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Black Cats Matter

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Geek move response

October 8th 2012 8:22 am
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They encouraged her to apply. She's gonna hold off until next month since there's a time limit to do things in that program if accepted. She's so over winter and just wants to move back south & just fly north to visit family. She knows I'm friendly enough for the south once I get comfortable.

She's already found 2 places in approved spots under $30,000 via the web. She'd just need a loan for the difference from the $10k promised towards a house, so payments would be lower than rent. She expects to get part of the sec deposit & pet deposit back so that would help with some additional furnishings.

She's gotta wrap up her business plan outlines first but is starting to let others in on the Geek move idea.



October 6th 2012 10:12 am
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Moment of truth: mom just feels stuck here in MN. She feels like she's just here because of family. She's not putting her computer information degree to use at all. She's been trying to finish up the outlines to her business plan and it's really complicated in some parts so it's still unfinished. She doesn't like the winter climate here and would much rather live closer to home (Dalton, GA).

She found an online news article that Chattanooga, TN (30 minutes from her hometown) is looking for techies like her so she's thinking of looking into it just to see what happens. If approved she'd have to get a house and we'd have to move. She found a decent house with 7 rooms total for $29,000 and she promises I will have my own room with closet access in it and will get a bird feeder & bird bath out that window for me. She's not planning to do anything about moving with winter approaching soon and would have to save up a bit for a down payment.

She likes the idea of living closer to home & using her skills. There's always something to do there unlike here where she just sits around at home most of the time. We're both feeling bored here. She's paying around $250 now just to rent our little apartment, so paying less than that on a house definitely sounds better. She'd have to hire lawn service. As long as she finds a good pet sitter for me she can fly north in summer to visit family.

She decided to send a normal e-mail to find out if web developers are welcome to apply. She mentioned that she's not enjoying it here because of no work for her and nothing much to do and she always liked Nooga. She included that she has to stay here through winter because the weather is so difficult. So at least she'll know for sure if she can apply for this. She wants to be south (for good) again by 2016.


Close up encounter

October 5th 2012 9:27 am
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The weather is colder now so mom is keeping the windows closed, yet the cool breeze is still coming in via the air conditioner in the upper left corner surrounded by the windows in the living room. I was on mom's lap after we had our breakfast this morning when I saw a little bird fluttering just outside the window. Mom knew I'd want to get a closer look so she let me go in for a closer look.

Only a week 'til I turn 2! So glad everyone is loving the photo of me with the pumpkin, mom posed me for that one since I was just laying around next to it.


9 days & counting

October 3rd 2012 3:34 pm
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Not much longer before I am 2 years old! This is my first birthday at my new home so mom is planning something special. She's not telling me what that means, but since her birthday is days later she's gonna get her party started a little early when celebrating my birthday. There will be photos fur sure!

I'm trying to be good but she thinks I'm taking up more time than usual when I demand attention when she's trying to do other things.

PS Don't ya just love my new purrofile photo?


October is here

September 30th 2012 7:46 pm
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Today is the first day of October! Since I'm a black cat with no front claws I already spend all my time indoors. I enjoy looking out of our 4th floor apartment window and that mom can still open it for me sometimes so I can take in the smells of harvest.

I will be 2 years old on the 12th and mom is allowing me the privilege to say she will be 30 just 4 days later. There is a potluck supper for all Oct birthdays on the 15th but since pets aren't allowed in the food room I'll just have to stay in the apartment & nap.

Mom has put out some Halloween decorations. She just has a plug in pumpkin and covered the cord with protection. She's trying to figure out how to get me to be next to it for some photos but that probably isn't gonna happen for a while. I'm in my carrier/crate eating leftover Fancy Feast right now so maybe after this, a bit of self grooming and a quick nap I'll be more cooperative.


Farewell to September

September 30th 2012 1:18 pm
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Mom is spending this last day of Sept on cleaning (already done just now) and laundry. Once laundry is done & put away she has the box of Halloween decorations out so she can figure out where to put things this time. So look for new photos coming soon!



September 28th 2012 12:52 pm
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Mom has been busy after winning the telezapper on ebay to hopefully put a stop to those annoying phone calls. She put a new message on the digital answering system that friends & family are welcome to leave messages, anyone else must take the # off the list. She forgot to add the blurb about no calls before 9 am CDT so she's gonna redo it later today.

She checked her mail, grabbed a calendar page for the month of our birthdays so she'll know what's going on at our building (alarm, pest control, potluck, give & take etc). She wrote in our birthdays on it too.

After that she came back up, stashed me in my carrier & proceeded with making strawberry cupcakes w/ pink frosting & sprinkles for her granny's birthday tomorrow. So thank you Morticia for my cupcake gift!

She washed all the dirty dishes now so she's gonna go out for her supper. DQ is the closest & most convenient so that's her plan, unless she wants to go somewhere else & ride her bike or take the bus. She could call for pizza delivery but would rather get out & away from the phone.


Texas and Florida please stop calling

September 28th 2012 7:26 am
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Mom is going crazy because of these long distance hang up calls. She doesn't know anyone in TX that should be calling in the 8 am hour - before she's even AWAKE. And almost every afternoon or evening a political survey in FL calls although she has told them she's not a registered voter and won't be registering so don't call anymore. Her peace and piece of mind are now shattered by this, so she's gonna talk to the phone company & perhaps the police and see what can be done. She's trying to win a telezapper on ebay to take care of it in case they can't do anything.

Somebody else was trying to be her which she found out when applying for this apartment and had to clear her good name getting finger printed by the police.


Mom just got her flu shot

September 25th 2012 11:36 am
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So mom treated herself to DQ for lunch before her shot. She heard about a new short needle on tv but didn't know they had that here 'til she got into the shot room. She's still being careful not to do any lifting so she's trying to coax me to jump up on her lap instead of picking me up. If they use this new needle for everything she might get other shots updated too.


Pirate day!

September 19th 2012 8:05 am
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I just added a photo of mom dressed like a pirate from a costume party the apartment did a couple months ago. She gave me some yummy Fancy Feast Seafood Feast this morning to celebrate. I suppose my pirate name would be Black Whiskers, get it?

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