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Recovering at home

November 3rd 2012 10:10 am
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I'm eating, drinking and cuddling with mama just like nothing happened. I'm just wearing the cone so I won't mess up the ear the vet just fixed for me. I just want to scratch it! Mom is keeping a close eye on me for the weekend as my recovery is still just beginning. I can jump up to the window & the top of my cat tower but she helps me back down to the ground. She's also making fast & easy meals for herself so she can make sure I don't get into any trouble. The bill was a little over $200 and mom wrote a few postdated checks and left them there so she's not going broke on the fixed income we rely on. She feels a little odd spending so much time offline and not on the computer but she just wants to be sure I'm safe and the only reason we have to return is to get the stitches out. She's only offline when I'm not sleeping so she can keep a watchful eye on me. She helped me with my grooming after my Fancy Feast this morning.


Honey I'm home!

November 2nd 2012 12:31 pm
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I'm super happy to be home. When mom set me down and opened my carrier door I zoomed out as fast as I could! I had some food and mom tossed treats around for me. I'm still not happy that she left me at the vet so no lovies so far. I have to go back in 2 weeks to get the stitches out but I feel pretty darn good now, better than before.

Mom pulled out some treats so I warmed up to her faster. We're rebonded now. The fur on the ear and part of my neck might be shaved but it'll grow back, and she loves me just the same.


Update on Dusty

November 2nd 2012 9:22 am
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I haven't heard anything so I just called up the vet and they said he's doing just fine. They had to open the ear and drain the stuff that made it puffy & swollen so he has stitches that have to be removed in a couple weeks and he had a minor fever that doesn't exist anymore so I'm going to get him in a couple hours. I know he'll be happy to be home and I'll be happy to have him home with me again. I'll be very careful about petting him near that ear for the next couple weeks.


Vet check update

November 1st 2012 12:46 pm
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The update on Dusty

The vet took a look at his ear and decided that surgery is the best way to help him and clean out the ear itself, so they offered me 2 options where I could bring him home today or pick him up tomorrow. If I brought him home today I'd have to look after him so with the awards being on tonight I opted to leave him in their capable hands just for the night. He's probably going to be a cone head short term until he's all healed.

They're willing to let me make payments since I explained I'm on fixed income so I don't have to worry as much about paying it all at once. I'll make the first payment when I go get him tomorrow.

I'm sure he's looking forward to getting home and after so much time with him it feels odd not having him with me at home. I miss him and can't wait 'til he's back. I'm sure he misses home and his mommy. I left a T-shirt with my smell with him for a little home comfort.

I've left his food & water in his normal dishes untouched so he can pig out when he comes home and I scooped his litter box since I know how important it is for cleanliness after surgery.

Before the vet took him to their kennel I sat on a chair & placed him on my lap. He now weighs almost 13 lbs!


Puffed ear update

October 30th 2012 10:26 am
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Mom called the vet and they insist on her bringing me in so they can take a look at me, so we're going on Thursday afternoon. Other than the ear thing I'm eating pretty normally n stuff so mom is still concerned but not too worried. They don't want her to do anything until they see me so she's taking me in asap when partial pay day happens. I will be wearing my Thundershirt as going out stresses me pretty badly, and she'll be right there with me.

I added a photo of the ear on my page under the Halloween pics. I'm going in tomorrow afternoon.


Ahhh! My ear!

October 30th 2012 7:19 am
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My left ear has been bugging me for the past day, it's swollen & puffy. I've been shaking my head a lot & trying to scratch but it doesn't help. Mom is limited on money until Thurs at the earliest so she's gonna call and get an appointment for me. She wants to help me get it treated asap before those horribly loud alarms go off next week. Other than the ear thing I'm virtually normal.

She thinks it happened because the other morning I was making a racket about 5 am - I jumped on the counter & knocked over noisy pop cans. She wasn't happy & dunked my head under running water. I haven't done it since then.


Happy meow-lo-ween!

October 29th 2012 7:17 pm
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Mom still has to dress up in her costume and take our photo together and find a blank wall spot so she can take a "flying" style photo on her broom. She set everything out tonight and put me in the center of it to take the newest photo on my page. We'll try to do our photo with her costume sometime tomorrow.

Mom is pretty busy still with preparing to update an important web site. She was at a meeting last week so the entire board could voice their ideas so she's still on planning mode to try to implement the best ideas & make it all work.



October 21st 2012 1:10 pm
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Such an honor to be DDP again. Mom is crazy excited to get to the out of town stores tomorrow (40 some min away) and pick up several new things from our beloved Taylor Swift and get her free b-day sundae at Culver's. She's also gonna get her witch costume stuff and possibly the litter genie (anyone have it?). She wants to go tomorrow because Tuesday she needs to finish up meeting prep stuff (and double check it all over) for an out of town meeting on Weds about changes to a web site she made as an intern (or extern since she did it from home). Before she leaves she's gonna make sure I have plenty of food, water and a decent litter box. She won't be gone overnight though.

How many furriends have the litter genie and what's your review?


Mom's birthday

October 17th 2012 3:56 pm
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She had quite the night out on the town with her mom, brother, 2 aunts and an aunt's boyfriend. They met at 1 place for starter drinks and to open presents & cards before walking to the next place. The weather was so awesome that they all sat out on the front deck for the party & watched traffic pass by. Mom wasn't even cold without her hoodie since it was around 70. Then after some drinks there as well as some eats they went to 1 more bar where mom drank her 5th free drink of the night. So she hasn't been feeling too good today but managed to get some groceries & go to McDonald's.

When she got home & put some things away she left out a couple paper bags. I inspected the bigger one first which was easy to get in and out of. Then I saw a smaller one and just had to shove myself in it causing mom and her mom to crack up! Mom took pics of just my tail & paws sticking out then got down on my level and caught me peeking out of it.

She also found a shirt that has my resemblance on the front and cat eyes all over with a black cat poem, a little gift to herself.


Crazy times

October 15th 2012 8:46 pm
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Mom spent a long time downstairs. First they ate, then played bingo. She didn't eat a lot there so had some oatmeal after she returned and washed dishes since she doesn't wanna make any food tomorrow on her birthday.

She expects to go out twice tomorrow and may play bingo in between the outings. She won't be leaving town though. Next week she's shopping out of town and has a meeting so she can properly update a web site she created for internship. She can do that work at home, just needs to know which option they want to go with so she can get it done.

I gave her a birthday card she likes. It has another cat on the front licking its chops and says "A little bird told me you were another year older" and the inside says "So I ate him!" and it just makes her crack up!

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