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July 31st 2012 11:15 am
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Mom ordered a Thundershirt for me because she knows there are more fireworks next week and I was running around like crazy last time they went off. Tomorrow is also the first Weds of the month which means those fire alarm & storm siren tests we both despise (the less we hear them for real emergencies the better). So mom is gonna put it on me a few minutes before the noise tomorrow and next Thursday. If it helps me we're going to keep it for vet visits and other unpleasant things.

At first I flopped down but now I'm moving more normally. She made sure I smelled it first and had a treat on it and in it and is giving me lots of lovies for wearing it so I don't mind wearing it that much.


Meow (go) team USA!

July 28th 2012 5:57 pm
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Mom and I are following the games on tv. We set my photo back to my patriotic American one to support team USA at the games. She is currently not watching the Twins baseball as much because of the games in London.

Fun fact: Mom lived 1.5 hours north of Atlanta, GA from 1982-2007 so when the Olympics were held in Atlanta in 1996 the torch went down the highway where she lived. So she watched the cyclist take the torch down the highway and then watched the ceremonies and games live on the tv.


Going to the fair!

July 25th 2012 9:12 pm
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I can't go in purrrson but mom has taken so many great photos of me. She has to narrow it down to 5 (well 4 seeing as how she already chose 1) to purrrr-int out and mount on a poster board for display (and comp) at the county fair. Let's hope she gets a ribbon for sharing me (in photos) with the people who will be there! Since things are going to be busy really soon she's gonna print meowt 5 times over on Sunday and work on the board.


CO shooting too close for comfort for mom

July 21st 2012 9:04 pm
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Mom and I live in a little and mostly farm town far from big cities and with few major crimes. Mom and her family had an uneasy feeling when the victims were still mostly a mystery because mom has a cousin who lives in the Denver, CO area - probably not far from where the shooting happened! Thankfully the cousin did not attend that movie or was at any other movie in that theater when it happened. Mom is very fond of her birthday because that cousin is merely 12 hours older than she is and they both have a big birthday coming this October. Their combined ages will add up to 60.

I've been doing my absolute best to comfort her these past few days. She feels awful that other people in her age range were shot because she has a younger brother with the victims' average age (not counting the youngest and oldest).


Sending purrs to CO

July 20th 2012 12:40 pm
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What a senseless tragedy with so many people hurt & killed! My mom was just at a movie last evening (Ice Age 4) in Minnesota an hour from home so it's very raw for her. She's thinking of going to the free matinee of that new toony pirate movie Weds afternoon in town. The mentally ill in our area are helped enough so she doesn't expect a pirate to burst in and fire a cannon. She don't even wanna live on this planet anymore, if only we could move to a more peaceful one.

As a DDP I thought it would be appropriate to send loving purrs to the victims and their families.


Success for mom

July 18th 2012 8:23 am
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Mom has been feeling pretty proud of herself all morning for leaving her hand weights in front of the pantry door. I'm equal in weight to both combined and couldn't get the door open like I did before. Since I've been outsmarted she can relax and get her important things done like ordering my thunder shirt.


I'm in trouble

July 17th 2012 7:42 am
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The other night I got up on the dresser & knocked some unbreakable stuff off, then last night I got into the forbidden pantry where she keeps food, cleaning stuff and stores other things in there. Wow is she mad at me, considering crating me in the bathroom in the dark tonight for the past 2 nights of mischief! She can't do anything about the pantry door & tried leaving noisy pop cans in front of it but I got brave (or stupid) enough to break through that barrier. She's gonna talk to the caretaker and find out what she can do to lock it up that won't take too much out of the deposit.

Update: Mom put her 2 5 lb free hand weights in front of the single bi-fold pantry door and she has difficulty opening them without moving the weights, and since I weigh about 10 lbs she thinks (and hopes) that will prevent me from entering. She's considering putting a baby gate in front of the door if one will fit so the door won't open when I rub it.


Scary fireworks!

July 14th 2012 8:41 pm
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Mom knew this was the night they would be shooting fireworks at the fairgrounds several blocks away for prairie pioneer days. I'm indoors only so Mom wasn't about to take me out. We're high up enough that we could see the sky ones and once they started I got really scared so mom shut me in the bathroom and enjoyed them. She's thinking of putting me in the bathroom all night (we only have 1 in our apartment) so I can return to normal. There won't be anymore fireworks until the fair next month and she'll put me in the bathroom a few minutes early.

She sure enjoys watching those fireworks with air conditioning, no bugs, weather, or smokers around. She's going to need ear plugs or loud music from her mp3 player at the parade tomorrow so for the sake of normalcy she's gonna take her player and blast loud music in during the emergency vehicle part of the parade. She can't wait for a pancake breakfast at the fire hall!

Mom is thinking of getting me the Thundershirt for the next fireworks show and to trim my back feet claws (front declawed). She'll just have to manage with ear plugs & her ear buds n mp3 player, we are so alike when it comes to loud noise. We don't mind if music is turned up but everything else sets us off.


Friday the 13th

July 13th 2012 10:44 am
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My profile photo has been changed for today. Mom feels lucky to have me and loves how nice I am to her family & friends (head butts all around). She loves my fluffy black coat too! We missed each other so much last weekend when she was away so we spent a lot of time cuddling when she got home. She knows you can't judge a cat by the color of his/her coat, each kitty is different.


Mom's concert photos

July 10th 2012 8:10 am
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She still has concert hangover but is able to walk despite sore legs today. Yesterday she had to crawl like a baby when she got up.

If you're interested in the close photos go to http://kennychesneycentral.webs.com and click the photos link at the top of the page, then it's the first album. You can also see photos from other shows (and his hometown) she went to before this past weekend.

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