially became a Frozen Peach. It was still 90 degrees in GA when we left so I thought nothing of wearing a T-shirt, capri pants & sandals. When we got to 60 something degree IL I was feeling cold already, and then I experienced my first real winter here in MN.


Feels like fall

September 7th 2012 8:09 pm
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It's a bit cool tonight so I'm curled up on my comfy bed (as you can see in the 2nd photo). This is nothing compared to the winter nights ahead, but mom is thinking of making hot cocoa for herself. She's trying to combat whatever is making her feel icky with liquids, rest, vitamins & my warm purr. It helps somewhat but not entirely.

I have a new fur-relative. My uncle Matt got a 6 yr old black lab dog so mom is going to meet him sometime soon. Maybe he'll join dogster?

This cooler weather sure made mom want to pull out Halloween things but she's gonna hold out 'til the last weekend of this month.


Sink fixed

September 4th 2012 8:29 am
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They finished repairing the sink Friday but there were cosmetic damages because of them taking the entire cabinet (sink and all) off the wall. The caretaker has returned and just put new caulking on. He'll return a little later to repaint. So now the sink will work and look more normal.

Mom woke up feeling a little yucky but got herself a bottle of Sprite from the machine in laundry so she's sipping on it and cursing the fact she ran out of bread. She's gonna go to DQ for brunch and she's gotta go to the grocery store today. The fridge & freezer don't have much in them.


Happy labor day humans

September 3rd 2012 7:41 am
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We cats have it so easy. Sleep all day, play all night. We get food, water, treats and all we have to do is be cute.

To all the humans who wish they could be like a cat, don't. Mom is unemployed and feeling super bored. Whenever she can find a web developer style job nearby or online, they always pick someone else. She blames her disability. Today she's skipping out on a noon potluck with neighbors downstairs because she'll eat earlier and hopes to work on the outlines of her business plan while I do my cat stuff - sleeping. She's also gotta wash her dishes.

She still remembers going to NC 20 yrs ago for LD weekend when she lived in GA and they met with family from VA Beach at the halfway point and stayed at a motel with a pool. Then eventually she went to an amusement park concert LD weekend. Last year she went to see the MN Twins at Target Field for the 1st time on LD. This year is low key.


Bathroom sink is out of order for the night

August 30th 2012 2:55 pm
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He couldn't completely fix the sink today so it's out of order for the night. The pipes are out and lying in it so mom has to use the kitchen sink for all her sink based needs this evening. It should be done sometime tomorrow then she's gonna catch up on cleaning up the smelly mess. We live in an apartment because she doesn't know a thing about lawn care, plumbing and that kind of stuff.

It feels good to be out of my crate finally. She just doesn't want me in his way while he's working on the sink, that's enough of a mess for her to clean.


DDP and a sink hairball

August 30th 2012 7:56 am
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Thank meow for the DDP honor!

Mom shut me in the bathroom a couple nights so she could get rest. She volunteered the other day with preparing bags of food for starving children all around the world. Yesterday there was a purple party in the indoor party room because it was too hot to do it outside. It was a farewell party to 1 of the apt staff members so there was cake & ice cream. Everything was purple and attendees wore purple. Today is give & take so mom is gonna take a couple things she doesn't want and see if there's anything down there she does. Tomorrow she's gonna catch up on cleaning since she's feeling better.

I admit that I got in the bathroom sink (despite the ring of pop cans with the tabs inside surrounded it that were supposed to fall over & make noise when bumped) and now it's not draining right. Mom has notified the apartment office yesterday and is still waiting for the fix. She taught me a lesson that water comes out of the spout into the sink and soaked me. She can barely use the bathroom sink right now so she's glad the kitchen sink works, though she'll probably have that looked at too.

The caretaker is looking for blockages in neighbors' sinks at the moment and pulled a hairball's worth out of the bathroom sink so mama isn't very happy with me right now. I'm in my crate now so I don't get in the way & interfere with what's going on. I'll probably get treats later on though.


Fun night and near catastrophe

August 26th 2012 7:44 am
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Just 1 girl came which was better on both of us. They were watching mom's Taylor Swift video collection & playing with me simultaneously. When I tried to seriously attack mom threw a favorite toy over in a corner to make me go there for a time out so I hopped in my box.

Mom didn't realize the oven had food residue on the bottom so when she was making the pizza the oven started spewing out smoke. She frantically opened the window & door as she turned on the stove top fan. The smoke detector didn't go off due to the fast thinking. She taped a note on the oven to clean it before using it again to prevent that from happening again. She can use her little toaster oven or microwave for the time being. She's looking up how to clean it safely (so we won't be harmed) online, it's amazing what baking soda can do!


Guests this evening

August 25th 2012 10:05 am
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I've had my Fancy Feast & mom helped me with my grooming by brushing me. We're expecting a couple guests in just a few hours. They won't be staying all night but will be here 'til around 10 while one of their moms is at work. It's 2 teen girls and I always get excited when we have visitors. I head butt & rub on them for a while for free scritchies!

Mom is planning to make a pizza for the 3 of them (her and the other girls) and she made brownies last night. I don't get to eat any people food cuz mom doesn't want me to be sick but I sure love to get a whiff of it. She put the brownies in a tupperware container in the fridge overnight to keep them good and keep me from getting into them.

They're going to play with me, play Uno, watch a movie & hang out.

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